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Scary Story Contest


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As All Hallows Eve approaches, we all reflect upon times gone by. The Caretakers hereby set forth a quest. A quest to write a story scary enough to shake the bones of the dead in their graves. The story must revolve around Graveyards or creepy Caretakers. The story must be at least 1,000 words minimum. If you use people gone by of MD that is a bonus. These stories must be original, and not taken off other stories. In order to assure that you must set yourself as the main character of the story. Whether you are the hapless victim or the deranged killer performing weird experiments is your choice. Remember the more MD oriented you make your story the better score you will get. I (Phantasm), Assira, and Susan will each read over all the submissions and chose the top 3 we each like. Then we will all sit together, and come up with the best story of them all. This person will then have an opportunity to share the story at a specific time and location within the Eastern Lands with everyone who will listen.

All stories must be submitted by Friday the 30th. ALL STORIES MUST BE SENT IN A PM IN GAME TO PHANTASM. Stories not sent to be will not be accepted in the contest. Find me if you can *evil laugh*. No really though I am usually at the Inn in Loreroot or the bar in the Eastern Lands. The stories will be reviewed and the winner will be contacted. The other top few stories will be posted on the forum. The winning story will also be posted on the forum after the story has been told in the Eastern Lands.

First place will receive a Wish Point and an opportunity to tell their story in front of a crowd.
2nd and 3rd places will receive smaller prizes.

*edit for prizes*

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what about different time zones. I don't think im on around the same time you are. Could I just send it through a PM in the fourm.
Oh ya for everybody interested here is a teaser.

Twisted (first paragraphs):

The wind blew menacingly through the headstones the only thing that showed its presence was the sound of it finding its twisted path and the leaves not flying but tumbling like stones down a mountain face. It was a grave yard all right decrepit and hidden behind the Loreroot inn. It was almost as if I was in a still life looking into the active true world. I took a step forward out of the wooded area and into the clearing. It felt almost as if the wind had almost paused for a second as I entered. It wouldn't stop for me but I couldn’t dismiss the thought.

As I entered I felt the souls of the creatures that where bound with me to suddenly feel at unrest. Their feelings where almost so strong that it sent me turning back but I beat down the restlessness though I could feel that for the first time in a long while they felt the same way I did.

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The Deadline is quickly approaching you have until tomorrow (Saturday) night to get your stories in. So far there are some very interesting ones, but I would like to see more. What I consider the end of the deadline is 24:00 EST (US), considering that's my timezone. Being the fact that I will be at a party at that time if your an hour or two late no big deal. I love to see the creative side of players and this is no exception. It seems there are lots of players who have a talent for scary stories. Good Luck Everyone

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This Quest is now closed. There were some great stories and the judging will begin today. After the judging is over the one's who did not win will be posted in the caretakers section for all to read. The winner's story will be held a secret until he/she tells it at the first festival held by the Caretakers.

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1st place goes to Flamwarrior. Congratulations!!!! Winner of the Wish Point
2nd place goes to Sharazhad. Congratulations!!!! Winner of a 5 credit gift
Honorable mention goes to Mysteria Blue. Congratulations!!! Winner of a gold coin

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Congrats to Flame and Mysteria B)B)[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img]

Thanks Shem for actually getting me to submit my story :)

woohoo!! totally stoked right now :D

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