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The Lands Of Magic Duel Scavenger Hunt


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The lands of Magic Duel are filled with many wonders. Some are obvious to even the casual traveler; others require a closer look and perhaps even a bit of pondering. During my time in this realm I have become fascinated with the mysteries of the lands, and filled many a notebook with my observations. It is easy to focus one’s attention on the people and creatures who inhabit it, and fail to notice the magic that is present in the world itself. From the blades of grass in the central plains, to the intricate wood paneling of the archives, to the waves beating on the coast of Golemus, every part of the world has its own story to tell. I therefore present to you a challenge: to wander the lands of Magic Duel with fresh eyes, recalling things you have forgotten and noticing those you may have missed.

My challenge will take the form of a scavenger hunt, however rather than hunting for items you will be hunting for locations. The hunt will run as follows:

• At the beginning of day 318, I will place in my hate document a copy of this information followed by a list of questions. For the remainder of the hunt you will be able to find me at either the Gazebo of Equilibrium or Berserker’s Way whenever possible; however I recommend that you copy down the questions so that you can refer back to them during your travels.
• As a courtesy, please send me a PM when you pick up your question list so I know that you are participating in the hunt. You do not need to wait for a response to begin searching.
• The hunt will end at the beginning of day 325. No later than that time, you must submit to me a PM (either in game or on the forum) containing your findings. Your submission should include the number of each question followed by your response(s) to that question. I will accept only one submission from each player; it is up to you whether to send your responses quickly, or whether to take more time in hopes of improving your score.

• The correct answer to each question is one or more locations in the realm of Magic Duel. To avoid confusion please provide the complete location name in each answer; for example Wind’s Sanctuary is not the same place as Wind’s Sanctuary, Capitol of Marind Bell. Alternatively, locations may be identified by coordinate.
• Each question is worth a number of points equal to the number of answers requested. Should your response to any given question include fewer than the number of answers requested, or a mixture of correct and incorrect answers, you will get credit for those that are correct. Only the number of answers requested will be considered; any additional responses will be ignored. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
• The winner of the hunt will be the person with the highest number of points. Ties, if any, will be broken by the order in which the responses were received.
• The hunt will contain 95 questions divided into 4 sections; a perfect score will be 200 points.

• This is a solo hunt. Please do not discuss the questions or your answers with anyone. Anyone found violating this rule will not be eligible for rewards, and could be barred from future quests.
• The nature of observation is that some degree of personal judgment is involved. Although I have tried to make the questions as unambiguous as possible, and to avoid any errors, I will make the final decisions as to what answers are considered correct.
• I will not be giving any hints, however feel free to contact me if you need me to clarify anything related to the structure or content of the hunt.

• The winner of the hunt will receive one wishpoint, two silver coins for second place, and one silver coin for third. In addition, I will offer one shiny new angien to the most successful hunter at both mp3 and mp4. Should anyone be able to assist me in offering additional prizes for second and third place, please contact me.

Safe travels, and happy hunting!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt. I have finally finished tallying the results, and they are as follows:

1st place, with a score of 193/200 - dst, received a wishpoint
2nd place, with a score of 184/200 - Handy Pockets, received 2 silver coins
3rd place, with a score of 182/200 - Freezeblink, received 1 silver coin

The highest scoring mp3 was Yoshi with a score of 178/200, and the highest scoring mp4 was Freezeblink. Please contact me by PM if you would like a shiny new angien egg, and I will respond with the CTC.

Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you all enjoyed the hunt, and perhaps even learned something about the lands in the process. Travel safely, and keep your eyes open. You never know what you might come across on your journey.

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[quote name='dst' date='28 November 2009 - 12:11 AM' timestamp='1259395916' post='48599']
Thank you asryn. But can we see the solution also? Just for pure information.

So I considered that, but given the nature of the quest it seems a bit spoilery. Since part of my goal was to encourage exploration, I would prefer to let people discover these things for themselves. However if those who participated have any specific questions feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to provide either answers or hints as seems appropriate.

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