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Members Of The Crafters


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The following is a list of the current members of the Crafters guild:

Scientist and Golem Elementalist. I also make sculptures and figurines out of wood, stone, and animal parts.

Metal Mage. Makes items from metal.

Icy Blacksmith. Forges armors and weapons using ice instead of fire.

Phantom Orchid

Crafts items made from cloth and other garments.

Guybrush Threepwood
Doctor. Makes drugs and other chemicals.

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Well, of course applicants are not listed on the members list =)
We are not actively recruiting right now, but I'll continue reviewing a few last application that I haven't been able to finish within the next few weeks.

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- Phantom Orchid is now a member of the crafters.

- Ivorak and Guybrush has been taken out of the members list due to inactivity. They are welcome to return anytime if they start playing again.

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