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[b]Hello, everybody.[/b]

This is me, introducing myself.

[quote]Some guy.. not too tall, not too short,
not too fat, not too thin,
not too clever, not too pretty.[/quote]

Glad to be here,
glad to meet you,
hopefully no one will get hurt *ghghgh*.

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I am so excited... I rewrote my character`s papers, and am still working bigtime to get his profile up and running.
Great plans I have for that guy.. It`s gonna be.. odisseic.

[quote]The first written testimony about House De la Rey is also what some might call a "birth certificate". It is said that back in the ages when time was not measured in years but in seasons, in the lands of the Kara Khitai, there was one warrior from a minor noble`s court [url="http://maxdelarey.blogspot.com/2009/09/in-beginning.html"](............)[/url][/quote]

[quote]It is said in the seventh chapter of the Chronicles that Blassa de la Rey, son of Ruyter, was the first lord of the house to fight - and win - a major battle. Since his father was rather a peaceful spirit, Blassa pushed the borders of his [url="http://maxdelarey.blogspot.com/2009/04/battle-of-halmun.html"](........)[/url][/quote]

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