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Paper Shaper Ii Signup


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[size="4"][center]Presenting the second Paper Shaper contest. [/center][/size]
This contest is aimed at new players and its purpose is to encourage both writing personal papers and roleplay.
[topic='4223']List of first edition candidates.[/topic] [topic='4337']And the list of old winners.[/topic] Might be a good idea to read their papers, but then again originality is key!

- First place 10 MD silver coins and an aged elemental.
- Second place 10 MD silver coins.
- Third place 4 MD silver coins.
Additional rewards may be given, depending on circumstances. (ie how poor I'll be)
*edit: We have a new Maecenas, .Grido., who increased the rewards to what you can see above now. And Blackwood Forest offered an additional prize as you can read in his post below*

[u][size="3"]How to sign up?[/size][/u]
Either post in this forum topic, or send a private message to me. Don't forget to include your ID.

[u][size="3"]Contest Rules:[/size][/u]
- The deadline for applications is Thursday, 8 October at 23h Server time.
- All applications must include the player ID number. You can find this number next to the logout and idle buttons in the game.
- [b]All participants have to have an active day count within the [10, 130] range at October 8.[/b]
- Only main accounts are allowed.
- A character can only enter this contest once, regardless of active day count.
- Papers will be reviewed by the jury members starting from 8 October, 23h. The top 5 will be publicized on the forum, the other participants will be sent their individual scores by private mail.
- The scoring method is outlined below.*
- Only the comments on self and the hate list will be reviewed. Not the alliance papers, the military ways and believes or any others. This is to make the contest as fair as possible: everybody gets the same amount of paper.
- The words of the jury members are final.
- Participants are encouraged to have their papers proofread by other players or ask advise both on story writing, the MD realm, html and javascript... However, during the contest jury members will not help anyone with their papers.
- Should a participant be the adept of one of the jury members, said jury member will be replaced by the average of the other 3 jury members' scores.
- Any attempts at bribery will result in disqualification and expulsion from future contests.

[u]*Scoring method:[/u]
1. Each of the following Criteria will be given a rating from 1 to 20, by each of the jury members:

1.1 Literary skills, style, presentation
[list]How well is your character presented? Grammar, punctuation, use of paragraphs and maybe some eye candy make papers fun to look at. Clever word use, rhyme schemes and your own literary style make them worth reading.[/list]
1.2 Originality
[list]Memorable characters are the ones that stand out, that are more unique than others. Be it an unsuspected twist on an old tale, a complicated scheme or something we've never heard before.[/list]
1.3 Character balance and integration with MD
[list]We can't all be number one, in fact most people are average. (If you don't believe this, google Normal distribution.) You might be better at some things, but you'll be worse at others. MD does not have stat buy like d&d has and even if you were to "translate" all characters into that system, not all of them would have started with 32 points. Some people like to have powerful characters, others have fun with 'gimped' characters, but no one likes to play with a godmodder. You should also keep in mind that Magic Duel is not a game of elves and dwarves nuking each other with fireball spells. The game mechanics only let a small amount of people cast spells. Your character might work to one day mastering one or two very powerful spells, but no one starts with them.
1.4 Roleplay, character adaptability and purpose
[list]Staying in character is very important for a roleplay game! And so is having a character that can grow and adapt. You don't want to get bored of your character once he/she/it has done everything you've planned to do. New challenges should keep you occupied and they should come natural. Debts you've made while working towards your primary goal, new information that spiked your character's curiosity. How will your character deal with these, or with boredom? Your character's ideals and purpose are a key factor in determining it's future and interaction with others.[/list]
2. Aside from this, each jury member can give an additional 5 bonus points or subtract five malus points, at his or her own discretion.

[u][size="3"]List of participants[/size][/u]
Yoshi [player]Yoshi[/player] 169242
Xavierson [player]Xavierson[/player] 170208
Malaikat Maut [player]Malaikat Maut[/player] 164331
Aleph Null [player]Aleph Null[/player] 167412
Glume [player]Glume[/player] 170991
Indyra Sirenias [player]*Indyra Sirenias*[/player] 164102
[s]Bog [player]Bog[/player] 171583[/s] resigned
Fawe [player]Fawe[/player] 140392
Backs [player]Backs[/player] 173125 MIA?
Ahiezer [player]Ahiezer[/player] 78748 MIA?
De Ranger [player]De Ranger[/player] 170983
Mysteria Blue [player]Mysteria Blue[/player] 151537
Seifer [player]Seifer[/player] 172696
(i'll try to update this as often as possible)

[right]We wish you all the best of luck,
The Paper Shaper Jury
Awiiya, Intrigue, Kafuuka and Willem Redbeard[/right]

Edited by Kafuuka
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I loved the first contest and I am sad not to be in range to attempt a second time. I can only encourage everyone who is able to participate this contest! You can only take advantage of it. Very good Kafuuka![b] I will give in addition an angien egg for the first place winner![/b]

Edited by Blackwoodforest
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[quote name='Observer' date='01 October 2009 - 12:10 AM' timestamp='1254336037' post='43249']
I don't think your allowed to participate...

Hmm!! Yeah....,I think I misread the rules.... pulling out my application ( still I really wanted to participate). Anyways.... do read my papers guys.


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This is one of the better contests hosted in MD. The enticing rewards are wonderful enough for working on one's character development, though the real prize is uncovered during the journey - the essential process of defining character roles for new players in this realm.

The collaborative efforts of the judging team are unsurpassed, and the format of this contest would be one any contest thrower would do well to follow.

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papers can be found in the Archives, the guy sitting in the Indexed Room of Memories (first door left after you walk into the building) hands them out^^

apart from that, i'm afraid you are too young for this round of paper-shaping, maybe you'll have to wait for next time...

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We decided on the minimum AD rule for various reasons, the most relevant in this case is 'familiarity with the realm'. The average person spends at least a week to absorb the vast amount of information that is available in MD. Most people spend weeks or months to write their papers too, which makes participating in your first week unlikely. However, if you can prove me wrong, I'll make an exception.

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There used to be a rule about that, but people got confused and we found a way to work around it.
Also, the judging has begun a while ago, it shouldn't take long anymore. So this topic should be closed, unless the mods don't like me opening a new topic to announce the winners.

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