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Tribute To Knator Commander [Old]


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As many of you know, Knator Commander, Loreroot's defender of old, retired after disgraceful treatment during the brief "war" between Golemus Golemicarum and Loreroot. Since that time, many Lorerootians such as myself have felt a nagging duty to make amends, or failing that, to honour the one who embodied the military might of Loreroot for so long.

We of the Eclipse shall be hosting a Tribute to Knator Commander in the coming days, probably beginning on or before day 295, at the Loreroot Hidden Exit.

Events in this tribute shall include:

[list][*]Speeches honouring Knator Commander for his service
[*]Songs and poems honouring Knator Commander
[*]Tales of the Commander's deeds, told by those who knew or remember him
The purpose of this event is merely to honour the Commander, and to say that, whatever the future holds, we of Loreroot treasure his inspirational service and shall not forget him.

That said, some of the events shall include rewards such as Wish Points, MagicDuel silver, and MD Shop credits and/or creatures; rewards shall be given for best story, best poem/song, and, of course, outstanding battle prowess in the tournament(s).

All are welcome to join us in celebrating the career and legacy of Knator Commander.

[b]Edited to note location of tribute[/b]

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I am offering a Wishpoint (donated by yrthilian) for the best story, poem, or song about Knator Commander. Send submissions to me via PM on forum or in-game.
Entries must be in by end of event. There will be a panel of judges to decide the winner. The winning story will then be archived for others to read.

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