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Rituals & Creatures Knowledge - Part 2


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As I promised here are the contestants for Part 2:
Player A to Player O :P. Kept their names secret for obvious reasons. And I expect them not to tell which is which.
[color="#FF0000"]Also voting for yourself is forbidden and will disqualify you instantly.[/color]

[b][u]You have 48 hours to cast your votes![/u][/b]

You will find attached doc with their questions (without answers).
Please vote for the one you wish to win.
I want a clean vote.
So, all you have to do is reply:

I vote player x because:

Offtopics will be deleted.

Good luck to all players that sent questions and a big thank you! They were really really helpful!

LE: I is dq cause he/she only sent the questions. There is another dq player but he was last in the pack.

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[b]I vote for C[/b] since it has both hard and easy questions.. so every1 has a fair chance to answer them. and didn't vote for L because some of his questions are not even related to rituals and creatures.

Edited by Death Bell
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I thought we might have done the voting in a survey fashion since the documents at the top get more viewing than the documents near the bottom. Such case appears during election time as well. Because of "voting fatigue," voters tend to read majority or all of the questions in the top documents and read less or none of the questions at all as they continue down the list of documents.

The fact that we are able to view who voted for who also influence the vote casted by others. Such incidence may be seen already with "L" document getting 45 downloads (three times as much as the other documents. The documents who get the first vote obviously gets more attention than the other documents. In other word, this form of voting is very bias. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone in expressing my opinion.

Please don't delete this reply from this topic either. I want to vote but I will abstain from doing so. I simply wish for everyone to read all the documents before casting their vote. Hopefully everyone will not open "L" or "C" document first simply because players have voted on this document already. Maintain the fairness in this contest for all contest should in essence be fair.

I apologize to dst and Akasha for stating my opinion. I know this contest takes alot of time out of you guys. Please excuse my rudeness, but a man got to say what he deems appropriate to say.

My Vote: none of the above

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Aql, I just wanted to prevent random cast of votes or even worse: use of alts to vote. After all...we do offer a drachorn as prize.

I used the docs because there were to many questions and building a mammoth post with all the Qs was not an option. You would have still said that players will read the first Qs and then get bored.

Also, only me and Akasha voting was not on option either. If we would have done that then everybody would have shouted and yelled that we favored one player or another. I wanted transparency. Sorry for not finding a better solution.

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My first thought was that Akasha or you might misunderstand my opinion. But through your reply, I know you haven't misunderstand at all. For that I thank you, dst. My only objective in stating my opinion is to bring everyone's attention to possible voting fatigue. Hopefully by having someone stating this somewhat obvious fact, voters will begin to not only read the popular documents but also the rest of the documents. That is what I deem appropriate for my previous reply. As I said before, much time and effort have been put into this contest. Honestly, it will be shameful of me or anyone else to request any extra effort. I am a very wordy person so I will try my best to cut it to the chase.

I hope for my replies to provide a source of encourage for everyone to read all the documents and some if not a majority of the questions.

I believe this contest to be the initiative of a new ritual, and I want to somehow improve it a bit for the better. No question is bad if it stays on topic, and no opinion is stupid if it speaks one's mind. I enjoy this contest a lot. I hope to see it every festival if possible. Again thank you for understanding me, dst.

Best of wishes to the player's document that wins.

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Hmmm...I am a bit disappointed. I was expecting more to vote but it seems that if they have nothing to gain (but they are asked just for a bit of work and a little of their time) they will not do it.

I will extend the voting period till tomorrow at noon. Then I will close it and reveal the players mapping.

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As I said: I am closing the vote.

As you can all see/count the winner is player L. Congratz!

And this is the mapping of the players:

D=Phantom Orchid
G=Death bell
H=Rhaegar Targaryen
N=No one

Pipstickz and tanksfan were dq for sending only the questions.

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