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[Tribunal] Elthen Airis

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Chapter I - Prologue

A man was walking around the streets in the Eastern Lands. He was of middle age, although he looked much older. He was formally dressed with a coat and a bowler hat. He followed a staircase, which led to a lively pub in old-fashioned looks. There were two tables, two blazers, which ligthened the place, a bench and a bar with different various bevarage. Around half a dozen people were drinking, talking, laughing. The man went inside, ordered a glass of wine and rest his arms on the bar thinking. It was day 325 of the 4th year. The common topics were about the new alliances in the Eastern Lands - The Caretakers, the mysterious Seal of Six. Other topic were the latest quests and riddles, mostly about a Woodsman, who preached, about a person who lost his memory due to drug usage, the astral plane, a treasure chest and many more. On one of the tables the discussion was about the latest gathering at the Howling Gates, they were quite eager to gossip too. The murder of Marind, the queen of the land, which was named after her - Marind Bell, was a past story now. No one in fact knew exactly what happened, who was the real murderer, neither they knew where she was killed, and almost no one even talked about it. It was as if people didn’t like discussing that subject, because it reminded them of their past. And it wasn’t very bright.

Chapter II - The Story

It all happened when he found himself in a closed, isolated wooden room with the strangest encounter of a girl, who chaged her mood as quick as light went on and off. She offered him an acceptable offer. She got him out of the room, but she asked to find out who was behind her murder. A while after, he found himself looking at the crowds of people in Marind Bell’s Park who were having a carnaval, and a big one. There were clowns, citizens of all the lands, travelers, crafters and much more. Blinded by the excitement of his freedom of the wooden room, he went on, he laughed with the clowns, as they were joking around with him, and soon after he found himself sitting near a tree, tired of all that has happened. He fell asleep and it served him a good time to meditate. 
When he waked up he realised that for the price of that freedom, he has lost all of his memories. He didn’t remember where he was from, neither did he remembered anything about his background or what his family was like. He only remembered his name and his quest.

Chapter III - Introduction

My name is Elthen Airis. As for my appearance - middle age, dark brown hair, fit, moderately tall, officially dressed with a coat and a bowler hat. I’m a bit old-fashioned, but my principles aren’t. I’m a sleuth. It was my urge to discover the clues behind Marind’s murder that made me one. I had no background, no history, no past, so i decided to follow the present and dedicate myself to a cause. The cause could be described as to be able not to see, but to perceive. My home is situated in the Eastern Lands. I live in a middling apartment* alone with my thoughts, my books and my foundings. My services are open to everyone, for a certain price, unless i find it intriguing to solve the mystery upon which i dwell.

Chapter IV - Roots, Eastern Lands

Not long after i found myself sitting at Marind Bell’s Park with nothing but my thoughts, i went to search for some kind of shelter. I had heard there were lands not discovered by many and so i thought it would be the best place to start my search. It was day 277 of year 4.
 I went through a gate and followed the route through the plains of liberty. Passing through a place looking like a chapel situated me in the beggining of a city. As i followed exploring the unknown lands i found that there were an alwful lot of mysteries to be revealed and that intrigued me even more. Not long after, i realised i had found myself facing a magnificent almost untouched city with no population, except for one pub, which seemed to have had some presence recently, considering the newly stocked beverage on the shelves.
 I did find my place to live. It was an old uninhabited apartment, which i later used as an office. I situated myself immediately, though i didn’t really have a lot of possessions. I had a few books with my thoughts, and a few silver coins. I started summurising all of the information i had and day by day, with every piece of information i found, asking people or reading in the Archives, i managed to draw in my mind a vague picture of who and how could have Marind been murdered. However, the source of information was very limited and finally nothing could be said for sure.

(This page will be continued as i progress, however only in-game. This is all i will post here. After all Role-play is supposed to be in-game.)

P.S. Please keep the thread clean. No useless comments and spam. Thank you.

Elthen Airis

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As of day 8, year 5 i'm the "owner" of the apartment in the Tribunal. The apartment is located on the corner when you descend the staircases after the church, just before the Tribunal pub. As i fancy sharing, my apartment is open to everyone to enter and stay as he/she likes. If i'm there i would gladly make you company, offering tea and a friendly chat.

The Sunny Bedroom upstairs is a private room, locked with keys, which i have. It is open for rent, for special meetings, dating, searching solitude or whatever the reason. The bedroom can be rented by 1 or 2 persons maximum at any time for a fee*. There are special rules that apply for the bedroom, but the privacy is absolute and guaranteed. For additional information contact me via PM in-game, or simply stop by.

[size="1"]*The fee is collected by me, but it is transferred to Mur at a certain period of time. This is not a rent i gain coins of. It is a place made for your comfort and not for personal gain.[/size]

Elthen Airis

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