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There are other woods that I have run across in my research and growing.

Oak Log - Found in Loreroot, Tribunal, Marind Bell, and MDA
While not as resistant as the White Oak, the Oak tree is sturdy and fungal resistant wood, good for buildings and any wooden object.

Maple Plank - Found primarily in Loreroot, though there are accounts of few loners in Marind Bell.
The Maple is primarily used for the making of instruments due to its natural resonance, though it is often used in decoration and furniture making. Additionally, the wood is good for smoking food so that it lasts longer.

Palm Wood - Found in Golemus, there is a grove on the Fenth's beach and around the island.
The palm wood is good for the interior of houses and other buildings. The wood is also fairly elastic, ranging from tough to soft depending on the source in the trunk.

Mahogany - Rarely in Loreroot
This rare piece of wood is strong and colored beautifully red, making it perfect for high end pieces. It can be used for weapons, furniture, and just about anything requiring wood.

Other things that I have found:

Maple Sap - Found in the same places as the Maple Plank
Useful for syrup, and it makes a tasty addition to any meal. Can be used for other experiments, as it has slightly strange properties when highly heated.

Oak Leaves - Found in the same place as the Oak trees.
In large quantities, and if distilled properly, the Oak leaves can produce tannic acid, lethal only in massive quantities. The poison is said to have a blood-clotting ability.

My research has focused on four varieties (Oak, Maple, Willow, Spruce), because I have them planted and under my control. The other types I did however run into on my wanderings looking for the proper seeds. I hope you found my research of value.


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Topic has been split.
You can use this topic to post non-inventory raw materials you run across in your adventures in the realm. Who knows, maybe Algojo, the crafter's warehouse manager, will put them in the list when he orders for another shipment of raw materials from the lands far away =)

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