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Quest Of The Cursed Love

Mya Celestia

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On your journey through the realm, you come across a beautiful bird the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Drawn closer to the bird by its great beauty, you realize that it’s also quite sad. The bird looks at you as a voice echoes in your head, “Help me return to my love.”
You look at the bird in mild surprise. “How can I help you?” you ask.
“I have been searching the universe for a present to help free my love from a curse. I must have a symbol of my love to restore her to me. Will you help me?”
You nod slowly still surprised over the power of the bird, “How will I know what to look for and where to find it?”
“A few beings in this land hold the keys that may help free her,” the bird explains. “Seek the first in a place of joy and celebration.”

Collect the different things to help break the curse. You must have all the PMs showing that you received the objects, because they will be forwarded to me. The objects are not real items, but will be RPd to you. Collecting the objects is the first of two parts to the quest.

First 3 people to complete it will receive a wish point. First person will also receive 5 silver coins.

Quest will begin Day 291 and run until at least 3 people have completed it.

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