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Easy Token Fix

Death Bell


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hehe i always wanted to open this topic but it seems i was too late :o since mur has 4k every1's principle. what my idea was to make tokens a percentage of our stats.. since all of us are just stat grinders won't every1 be happy ? its something like how Armour works now. but abit more percentage.

don't worry i don't want to try implement this, i just wanted to know if people liked the idea.

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Its a bad idea because how would you base it on a percent? if you think before the changes mur made you couldnt have 100 principles as 1% or something like that because then the number would get massively higher based on the stat grinders stats also.

It would make the problem worse for in most cases the numbers would go up. Or the percent would be so low that only statgrinders would see the bonus and there would be no point for them at all.

And on top of it, the changes have been made, so nothing can be done about it

@Death Bell - you were lucky i was checking the hidden topics, this could have been invisible a lot longer. Its annoying eh?

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