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Story Night Disclaimer


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May I have your attention, please: you have come to an event sponsored by the Legend Speakers of the MagicDuel Archives. You will not hear facts here, but you might hear truths. Please do not confuse the two, which are not always the same. We are here to entertain, and perhaps instruct you: but we are not here to provide you with clues to the mysteries of the land of MagicDuel, except, perhaps, such mysteries as are posed by the hearts and minds of its inhabitants. You will NOT hear "canonical" or official MagicDuel lore, so please do not take the things you hear at this event as the basis for theories about the history of the land of MagicDuel, insights on the mechanics of its spells, or clues to its puzzles. On behalf of the Legend Speakers, I welcome you to Story Night, and I hope you will be entertained.

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