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The First Astral Plane Quest



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So over the last month I put together a few quests with a variety of different formats for people to try out and I thought I would post the results of those quests to both let people know how they turned out and hopefully get some feedback on what people thought about them.

If people could respond here about what you particularly liked, disliked, or what worked well or maybe would have been better if done differently, I will think about that for future quests.

In this quest I presented the necrovion astral plane. To complete the quest people had to enter the astral plane and interact with a bunch of the locations in necro to gain items and complete tasks which eventually opened up the house of tainted times. There were several distinct quest chains including 1) fixing the house of tainted times clock, 2) finding the stars to rebuild the house of tainted times tiles, 3) cleaning the jug / (helping out Bob).

When people had completed most parts of these different quest chains, it became possible to activate the tiles in front of the house of tainted times. This activated two "dominoe" type puzzles, which people had to solve to gain entry to the house of Tainted Times.

Asterdai was the first person to complete all of the quest chains plus the two "domino" puzzles and to receive a Wishpoint.

The astral plane also could kill people if they made bad choices on some of the quest chains, but this only lead to a 1 day lack of access to the astral plane.

Overall, 226 people (with some alts) have entered the astral plane more than 1,550 times since this quest was opened.

Bob has also been made to bloom on numerous occasions.

This quest was basically a way for me to present my idea about the astral plane and show some of the things that could be done with it.


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I really liked the interactivity of this quest, I'm annoyed I didnt get to exorcise the spirit in the well but I'll have to work on my ghost busting abilities at a later date :P

The only major downside I feel regarding this quest is that it is massively spoilery (is that a word?), there are lots of ways this could be avoided (starting point being in necro, astral plane being an accessible area etc etc) and if it's done again personally I feel strongly that it should be avoided. That being said, on the whole, aside from some very nice little logic puzzles from Bootes, this has to be my favorite quest I've ever done.



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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='03 December 2009 - 06:29 AM' timestamp='1259821779' post='49005']
I think Zleip was kidding xD

Anyways, I really loved the Astral Plane, and I hope to see more ^^

Actually its not possible to exorcise the spirit, but it is possible to make friends with him which gets the spirit to help you get water from the well.

I have updated the Astral plane quite a bit since I released the first astral plane quest back on day 320. There are still lots of directions it can head, for example the last quest (which I will be starting a new topic shortly).



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