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My Honor is -526 even though I have a perfectly balanced fights.

I tried continuing the story mode and after that, I attacked someone at GGG and the max xp message is no more, but when I attacked the second time, it came back again. Does this have anything to do with unfinished story mode? I mean, the max xp is 4200000, but now I have 2100000, which is half of the max xp an MP4 could have...

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When you have -500 honor, you cannot gain more exp, before you gain more honor than that amount. It's as if you are indecent as a leader to your creatures and they don't want to learn any more before you raise your image in their eyes.(although this isn't the real explanation, it's a way to understand it)

P.S. Creatures aren't real, i know. They are in your mind, nonetheless they gain experience.

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