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Last Mp6 Event


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as most of u know i have been mp6 and protector for almost half a year. i dropped from mp6 because with kingship and several other issues keeping me busy i have no time to ensure my stay on mp6 anymore. but before i drop for good i want to have a decent mp6 goodbye.
on thursday this week i will go shortly back to mp6 and will be in the marble dale park in Marind Bell and offer healing. its not supposed to be anything big i just want a final event that symbolizes for me the finishing of a period (mp6 in this case) and the beginning of something new.
so come to the sparring grounds on thursday if u need some healing, VE to upgrade crits, or whatever else. as always i will cast protheal with the max 4k on everybody who asks me until my 20 charges are finished. if huge amounts of VE are needed i will also cast give vital until all my charges are finished.
u are free to abuse this :) so if u want to upgrade angiens and normally dont have enough VE or whatever use this chance.
a happy goodbye to mp6 :(

PS: no specific time its all day until i have no more charges.

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I appoligize because i have to cancel the event :P. my adept count went down by 5 over the night and i have only 28 left right now so no mp6.
i havent recruited adepts since 2 month and it looks like i am slowly running out. i am sorry.
expect today i got no time for such an event this week. i might do it another time

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