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Quest 1

Some of you will remember during the end of the Festival of Pain a contest was set up where you had to dress up as a creature of Magicduel. My first quest is to dress up for halloween.I want the costumes to look as brilliant as you can make them. I will expect to see claws, fangs, beastly faces and ugly noses.You may dress as anything you wish but only the top picture shall get a reward.

The quest shall begin on the 31st and will go on till the 7th.

Pictures can be sent to me via game pm or Forum.(I shall be creating a section called halloween quests)



Quest 2

My second quest is to create a new creature that would suit MD.As before the creature MUST be halloween based. The creature must have a picture, Description and Stats. The top 4 shall gain rewards.

Quest shall start on the 31st till the 5th

Creatures can be sent the same way as the 1st quest.


1st- Item+ 1 silver coin

2nd- 1 silver coin

3rd-Aged Priest

Quest 3

This quest shall have only one winner.Pm me for further insructions.


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so maybe who ever gets 1st in the second quest could choose which reward he wants and the guy who came second can then choose his and the third an take whats left.. or something like that if you may like.

and mate the second quest says there will be top 4 winners... but you are giving rewards to only 3.. so you better change that..

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