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The Wp Code Holders

Death Bell

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hey i want to know how we can know who has quests up that reward a WP... maybe i didn't read thethread regarding this info. if so plz reply with the link to the topic.
But i was thinking.. the people who have the WP CODE ONLY given access to the quest page on top of the logout/idle button.. the one where RPC used to updated there quest info with every 7 days.

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but the problem is 87 WP was given to 23 players.. and amsure at least some of them won't have the quest document. so how do we know who has running quests unless they open a topic about them in a common section. we could miss out on some of those quests.

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[quote name='Death Bell' date='18 October 2009 - 04:47 PM' timestamp='1255877258' post='45080']
yeah i hope so... since i don't wanna be missing out on any quest :P
any quest that has a large reward?
I don't blame people for doing quests because of the rewards, but it gets a bit silly if you fear you might miss the big quests. People who make quests do so because they want as many people to be entertained/tortured as possible. If you manage to miss their quests you are either in a wrong timezone or not paying attention. Q page + 7 days listed in quest log, forum, chat spam... perhaps the hate list if no Q page is there. Or just ask people in chat where interesting quests can be found.

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