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The Battle And A Note


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I think some people are misunderstanding a few things. The things that have taken place are from Phantasm's point of view. Not my person irl. Outside of the game me, assira, and susan all get along very well. They are delightful people I am glad to have to talk to. This whole business revolves around the specific characters, not the people behind them, or other characters.

With that, I would like to thank Assira for giving the alliance back. She had a good intent that ended badly, and seeing it, agreed to that battle and to giving the alliance back. That is a very respectable thing in my book and will continue to be a good friend outside of phantasm's own personal issues. Susan was trying to be helpful to Assira, and make the best of the situation. She can not be faulted for that. Phantasm's anger seeks revenge upon the both of them. NOT ME IRL. I feel this whole ordeal has steam rolled into something outside of the characters themselves. This is a problem that is known to happen in MD before and I hope it doesn't happen in this case. They are both good and dear friends of mine. That to me is worth 100 times what any alliance is worth. I have a tendency to write in forum from Phantasm's point of view and not my own. I have always thought that is the way the forum should be treated. There should be a detachment between the real world and the gaming world. Otherwise when they mix they tend to collide and cause problems. Emotions rise and feelings are hurt. People leave the game because they feel ridiculed as a person and not as their character. I have played games online for 18 years now. I learned a long time ago to keep a fair detachment, and try to never let things affect me as a person. YIM's and other forms of outside chat are a good way to talk with people and get to know them outside of a game context. So please, lets try and keep this all in context of the game and not try and drag any people themselves through the muck.

NOW!!!! the battle log!!!

: phantasm walks in in full armor, his cloak neatly tucked inside it
: phantasm a shadowy figure walks in and stands behind phantasm, hidden as a shadow
: Rakaustan scrabbles behind Phantasm and crouches next to him
: phantasm stretches out and eyes assira with black eyes
: phantasm bows before Assira and Susan
phantasm: you both show great courage in coming here, for that i give respect
phantasm begins chanting in a strange tongue, a ball of dark energy forms around the four of them
: Susan the Silent scowls
: phantasm finishes his chanting, the ball turns solid and prevents outside interference
phantasm: *pats Rakaustan on the shoulder* time to stand my friend, for what we believe in
: Rakaustan looks up at phantasm through his mask, but remains crouching and looks straight back to Assira
: Ailith enters silently and watches from a distance
: Mysteria Blue nods to Ailith and keeps silent
Cryxus: *taps his jacket as he walks in* ahoy mates *grins* .
: phantasm the shadowy figure steps out from behind phantasm, no features, only the apperaence of a shadow
phantasm: *pulls his sword out and throws it to the side* tonight shall be the last night you shall disgrace the alliances name
: Assira the Black stands opposite of Phantasm and looks around the room at all those who are present
: Cryxus nods to Assira and smiles happily
Peace: *nods to those present and leans on the wall* Greetings...
: phantasm a black mist seeps from around his feet and begins to cover the ground
Assira the Black: *gazes at phantasm* Those are big words. I wonder if you will be able to walk that path.
: Chewett silently arrives and watches
: phantasm chuckles
: Susan the Silent draws her katana
: phantasm rushes at assira and tries to press a finger against her chest
Cryxus: *readies a knife to be thrown* where's your chivalry, mate?
: Assira the Black steps to the side moving out of phantasm's way and launches a fire ball at phantasm
Peace: *perks up and looks at Cryxus* Do not interfere
Cryxus: i havent... though if he hurts her too severely...
: phantasm arm catches the fireball and deflects it into the orb surrouding the four, his armlet shatters
Peace: No threats. She chose to have this battle.
Cryxus: :P i know that... and im not gonna interfere in this fight, but i cant stand to see a woman in distress... it's a weak point of mine
: Peace shakes her head
: Rakaustan turns his mask onto the back of his head and scrabbles towards Susan
: Cryxus palms his knife again and takes a deep breath
: Peace leans back on the wall and crosses her arms around her chest, watching the four fighting to death and smiles
: Susan the Silent stands calmly watching Rak intently
Cryxus: (i didnt know what all was going on when i came in)
: Chewett starts noting everything thats said, and sends messages out
: Assira the Black readys another fire ball and steps backwards trying to put some distance between herself and phantasm
: Rakaustan skids to a halt in front of her and turns to look at Cryxus licking his lips, then gently sweeps his leg to supposedly knock her over
: phantasm the shadowy figure dissapears as he stands up and grins
: Cryxus winks at Rakaustan
: Susan the Silent backflips away then lunges at Rak as she swings her sword toward his neck
: Rakaustan continues the sweep bending his body narrowly under the sword and reaches to grab the blade as he does so
: Assira the Black has the fire from the fire ball spread over her body and she waits
phantasm: *walks twards assira* fire and water, earth and air.....come and see that your heat brings
: Rakaustan continues the sweep bending his body narrowly under the sword and reaches to grab the blade as he does so
: phantasm the mist pulls itself back into him
: Susan the Silent grins when Rak grabs the katana and sends a bolt of energy through the blade trying to shock him
: Assira the Black raises an eyebrow and raises her hand sending a blast of fire at Phantasm
: Peace looks towards her pet's direction feeling worried
: phantasm the fire hits him directly in the chest, leaving an ugly mark on his armor
: phantasm the shadowy figure emerges behind assira while she is watching phantasm and a blast of dark energy is sent twards her back
: phantasm the mist pulls itself back into him
: Cryxus takes out a cigar and lights it, examining the fight as he savors the sweet flavor
: Assira the Black feels a sharp pain in her back from the dark energy and rolls foreward absorbing some of the energy into the fire, turning the fire that surrounds her body in to a redish black color
: Rakaustan holds on tightly cutting his hands and gritting his teeth together looking susan in the eye as the energy courses through him
: phantasm the mist creeps back out and over assira in an attempt to smother the flames
: Susan the Silent quickly pulls the katana attempting to free it from Rak's grasp
Rakaustan flings blood at Susan's eyes as she moves the Katana slicing his hands and jumps forwards to bite her leg
: Assira the Black rolls away from the mist and phantasm feeding more energy into the fire the surronds her body
phantasm: *growls a little as his eyes flash red* i grow tired of this cat and mouse game
: Adam Icepheonix quietly slips in against the walls over to Cryxus
: Cryxus nods
: phantasm mutters a few words in a strange tongue, strange laughter can be heard as if an echo
Assira the Black: *smiles* Then you should have picked a different opponent.
: phantasm grins as he holds his hand forward, a wave of dark energy flies twards assira
: Susan the Silent winces as Rak's teeth sink into her flesh seizing the opportunity to attempt to plunge the katana into his back
: Assira the Black once she feels like she has added enough energy to the fire she abosrbs it into her skin changing her into her fire form but the changing is stopped midway by the wave of dark energy
: Rakaustan rips a chunk of flesh from susan's leg as he pulls his own head back from the shock of the katana piercing through him
: Peace looks at Rak and freezes as she sees the katana piercing through his flesh
: Assira the Black is still in her human forum but the flames seem to be apart of her, feels some pain where the wave hit and she swips her hand in front of her sending a wave of fire at phantasm
: Cryxus begins to take out a length of cloth, watching Rakaustan
: phantasm drops to the ground as the flame wave singes some of his hair as it goes by
: phantasm the sound of laughter grows louder, the shadowy figure appears again as he lay on the ground
Cryxus: *pats his jacket and feels for his rum, a slight grimace on his face* i dont suppose anyone has any vodka?
Cryxus: *shrugs and walks out* ill be right back
: Assira the Black creates two fire balls and has them spin around her body and she closes her eyes concentrating
: Susan the Silent yanks the katana sideways trying to free it from Rak's back yet inflicting the most damage as she limps back slightly
Cryxus: *walks in carrying a bottle of vodka, the cloth still wrapped round his hand and looks to Peace* want me to help him, or do you want to?
: phantasm stands back up and rips the rest of his armor off
: phantasm his cloak fans out and then wraps istelf tightly around him
Peace: I will do it... once this fight is over. *extends her hands to Cryxus to receive the items*
: Rakaustan wraps his hands around the tip of the katana that had gone through him, getting shunted in the direction it moves rather than cutting further
Cryxus: *hands her the vodka and the cloth* if you need help moving him, let me know... we dont want to damage him more
Cryxus: i got more cloth if needed *rips off another length*
: Peace takes the items and nods soflty, her gazed is fixed on Rak
: Assira the Black the fire balls get bigger and begin to spin around her faster
: Ailith watches the dueling intently as she reaches into her bag
: Assira the Black sends the fire balls to either side of phantasm and have them erupt sending waves of fire out in all directions
: phantasm eyes turn red, swells in size and the cloak seems to turn solid...a evil and melodious laughter errputs
phantasm: *the flames lick at his face as his eyes blaze red* @the time for your reign is over Assira@
phantasm: @I have had enough of these childs games...I , Legion, tire of it@
phantasm: @i admire your evil ways and backstabbing nature..to your disadvantage you picked the wrong person to go against@
: phantasm the laughter gets louder and louder, faint ghostly images of disformed dwarfs begin to dance around Assira
phantasm: *grins* @tonight you shall lay in a pool of your own blood, and contemplate your actions@
Rakaustan: *rolls his eyes up to look at Susan* is that it?
: Susan the Silent holds her hand point blank at Rak's face as a fireball forms, shaking her head
: Assira the Black uses the rest of her energy to send a large blast of fire at phantasm making her return fully to her human form
: phantasm the fire blast hits him and knocks him backwars, eyes dancing with delight
: phantasm the dwarflike creatures grab at assira with sharp nails from all sides
Rakaustan stands up, pulling his body up the blade inside of him and pulling it, ushuring her to choose the fireball or to control the blade, he looks at her nose to nose
: Assira the Black gruts with pain and tries to escape the dwarflike creatures by retreating backwards but soon finds herself backed up against the wall
: phantasm the creatures continue to claw at Assira's flesh as he stands back up and begins to walk twards her
Rakaustan stands up, pulling his body up the blade inside of him and pulling it, ushuring her to choose the fireball or to control the blade, he looks at her nose to nose
: Assira the Black gruts with pain and tries to escape the dwarflike creatures by retreating backwards but soon finds herself backed up against the wall
: phantasm the creatures continue to claw at Assira's flesh as he stands back up and begins to walk twards her
: Assira the Black struggles trying to get free of the creatures and tries to hit them off of her
: phantasm shrinks in size a little and eyes turn from red to black as he nears Assira
: Susan the Silent swing her hand holding the fireball upward toward Rak's jaw in an uppercut motion
: Rakaustan steps side ways in the same motion as her hand, pulling the blade with him across her body
: Assira the Black stills tries to fight the creatures but finds that it is of no use as she feels stabbing pains all over her body
: phantasm walks up to Assira and rips the necklace off her, then backhands her hard across the face
: phantasm the creatures dissapear and the mist fades away
: phantasm the creatures dissapear and the mist fades away
: Assira the Black falls to the ground because of the blow and is semiconscious
: Ailith takes a piece of twisted metal from her bag and looks at it, smiling
phantasm: *leans over Assira's body* the alliance is mine, take your wounded pride and be watchful, the Caretakers are now your enemy
: Susan the Silent grits her teeth against the pain as she grabs the katana to take it back
: Cryxus takes out his bottle of vodka
: phantasm turns to look at Susan and Rakaustan
: Peace looks intensively at Rak and Susan
: Rakaustan grins, blood seeping through his teeth and tries to force his body and thus the blade closer to her, fighting her grip with his own
: Susan the Silent shifts her weight to fall backwards while still holding the katana
: Rakaustan gets pulled and falls on top of her
: Susan the Silent grins and melts
: Susan the Silent reforms behind him holding the wound on her body and breathing heavily
Peace: *looks at Ailith* I believe the fight between those two is over. *gets ready to take a step forward* Isn't it?
: Susan the Silent scowls at Peace
phantasm: go and carry your trecherous dog of an ally out of these lands Susan...your deeds will not soon be forgotten
Peace: *remains at her spot and looks at Susan* Should I take this as an answer, Susan?
: Rakaustan cracks his cheek bone on the ground as the katana also hits it and is pushed from his body. He rolls onto his back watching the people talk
: Susan the Silent scowls at Phantasm
: phantasm the ball of energy dissapates and air rushes thorugh the room
: Peace decides not to say more and walks towards Rakaustan's body holding the cloth and the alcohol
: Susan the Silent limps over and retrieves her katana
Ailith: *walks to where Assira is and throws the metal near her* Vomica es Proditor
: Ailith turns to phantasm
phantasm: *turns to cryxus* it was by your hand these girls were harmed, as much a coward as you are to blame
: phantasm winks at Ailith
: Assira the Black sits up slowly and looks at the metal thing
: Rakaustan lies on the ground bleeding looking pleased with himself as he pokes at his wounds
Cryxus: *laughs* big talk for someone that treats people as objects
: Rakaustan swallows the wad of flesh in his mouth
: Peace reaches the body and kneels on the ground, leans over him and strokes his bloody cheek with a smile, 'Well done, precious...'
Cryxus: *walks to susan* you alright?
: Susan the Silent scowls, angry with herself
: Rakaustan rolls his eyes to look at peace in a seeming haze
phantasm: *walks over to Rakaustan* you have done well my friend
: phantasm places a necklace upon Rakaustan's chest
: Rakaustan lifts his head to look at it, then lets his head drop back licking the blood on his lips
: Peace puts her arm around Rak's neck and tries to lift him up slightly to check his wounds
: Susan the Silent limps to Assira
: phantasm lifts Rakaustan up so that Peace can tend to him
: Rakaustan is easily lifted by the pair of them
phantasm: *says in a low tone and grins at Rakaustan* Vomica es Proditor
Assira the Black: *nods in thanks to Cryxus and looks up at Susan* Are you okay?
: Cryxus carefully bandages her wounds, ripping off more cloth as needed
Rakaustan: *opens his eyes and pulls a pained but obviously enjoyable twisted smile* good dinner too.
: Peace looks at Rakaustan's back, brings the cloth out and wipes the blood over his wound. She then opens the bottle of vodka and pours it on the wound.
: Susan the Silent scowls at Rak then looks at the hole in her leg
Peace: *shows her wrist to Rak* Bite me if you have to endure the pain...
Cryxus: sits down lass *smiles at Susan*
Rakaustan: *watches Susan with a predatory pleased expression* I enjoy it, mistress of the desert.
: Peace smiles at Rak and wipes both blood and alcohol from the wound, every now and then changing the cloth with a cleaner one
: Peace looks at at Susan as she approaches
: phantasm turns his head twards Susan and eyes flash red, then resumes checking on rakaustan
: Susan the Silent looks at Cryxus signing wildly in protest
: Peace slowly releashes Rak from her arms and stands up in between Rak and Susan
Cryxus: *shakes his head* we need to get you taken care of lass
Assira the Black: Susan you are not in shape to fight right now... Please sit.
: phantasm smacks Rakaustan on the head a good one
: Susan the Silent grudgingly sheaths her katana and sits
: Rakaustan s eyes roll back in his head as he falls unconscious
: Peace stares at Susan and nods, turns around to check on Rak and elbows Casper
: Cryxus begins to clean her wounds, starting with her torso and moving down
: Peace shakes her head and rolls Rak on his stomach to take care of his wound once more
: phantasm takes the opportunity to look at his charred left hand, then quickly lets it dissapear in his cloak
: Peace stipes the garment that covers her body and pours the alcohol on it, removes his upper clothing and begins to wipe the remaining blood
: Cryxus bandages Susan as he cleans the wounds
: Peace wraps the cloth around his back and chest, turns him around and begins to wipe the blood from his face and hands
Peace: *looks at Casper* He will need a new strait-jacket. *turns back to Rak and finishes cleaning his face and draws the mask down again to cover it* .
: phantasm nods in agreement
Peace: We should take him to his place to rest, what do you think?
Ailith: *nods to phantasm* it is done.. I will away.. and Rak will need a new shovel *points to the twisted metal on the floor* .
phantasm: *nods to Ailith* much thanks
phantasm: *nods* indeed peace
: Ailith nods and walks away hurriedly
Cryxus: *smiles at Susan and Assira* wanna see the beach?
Peace: You think you can carry him to the pillars of the city's foundation?
Cryxus: *nods to Peace* you guys need a lift you GoE
Cryxus: *to GoE
phantasm: aye i can
: Susan the Silent nods to Cryxus
Peace: No, Cryxus, we will upon upon the lands those two belong to.
: Assira the Black nods
Peace: will walk*
Peace: *nods to Capser and stands up* Shall we then?
: phantasm nods
: Peace nods once more and walks towards the door, turns around and awaits for phantasm
: phantasm walks out the door carrying Rakaustan

*edit* a few double copies needed removed

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