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Dream Quest (Wp Reward Including Interim Quest)


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(Quest completed!HERE ARE THE RESULTS : http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5635-dream-questers-please-vote-your-opinion-now/
INTERIM QUEST ACTIVE AT http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6154-dream-quest-part-2and-interim-part-3/.)
Asterdai wandered through the land of MD. He came accross a tree one day, He felt lonely and sat under its bare brancehs depressed and woeful. Falling away into sleep he dreamt something horrible.

The Weaver of Words

Follow my stave and you may see,
that the words that i speak follow continuiosly,
these words that i speak they seem to be free,
they follow a pattern that is not set by me.
Oh weaver of words
Oh speaker of dreams
Confuse me with riddles
Do not let me see,
The dreams of your mind
The thoughts of your soul
Lest they rip me apart
and devour me whole
The speech from your lips, the speed and the pitch
Your mouth spews a honey of knowledge so rich.
For i know that you mean it, i know that it's true
But no one can see things from my point of view.
Nobody will know, how the pain inside grows
Each word that you speak, my ears they do loath,
Please keep me away for i will fall this day
Your words like hot butter will melt me away,

Quest part 1

Asterdai had many dreams. On awaking he would create poems with all the thoughts that were whirling around his head to help him remember them easier, often reciting them as he wandered about. His attitude seemed to change and he grew increasingly withdrawn, not seeming to worry about other people lives at all.

Your task is to - Write a poem, This poem needs to have some sort of rhyme to it, contain dream imagery or be about dreams, be 15 lines long or thereabouts. The rhyming i believe is harder to create and so more time hopefully will be spent on it, also for the purposes of this task, it is so that it is easier to remember.
.Pamplemousse. is sponsoring this quest so she will be able to give rewards *EDIT pample i now no longer an RPC, but the best ones i will review and give my reasons for entering into a Poll, All entrants to the poll will recieve a prize and the winner after discussion on the boards shall recieve a Wishpoint . The best ones I believe that fit into asterdai's character or goings on in MD will be displayed here for everyone to see permanently while the contest is on, and the best on another page of mine (not if you dont want it to displayed).

.Gargant. 's poem

The dark brings about a change in me
But you do not know, since you do not see
The raging tirade of blackness brings
The need to fly away upon wings
That I see in my mind as the darkness advances
Some call these dreams, visions or trances
the nights of endless sleep repeat
running, flying, escaping the beat
of the urban nightmare I see every day
the sleep at night it takes me away
But dreams have become my unhealthy obsession
Surely by now I would've learned my lesson
The night brings about a change in me,
but you would not know since you do not see
Eternal sleep to wipe my mind clean
An endless slumber, I sleep perchance to dream.

Addy 's poem

When asleep you fall anytime,
When thoughts stop coming like wind in the chime,
When the world of magic comes your way,
when world is no longer where you stay,
just know it's the world all loved to see,
The world of dreams is where you are about to be.
When this world comes alive,
your mind just starts to thrive,
Logic fails to live,to be,
And things happen which are unlikely,
who can tell what in a dream you see,
It's a secret,a mystery.
Visiting that place is a gift to see,
where logic fails to live,to be,
It's the world where dreams are made,
It's the world where they are claimed,
Claimed to exist,claimed for their sight,
you just might have one your way tonight

Shadowseeker 's poem

There's nothing to be seen, / you wonder, you ever have been?
Time passes, flows like water, / this dreadful slaughter.
We who wake up from it, / are like those who quit.
A dream's duration you say, / the world changed have may.
Flee the transzendent state, / and end there as your fate.

BrightShield 's Poem

A Dreamer's Dream

Dreams comfort me, I pray
as I succumb to the night and lay
"Leave your worries, doubt and fear
(and) Enter the Sandman's Domain."

Dreams you seek and implore
they obey me at my call
for I am the Dream's Mastermaker
Ruler of All.

Dreams show me I say
worlds of fantasy and play.
Reveal to me my heart's desire
let it burn with passion and fire.
To beseech the Dreams I create
thou summon me to thy aid?
No mortal whim has ever been made
to make the Lord of Sleep a slave!
Oh Dreams grant me the key
with wistful yearning I plea.
Unlock the secret chambers of my soul
solve the puzzle and make me whole
What you seek can't be found
in this Kingdom I command
Open your eyes, foolish one.
Now I bid you, begone!

Fawes Poem

Looming incandescent light,
Proof of how barren is this night,
No one to hear my screams and plight,
Save me from this demonic plight.

Laughing... and at the corner of my eye.
I see... that is I!
Out of fright, I cry.
For it seems my fate is to die.

And then... I look at where my tears have fell.
In this darkness, it's sheen did naught but compel.
I touched it, then a familiar smell,
Instantaneously had me repel.

Blood! What is happening to me?
I didn't notice the ever-approaching three.
My eyes were too blurred to see.
Either way, I was not free.

But before I could tell what they really were,
I woke up sweating and unsure.
I started laughing at my stature,
Until I heard another laughing rapture.

The Warriors Poem


When the day ends we go to sleep,
until the day begins to peep.
But what happens when we go to sleep,
We fall in a dream so very deep.
Always floating, always dark,
Always boasting about the park.
Then we awake, the sun is back,
Then our memory, a dream, it lacks.

Ignatious Grene 's poem

To your dreams -

I watch you sleep, I watch you drool
you want to write - but are a fool
I've seen your smile, I've seen your face
Gracing - pacing place to place

Make me laugh, make me smile
if you find it worthwhile
To frolic and play, to dream and say-
wish words were your way

Like your rest, like your breast
full of dreams - what a pest!
I know slumber, I know pain
almost in away, again

See my grin, see my teeth
you'll never match Keith
in wit nor rhyme,
in the grime.

Ailiths Poem
The Dreamer

Deep in slumber his brow furrows deeper,
Twitches and turnings betray the sleeper,
His voice wishes escape, a warning perhaps?
His mind creates, destroys and creates
The realm entire his psyche relates
As the images form, his thought relapse.

A sudden noise, eyes flicker to a stare,
His hand to quill with words to prepare.
The dreams become ink, become verse.
The images and darkest of thoughts
Stand their ground at all the retorts
He, eyes closing again, submits to his curse.

Phantom Orchid's Poem

Diana's Dream

Last night I dreamed
Of jesters and kings,
Of long scarlet carpets
Where the crier doth sing:
"Do not be dismayed,
Scared or afraid.
Her will, be done,
Thy night it shall come!"

Moonlight descends
On unholy priests,
On the Well of Tears
From where sip the dark beasts.
Iridescent eyes,
Reflecting the skies -
Mother - wolf's howl -
Takes pause in her prowl.

Goddess set free
From the other side,
From the underworld
Where our spirits abide.
Our bodies shall go,
Land that is hallowed,
One with the ground,
Glory of mountains crowned.

As now I dream
Her into me.
Her spirit abounds,
Blurred is the boundary.
Night it seeks day,
Which is taken away.
Dancing around,
As sky meets the ground.

Shades upon us, see,
Accursed Growth tree -
A part of my home;
A vision e'er so comely.
Sweet dream of mine,
Or am I of thine?
Without, within -
We end where we begin

Blackwood Forest's Poem

Walking there all day long,
My feet hurt me really strong.
I take a nap under the tree,
And sleep away, so suddenly.

But this is just the journeys start,
My mind is weaving dreams so smart.
Sometimes they do me pleasure well,
Sometimes they show me my own hell.

But even in the deepest dream,
I stay the same and always keen.
I turn the story for my vantage,
And gather glory for my senses.

And suddenly the dream is over,
I open eyes, and will be sober.
Then I quickly write all down,
King of my dreams with my own crown.

And if I die, before I wake,
My name will keep for all sake,
And Asterdai will all remember,
For all times in his deeply slumber.

Awiya's Poem

It comes from me again,
The words flow indifferent yet wholly different
I sit down and dream in the mountain
The rocks tumble down, in their rush absolvent.

Crushed beneath their weight, a tomb of death
Feel free when these pebbles lock and crush
No life taking here but the mind thinks less.
The flow moves slower against the mindless mush.

And that’s like a loner building sandcastles out of invisible sand.
They look at me like I’m crazy, at the hands moving to a soundless metronome.
The mind moves slower, the reality fades out stage left, and from the lips a moan.
Jumping off the beat the heart skips and sputters, missteps and doesn’t land.

A slip in the middle of winter, freezing the droplets of water, and that’s
Like a slid sliding drip driving down combing the hair of angels in icicles.
The skip stops, the lip flop open and let out a single note.
Drawn out like the last breath taken


Down in the done dungeon of dreams, we silently leave our leaflets of paper that follow us like seagulls, we silently leave our rules of rhymes, we move from frigid rigid to free.


Startled asterdai awoke, this man he wondered, who was he? why was he in his dream. Oddly though asterdai felt refreshed, maybe it was from escaping the man or maybe he had realised somthing that he did not yet know.
However, this was just the start. Each night he slept and each night he dreamt.

Talking to others about his dreams, he realised something startling.. the things he dreamt about, would happen, or had happened before. Two weeks ago he dreamt that a crab was chasing him and biting him, and this very thing happened the next week.. coincidence or not, he decided to compile his dreams in a small notepad, writing them down as soon as he awoke. This was when the dreams started to grow stranger and more abstract, and his notepad became filled with seemingly unconnected patterns, phrases, and occurences.
Asterdai sought the help of other people, who had had dreams to help understand more about them, to find out if others were experiencing the same dreams, why he was having them, and more importantly what they all meant, to see if there was a "bigger" picture emerging. This became a lonely hobby of his, drawing out most of his time, and these dreams now haunted him both while awake and while asleep. The funny thing was that when he awoke, he would feel drained and tired and feel as if he hadnt been asleep at all. Wide eyed and grouchy asterdai became unhappy and became very short tempered. Rudely he would jot notes down as people were talking to him, sometimes ignoring what they were saying completely.

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All requests for Poems will be judged and the best submitted to a Poll, i will include my reasoning for entry for the first "round winners" and then i would like thers to discuss which they believe are ther best and why, Please bear in mind the poll will be used to help me decide who is to be rewarded and the winner may not correlate with the amount of votes recieved. the reasoning behind it is much more important. I really appreciate all the effort and time you guys have gone to and shold at last hnour your submissions by creating a closing date, which shall be this sunday coming (or thereabouts depending on my being able to access MD)

Please consider trying the interim quest, or Part 2 of the quest as these are now up and running and i have checked all parts are working *EDIT* it isnt working, seems that the answers that come up on the clickables are not viewable, garg! this must be due to the changes. i shall ask a friend to sort is ASAP x *EDIT*(it is not easy, no one has completed all the sections yet, with The Warrior providing the greatest achievement so far).

Thank you for your unending patience regarding lost poems, and updates regarding this quest which must have seemed to drag on forever, Asterdai is really a dreamy fella!

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