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Fighting Contest


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Yeah, I know there's lots coming up, but I decided to hold my own contest, for MP3s ^^

Entry spots:

1. namespetra
2. pawiKan

Anyone is allowed to join...time to see who the smartest MP3 is ^^

Oh, and the reward is a claw 2 aramor. Yeah, nothing big, but I might get a surprise donor :P

See below post for the whole contest idea

PS: Contest could last days, or hours, depending on who joins and on their schedule ^^

PSS: Fight logs will be required, please and thank you x3

PSSS: First fights will be on day 294, as long as schedules allow it :D

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*lightbulb* Idea!

Contest change: instead, it will be a ritual making contest, using a restricted number of creatures, and only level 1 creatures, 0% personal stats

Creature to be used will be: 2x Heretic archers, 2x aramors, 1x barren soul and 1x grasan

Competitors will be able to use less creatures, but it's limited to those six. No tokens, no stats.

I'll get someone to choose who's number is what, or we'll play a game to decide, but basically it'll be like this:
1 and 2 will fight, 3 and 4 will fight, and we'll say 1 and 4 win. Then 2 would fight 3, say 2 wins, so 2 would fight 5, and say 5 wins, so then I'd think of a number, and say 4 gets it, or closest to it, so 1 and 5 would fight, 4 would fight the loser, so in 1 vs. 5, we'll say 5 wins, and then in 1 vs. 4, 4 wins, so 4 would fight 5 and the winner wins the prize ^^

Yeah, sorta confusing, but I think it'll work well ^^

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hmmm, maybe i misunderstood you, but if you only have the six creatures you mentioned and no influence, it's no strategy, but pure luck.
all those creatures have only random targets at level 1 (grasan multirandom). your only choices would be to put the archers to weaken def or attack and to use less than those 6, but without influence that wouldn't make sense either.

the idea of a strategizing contest with constrained setups is nice though.
(you might be interested to check my military papers for some ideas of special limitations/rulesets etc :P )

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