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Compiling New Faq


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I went through the Q&A section (this one) a bit back to get this list of questions, obviously the answers are not here as well in most cases, i know them so no need to reply with them, but if you can think of any more common questions that arise, please reply, thanks.

Please think about if the question you're suggesting is similar to one of the ones already listed.

No creature wins when ar max xp/wins

Can i make rituals outside of battle? / rituals - integrity et al

Why do i go random after setting a ritual? < 301 rule

Sanctuaries - getting attacked in

What is honor / loyalty? used for?

Win / loss balence Sword / sheath

[losing stats in] Story Mode - under construction?

Golemus and Necro closed?

Getting into LR?

Beserkers Puzzle

Can i reset my account?

Armour - full sets? Not appearing on profile "man"

Requesting avatars (plus)

Chapter 3?

How do i get spells?

Negative xp

Account confirmation

Personal / Creature xp

Changing creature names

Heat gain, loss, multiplier, spells

Free credits

Spelling :blink:


Principles - gaining, uses, what are?

Quests and puzzles

MD Shop - shop reset

"Dying" in Story Mode

What does "combat forgotton or never took place" mean?

Sacrificing Creatures

Voting Balloons

Creature age when logged out?

Sending messages

Personal papers - K doc, et al

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