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Change Auto Message For Inviting To Alliances


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Me and Buns were talking (that's always a good way to start something :P )

Basicly, could there be a panel for the leader of the alliance to change the auto message that gets said to a player when you invite someone, like currently it's "You are invited to join our Alliance" for all alliance invites, yeah you can change this each time, but it'd be easier, rather than do that every time, to save the auto message to something.


NB: the message Buns suggested was "Welcome to our dysfunctional family, consisting of Emperor Bunnies, illusionary frogs and all sorts of consorted freaks" :)

EDIT: Serious idea that i genuinely want, but as a side note, i'd find it hilarious if Mur just changed gg's preset to that :)

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