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Gazebo of Equilibrium platform, the day the drach eggs arrived.

~~Santa~~: Ho ho ho!
~~Santa~~: Merry christmas!
~~Santa~~: have i got a special treat for everyone in md!
~~Santa~~: You!
~~Santa~~: yes you! come here!
Kyphis: Okay...
: ~~Santa~~ looks jolly in a large reg hat and big red rosy cheeks
: Kyphis sits on Santa's lap
~~Santa~~: ho ho ho!
~~Santa~~: have you been good this year?
: ~~Santa~~ looks to him a litte sternfully but heartfeltKyphis: Depends on who you ask :)
Kyphis: Almost everyone will say yes :P
~~Santa~~: ho ho ho ! well i know you have!
: ~~Santa~~ winks
~~Santa~~: here i have a present for you!
~~Santa~~: open you hand!
Kyphis: You would at that...
: Kyphis opens his hand and closes his eyes
: ~~Santa~~ places a small shiny round cold object in his hands
~~Santa~~: ho ho ho !
~~Santa~~: Merry christmas!
Kyphis: ^_^
: ~~Santa~~ winks as he sees the silver coin in kyphis's hand
~~Santa~~: i have to be going now *launches kyphis off his lap*
Kyphis: Now I have 45 ^_^
: Kyphis lands on his feet
~~Santa~~: bye bye! say good night to old saint nick!
: Kyphis bows
Kyphis: Merry Christmass, Santa
Saint Nicholas: *wipes his eyes* Another imposter?
Ethena: lol
Ethena: santa wars
: Kyphis chuckles
Grido: aparently
Grido: you're gone santa
Asterdai: golly!
Asterdai: how exciting!
Asterdai: Two santas!
Kyphis: Gasp! It was a suspicious man in a trenchcoat!
Kyphis: I feel violated....
Ethena: lol
Ethena: thats what you get for stepping up :P
Kyphis: That's okay, I picked his pockets while I was up there and stole a Reindrach egg :P
Asterdai: did he give you something??
Asterdai: i want something *grins*
Asterdai: but i mean, im sure ive been good.. *thinks for a moment*
Kyphis: When it hatches I'ma call him Rude Adolf ^_^
Asterdai: heheh *laughs nervously*
Asterdai: Father chrsitmas, i mean..um Saint nick!
: Asterdai rushes up to him
Saint Nicholas: Yes?
Asterdai: exciting! are you elves making all the toys or is that done
Saint Nicholas: They still have a little work in front of them.
Asterdai: do you have a wife!?
Kyphis: (I have to get going, I only have 3 and a half hours until the next Photo shoot >.>)
Saint Nicholas: And they need to mind more coal.
Kyphis: (Have fun ^_^)
: Asterdai is positively jittering in excitement
Asterdai: (now be a good boy!)
Saint Nicholas: A wife, no. That's one of the myths.
Asterdai: oh.. do you cook then?
Saint Nicholas: A little, but mainly I live on leftover Christmas cookies and Elfin eggnog. My metabolism is wonderful.
Asterdai: (dang no more heat left :(.)
: Asterdai chuckles
Asterdai: you errm just like hanging out with us then?
Asterdai: i bet everywhere you go theres a party!
: Asterdai claps his hands childishly
Asterdai: Mr santa!
Saint Nicholas: Oh, sorry. Almost fell asleep.
: Asterdai looks a little worried
Saint Nicholas: Actually, I'd better get back to the toy factory.
Saint Nicholas: Farewell, all.
: Saint Nicholas hops into his sleigh and waves

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[quote name='Grido' date='15 December 2009 - 01:32 AM' timestamp='1260840734' post='49969']
why was this in Q&A?!?


sowwy :) can you delete your grevience now its solved? or is it staying for punishment :P

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