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Winning Story Submission For Festival


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This is the story I submitted. Forgive me for artistic license in portraying characters.

King Firsanthalas, leader of the Guardians of the Root, is standing with Tarquinus and Prince Rhaegar in the meadow. They talk quietly on strategy as members of the Guardians, the Savelfusers, and the Children of the Eclipse make preparations and ready for battle.

A shout goes up as Captain Sparrhawk arrives in the battlefield. “Sparrhawk! What is your report?” asks Firsanthalas. Bowing low, Sparrhawk answers. “My King, Ailith and the Sentinels are now entering past the Guards at the Gates!” Firsanthalas replied. “Very well. Bring it on.”

Another shout goes up as Darrybarry runs in from the Hidden Exit. “Hail Tarquinus!” he utters breathlessly. “Well met, darrybarry!” replies Tarquinus in a quiet tone. “What tidings do you bring?”

Darrybarry clentches his fist upon the hilt of his Sword tightly. “The MR’s are even now passing Alchamys Statue. And they are not alone, Lucius. I spotted Yrthilian walking with MRD.”

First glancing at Princ Rhaegar and then Firsanthalas, Lucius acknowledges the information and sends Darry to help the others prepare.

Looking disdainful, Princ Rhaegar looks back at Firsanthalas and Tarquinus. “This battle is not yet won or lost.” he said quietly. “With this first snow fall, the enemy has also not had time to prepare and train for this battle. We can only hope that the cold will take them down first, if not our warriors.”

Suddenly the battle field erupted with sound as the members of the Loreroot Alliance raised their voices as One. From the South, Ailith and the Sentinels had walked into the clearing. Jeers and trash talk erupted from both sides before subsiding.

From the Hidden Exit, the MR’s came into view and Loreroot and the Sentinels exchanged verbal confrontations with the MR Alliance members before King Yrthlilian raised his hand, momentarily quieting the Alliances.

“King Yrthilian. said Firsanthalas. I don’t recall you being invited to this little skirmish.” Yrthilian smiled without warmth. “I didn’t know I needed one to pay a you a visit, King Firsanthalas.” he replied. “You call the MR’s and the Sentinels but leave me out of a battle? That is just cold my friend.”

A female voice interrupts. “If you boys are finished posturing like peacocks, can we get on with this? My feet are getting cold and Sagewoman promised the victors get hot drinks back at the Root of the Matter Inn.”

As one, the men turn their attention to Ailith, leader of the Sentinels. Pleased that she had their attention, Ailith went continued. “Forgive me if I got this incorrectly. We are not to use spells, magic, creatures or weapons for this battle?”

Firsanthalas nods his head and then spits off to the side. The spit turns into an Ice Cube as it lands in the ankle deep snow. “Just how are we to fight? Fist de cuffs? How droll.” said Ailith dryly.

Prince Rhaegar, looking impatient, speaks up. “Woman, do you not see that we have to use what is at hand?” Use your Head!” Bending down, Ailith scoops up some snow. “Oh, do you mean this?” she said sweetly. Ailith throws the snow into Prince Rhaegars face.

With a roar, the field broke out into scuffles as members of the Loreroot Alliance, the Golem Alliance and the Sentinel Alliance start making and throwing snowballs.

“Battle Stations!” shouted Firsan as he ran through the snow to his Alliance. Tarquinus, using hand signals, indicates to his Knights and Priestess to uncover the readied surplus of snow weapons and pray that they landed where they were thrown. Not to be out done, Prince Rhaegar too had his Priests grabbing prearranged spots on the battle field.

The MR’s, though in foreign territory, were no slouches in making weapons spur of the moment and with guidance from King Yrthilian, snowballs were being thrown with accuracy. Several of the Savelfusers were getting targeted and much Cursing was heard echoing in the battle field.

Ailith and the Sentinels showed no quarter and it didn’t matter who got hit. Equal opportunity with the Guardians of the Root as targets or the priestesses of the Moon. At one point, Ailith herself was bombarded with snowballs from her own Warriors!

King Bull, once a Sentinel, took exception to that and came to Aliliths rescue while Caru became a human shield, sacrificing himself on behalf of his mother.

Clearly, the snowball fight had become a free for all. Watching from the path and out of harms way, Zleiphneir and King Lifeline watched the me lay with amusement.

“Pitiful.” said Lifeline with a gleam in his eye. “Bloody aweful if you ask me.” replied Zleiphneir. Suddenly Zleiphneir and King Lifeline found themselves flung into the battle by invisible hands. “No sitting on the sidelines you two!” said Mur del Mur with sadistic glee.

By now all the Alliance members were cold and feeling a bit out of sorts with much slipping and falling in the by now trampled battlefield at Wasps Totem. Clearly not taking any sides, Zleiphenir and Lifeline got their shots in as well as taking their lumps.

Feeling a Burst of ingenuity coming on, Zleiphneir jumped King Firsanthalas and held a snowball to his face and rubbed it in. When Firsan yowled his protest, the Alliances of Loreroot rallied to his side only to be held off by the MR’s and the Sentinels. Clearly, the battle had come to a stand still.

"I think, said a grinning Zleiphneir, that this battle is lost with the taking of the King. The battlefield became quiet as the Alliances Heads thought this over.

Finally, Ailith spoke up. “I think I can speak for Everyone when I say I can’t feel my feet nor the fingers of my hands. And he isn’t even in this battle.” Yrthilian helped Firsan up off the ground and clapped him on the shoulder.

“My friend, I believe she is right. I could use some warmth.” said Yrthilian. “Oh alright!” replied Firsanthalas. “My Kilt is stiff as a board and that isnt a good thing. I declare this battle a draw.” With much good natured complaints and booing, the battle field was left behind for the warm of the Root of the Matter Inn.

The End

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