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Firsanthales, Eager Beaver. And The Magic Cookies.


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Yesterday after ailith's ceremony at the gates, there was a little beaver who spent some time with peace.

Peace offered some cookies around saying they were "magic", mysteria said she thought they were ok and after looking at them suspiciously she said that its was only a joke.

Having fallen idle, the beaver decided to sneak up and nibble on the cookie, and then ran into the bush.
i woke up and heard a funny noise. it sounded like um...gnnnooo

Peace and i investigated, asryn watching, explaining to peace what had happened, Peace asked who had fed the cookie to the beaver. Calling to the beaver it appeared from the bush and thats when we realised.

It had the face of a cat and the back body of a beaver, it purr'd loudly which was rather amusing. However the amusment went when we realised it wasnt happy, it tried to nibble on its stick, but couldnt, and simply scratched at it frustrated.

Peace was confused. She studied the cookie that the beaver had chewed on and didnt recognise it.

Where had these cookies come from? Who made them? Do they work the same on humans? how long will the effect last?

Peace gave some of these cookies to me and i shared one with asryn, to see if we could find anything out.

Arriving at the GGG the next day i approached Firsanthales to see if he could help see what the cookies were made of. He said the only way to see was by tasting them. He now meows like a cat and scratches up against the GGG's posts! what on earth shall i do..
maybe if i can find a pad of paper and a pen he might be able to write down what he thinks the cookie is made from.. then we might be able to find a cure!

if you have any skill ability or knowledge you feel might help us, please tell me ASAP!

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Sagewoman and the magic cookies.


[b]*Sagewoman*: I think I know what one of the ingridients might be.
*Sagewoman*: Feline Whisker
*Sagewoman*: ...or catnip...depends on the concotionist who made the cookies[/b]
*Sagewoman*: I have Cat DNA
*Sagewoman*: I might be able to tell you without eating it.
: Asterdai passes the cookie over to sagewoman
*Sagewoman*: OOOOOOhhhhhh
*Sagewoman*: CAT NIP
Asterdai: sage!!
Asterdai: oh no!!!
*Sagewoman*: *shakes herself then sneezes* AH CHEW ETT!
*Sagewoman*: . *morphs into a full grown cougar befor Asterdai's eyes*
Asterdai: errk!!

: *Sagewoman* takes cookie out of Asterdais hand and trots off with it in her mouth
Asterdai: Asryn!!
Asterdai: thats my last one!! ohh noo!!
Gremlin: *hoves above everyone watching* what is that cookie shes got?
[b]asryn: I have the one you gave me last night, safe in my bag.[/b]
asryn: But I think perhaps I should leave it there for the time being.
Asterdai: you think we should um follow!??


: Asterdai rubs his hand on sagey, looking for movement
*Sagewoman*: too much catnip and not enough chocolate in them cookies...
: asryn walks up behind Mya, panting quietly
*Sagewoman*: .. *weak smile*
[b]*Sagewoman*: I only licked, I didn't injest the cookie!
asryn: *to Asterdai* So it doesn't take much, even for a full-sized human.[/b]

Asterdai: *looks a little confused* but your...your ok??
Mya Celestia: What's going on?
[b]asryn: Mya, something in these cookies appears to transform people partially into cats.[/b]
[b]Mya Celestia: Who made them?
asryn: Peace thought they were Azrael's cookies when she first offered them to us, but it now appears there may have been a swap
asryn: She thinks they must have come from Necrovion, but she is no longer sure who might have made them.[/b]
asryn: Or what their intentions might have been.
Asterdai: umm.. there is a way, a secret way to get to the archives from here right?
Asterdai: thats where i saw him last


[b]*Sagewoman*: ...if it has Feline Whisker...it was made by a powerful concoctionist[/b]
asryn: The good news is that it appears to wear off after a time. Have you seen the beaver yet today, Aster? Is he back to normal?
Mya Celestia: Who has the cookies now?
Asterdai: there is one left... *dosnt look around to asryn*
Asterdai: i havent seen the beaver..
: Mya Celestia digs into her bag
Asterdai: asryn... *rushes next to her spotting sages face*
*Sagewoman*: . *nose flares* ohhhh yeahhhhh
Mya Celestia: You've got the cookie!!
asryn: Aster, perhaps you should help Sage instead.
*Sagewoman*: . *pounces asyrn*
: asryn tumbles to the ground and rolls away
: Asterdai pushes over sagey and shouts to asryn
*Sagewoman*: ...where is it? *starts pawing asyrns pockets*
: asryn scrambles out of reach
: Asterdai looks frantic
*Sagewoman*: [kitty!]
: Asterdai reaches out to grap sageys leg
asryn: I am going to look for Firs...you stay here and help Sage
*Sagewoman*: RAWWRRRRR!
Mya Celestia: *gives Asterdai a small envelope with some powder in it.

Mya Celestia: Take Sage back to the inn, mix that in some tea, and have her drink it.
Mya Celestia: Sage, you may end up in the privy from that, but it'll flush that cookie out of your system.
Asterdai: *nods to mya and stage whispers over to her* but she might go all crazy on me!
Mya Celestia: You'll be fine.
: Asterdai nods
Asterdai: thanks for all your help

*Sagewoman*: *sings* Three little kittens...they lost their mittens
*Sagewoman*: *sings* and don't know where to find them
: *Sagewoman* staggers down the diamond path
*Sagewoman*: WATER!
*Sagewoman*: . *wades into the lake fully clothes and starts splashing*
*Sagewoman*: [mommy splash! WEEEE]
*Sagewoman*: COLD! COLD!
*Sagewoman*: [EEP!]
*Sagewoman*: . *splashes to the shore, drops down and shakes her self violently*
*Sagewoman*: . *teeth chatter*
*Sagewoman*: [mommy cold]
*Sagewoman*: ...iiii knnoowwww
*Sagewoman*: . *staggers off for the Inn*
: Asterdai sees sage dripping wet and trys to keep up

: *Sagewoman* drips up the stairs
Gremlin: I ahve no idea whats goin on but Sage is acting REALLY weird
Mysteria Blue: you read my mind or you know me too well *smiles* which is it hon?
*Sagewoman*: . *staggers into the Inn soaking wet and freezing*
Gremlin: *smiles warmly* I tihnk its just that I know you to well
*Sagewoman*: . *teeth chatters, arms wrapped around her self as she staggers to the fire place*
Mysteria Blue: *gets a towel for Sage* Here ya go
*Sagewoman*: [cold, cold, cold]
Mysteria Blue: what happened?
*Sagewoman*: [cold, cold, cold]
*Sagewoman*: ...I cant...even...summon the light...
*Sagewoman*: ...iiiii went into...Ravens Hold...wash catnip...offfff mmmeeeee
: phantasm walks over and lays a hand on sage's shoulder
: Gremlin wraps his arms around sage and bursts into a blue flame enveloping him and sage, warming sage up
: Asterdai quickly moves past and places the white sachet on the desk
Asterdai: mya said that would clear her out..um..but i dont think its useful now..
Gremlin: *increases his heat causing sages clothes to dry and warm compleatly up* feel better sage?
Mysteria Blue: Aster, what's up with the cookies?
Asterdai: well um...
[b]Asterdai: Asryn is checking on firsanthales now[/b]
Asterdai: oh.... were you there??
: Mysteria Blue goes to the kitchen and puts on the tea, and pours it into an ever hot mug
*Sagewoman*: . *yawns*
Mysteria Blue: *walks back to Sage* Here, sip on this

: Asterdai sees that sagey is in somewhat comfort and turns to mysteria again
*Sagewoman*: .. *starts snoring lightly as she drifts off*
Asterdai: i am going to check on asryn

Asterdai: *whispers to mysteria* asryn has the last one left...sagey nearly knocked her out to get to it,..

: Asterdai looks eager
Mysteria Blue: Azreal says the cookie isn't what he made but could have metamorphed from the original cookie. She been at our gate
Mysteria Blue: afraid to be attacked. Phan I promised she would be safe
: asryn cautiously steps up to the door and peers around nervously
Asterdai: wow...thats some good work from asryn...
Mysteria Blue: its ok
Asterdai: *turns about shocked* ohh hey
: asryn sees Sage sleeping and breaths a sigh of relief
: phantasm strokes sage's hand
asryn: Thank you, Myste. I have been standing outside for several minutes debating whether it was safe to come in.
asryn: Is she all right?
Mysteria Blue: i think so, just cold from the water
Asterdai: she jumped in the lake!!
asryn: The water? Oh, dear.
asryn: Well, I suppose it won't hurt her once she is warmed up again.
asryn: Perhaps it was a good idea to get off the last of the smell.
Asterdai: i was keeping my distance... *smiles nervously to asryn* she had calmed right down though..
asryn: Good, I am glad to hear it. I would hate to think that she or the child had been harmed.
Mysteria Blue: grem took care of that
Asterdai: thanks for being cautious asryn..it means a lot to me, i heard that you found out from Azrael?
[b]asryn: It did occur to me that this might have been someone's idea of a joke.
asryn: It is amusing in short doses...until one realizes how it easy it would be for someone to be hurt.[/b]
Mysteria Blue: like to know who
Asterdai: hmm probably granos!
asryn: I too, Myste.
: phantasm chuckles
[b]asryn: Yes, I spoke with Azrael. Firs was nowhere to be found, but I passed Azreal in the library and thought I should take advantage of the opportunity.
asryn: He says that the cookie doesn't look like his, but he knows of no one else who makes such treats.
asryn: He wonders if it might have been metamorphosed in some way, from one of his originals.[/b]
Mysteria Blue: dont want to go accusing, who knows what would be next
asryn: But he has no idea who might have done such a thing, or why...
[b]Asterdai: hmm i guess.. i guess we have to wait and see what happens to the beaver and firs
asryn: It does appear that the effects wear off with time, right?
Asterdai: i mean if they err need an antidote or whether it will just wear off
Asterdai: well i think firsanthales looked a bit better
Asterdai: but he was still purring when i saw him[/b]
asryn: I thought the beaver improved last night...but I could be misremembering, things were a bit chaotic
[b]asryn: And Firs ate much more than either the beaver or Sage, it sounds like.
Asterdai: true
Asterdai: but the beaver is an animal and it is a much smaller size..[/b]
Asterdai: im glad sagey is safe and well
Mysteria Blue: poor beaver
Asterdai: thank you asryn...i dont know what i would have done if you hadnt turned up..
Mysteria Blue: Did you eat a cookie last nite Aster?
asryn: I stopped on my way back and collected all of the crumbs from the cookie Sage smushed. So those are safe as well.
asryn: I didn't want anyone to stumble across them unknowingly.

[b]Mysteria Blue: If only Firs was here, we could get some idea[/b]

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