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Curses Quest


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Hello all, it has recently come to my attention that there has been a number of afflictions affecting those who reside on GG mountain. I have quarantined those affected individuals in their houses, and am not letting anyone see them for fear of contamination... I am currently trying to assemble 5-10 individuals to band together to help me get information on those affected by other inhabitants and visitors to GG that may know about these individuals.

Any who are interested are asked to please donate 3 silver so i may help find a cure for those affected once their curses are identified. Of course, should i find your work satisfactory your reward for helping may make this price seem small. We will meet and set out for the island at 14:00 server time, on Sunday, day 276, once again a big thank you to all interested parties.

All interested parties may apply here, so far I have:

2)No One
4)Death Bell

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the duration will be around 3 hours. I understand this is quite a long quest, but if you could stay long enough to allow me to judge your efforts i may still be able to reward you, and if not i could always refund your silver. Also make sure im aware of payments, ill keep memory of how much silver i have, but it would be best to notify at the time of the transfer so i dont botch things up.

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