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Help Recovering A Hard Drive

I am Bored

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Recently my hard drive for my laptop crashed, it was a 120gb sata drive, i now have a 240gb drive with an open 124 gb partition, i have the required things to get it to regester as an external drive, and i have paragon partition manager pro, and easus data recovery, the full version, and both of them freeze when i open them with the drive hooked up, they will instantly unfreeze when i unplug it from my laptop, and paragon will give me i/o errors, meaning it can't read the sector (which is to be expected, as the drive is unplugged :D ) i have been trying for 2 months now to recover it.... not yet managed to... and the disk manager will start without freezing, and regester it as it's actual size, 114 gb.... i realy want to recover what i had on that drive......

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I'm unfamiliar with either of those programs, but something that I've done in the past is to use one of the several Linux builds that will boot entirely from CD and run from RAM memory (LiveCD). Knoppix and MEPIS I know will do it. This may save you from dealing with a cumbersome application platform since you can just boot into a Linux O/S, plug in a USB external drive, and copy the unrecovered data. Linux being HPFS will have no problem seing the NTFS or FAT of your Windows partiation(s).

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Ah well now this is can advise on :P

I have had to do many a HDD reciver over the years.

the program i use to restore data frm a HDD is called GET data Back.
there are several versions depending on the partition you are looking to recover from.

The main issue you are going to have is the USB. most data recover programs dont like
USB. The USB slows down the recovery process. Been a while since i tried to rcover from USB
but i beleve the get data back can handel it.

But it is not free. you can get a demo version and test it to see if it may be able to recover
the data. Once you have the data back you will need to format the HDD in a low level format
this is not normaly recomended but i have found onve done in low level format then frmat again properly
and you should have the full amount of space back.

Also for testing HDD and many other things i suggest you look for Hirens boot CD (DVD)
it is the best combination of tools i have ever seen and you will agree when you see what it can do :)

good luck

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don't worry about it not being free, i have sources to get it from, you didn't think i bought those tools did you????? oh and the recovery tools aren't the problem, as the drive is a sata drive, and i have a 40gb ide laptop drive that i used to use via usb with that 120gb sata drive..... and with a live cd i would just exchange the hard drive with the one i have in it now....

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