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Just been curious what the people out there thought is needed.

Combat lessons..well, would have to modify the ones I currently have in use a bit, but is mainly done.

Roleplay, suggestions? I saw several people training, and discussing, so a guideline mostly accepted by the majority of RPers may be interesting.

Anything else? Feel free to discuss here, ask for other options to vote for and so on. If you miss any just write here first and vote later, or if you want to modify the vote..you can always null the vote, voting again.


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can there be a 'guide' for roleplaying?
I mean, Udgard tried to do one, and several people claim to do lessons on that, but can you teach people to use common sense online?

Their mothers could, maybe..

A questing-guide would be great, and i think Grido has covered the issue in his FAQ... if we think of the same thing there, which is not teaching how to solve a quest, but showing how to start one...

And the good old fight-guide-issue: We know things because we learned them, and i think it is a good idea to share certain parts of it without spoiling, but the line between basics and pretty advanced stuff is really really thin in MD...

Even with nothing more but explaining which abilities do what i pretty often slip major spoilers without realizing at first (good thing the newbies don't get it either way XD), so where does a basic fighting guide stop? At explaining how weaken stacks? At the steallife cap? With freeze auras?

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Well yeah, that's why for combat I wouldn't add much more to it, just polish the structure up again.

Questing actually means making and solving of quests, which would be difficult to explain..so most likely only covering steps on how to create one, but if possible I'd like to mix questsolving a little bit, strategies on how to advance. (Not like I follow a fixed way, i do stuff way randomly/chaotic)

Roleplay..yeah, it would be honestly difficult. But still, we do have had a discussion about what makes up RP, and it may be interesting to have some very basic guidelines for the new people there.

Just because I have the feeling as if especially for new people that may be difficult. But then again, I'm just asking around what you guys think of it, not like I have fixed ideas yet. It's mainly because I think this game does not consist only of combat and should have some intro pages not only related to it. Although the biggest share of the current pages is okay, if you ask me, just needs to be updated a bit.

Something like:
1. Invent your role..but remember, you have to like it.
2. Stick to that role, try to act in ways befitting to it.
3. Interaction makes up RP, since doing it on your own won't help. So, try to involve others in a way that they will enjoy the RP.


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