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Red Service Tomorrow! [Record]

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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There will be a [color="#8B0000"][size="3"][u]Red Service[/u][/size][/color] held tomorrow at [b]22:00 server time[/b] at [color="#006400"][size="3"][b]Maple Road[/b][/size][/color].

Another will be held at [b]5:00 server time[/b] for those who cannot attend the first.

[i][The location of the second service may be moved to another location, different than the first. We shall see how the first plays out.][/i]

Come prepared to give blood in honor of the Moon.
Set defenses and attack savagely. Destruction of rituals is encouraged!

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It is a worship service, rather like church, only much shorter and filled with people attacking each other.

The Children of the Eclipse have "white" services in sanctuary areas (usually Fenths Press).

Again, both types of services are worship services, MD/CoE style. We try to keep them entertaining and brief. They are part of our contribution to the culture of the world. With the exception of the "Hymn to Hecate", all prayers in the services are original works.

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Because I was not able to record the Service while it was going on, here are the words spoken during the service.
Thank you, Tarquinus for helping me with this and thank you again to everyone who was able to attend. :)

[b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b]
"The axis has shifted."
"The world is returned unto balance."
"Look to the skies."
"Give thanks for Her return."
"Great Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee."

[b]Spoken by Lucius Tarquinus:[/b]
"Friends, moon-worshippers, seekers, welcome. This is a "red" worship service of the Children of the Eclipse in honor of our tripartite Goddess.
As in the days of old, we offer blood to Her: but in the realm of MagicDuel, we offer not the blood of animals, but of ourselves. Dueling - battle - is not only permitted at this service but encouraged. If you seek a peaceful form of worship, go elsewhere! Yet all are welcome among us, faithful and unfaithful alike. We ask only that fighting be conducted in silence, and personal communication handled through the passing of personal messages, while the service lasts."

[b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b]
"O friend and companion of night,
Thou who rejoicest in the baying of dogs and spilt blood,
Who wand'rest in the midst of shades among the tombs,
Who longest for blood and bringest terror to mortals,
Gorgo, Mormo, thousand-faced moon, look favorably on our sacrifices!"

[b]Spoken by fellow Eclipse members/ Lucius Tarquinus:[/b]

[b]Spoken by Lucius Tarquinus:[/b]
"Hear now the words of Amoran Kalamanira Kol, Twilight Nymph of the Oak Fort and the Accursed Growth:"

[b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b]
"Who does not know the cycle of the moon? We carve the year by her life and death.
Woman bleeds at the beckoning of the Lady of Night. Life gives blood; blood gives life; life dies, and like the moon, in death is life renewed.

Who will shout of the death of this Realm? Who will herald the end of times?
Heed my words: the end of one age proclaims the beginning of another.
Do not mourn the passage of life. Honor it. Live fiercely, and die without fear.
Pay no heed to those who say, the Realm is not what it once was.

Is a woman what she was as a child? She is not, and though age must scar her, it will first confer upon her beauty even the gods will envy and pursue.
Is a crone what she was as a maid? She is not, but wisdom is hers, and with her resides knowledge of the laws of time and the gods.
It is she who whispers to the babe she dandles on her knee, she who teaches of pain and joy, of light and darkness, of the hunter and the hunted.

As the moon draws the tide, the Realm has drawn us hence. Do you weep for the ebb of the tide? Listen, then, for the roar of its return.
Draw strength from those around you, for strength you will need when the flame of war screams anew through this world.

Kneel at the feet of crones and heed their words, for their wisdom can make you powerful.
Join the hunt, but honor your prey, keeping in mind the time when you shall be the hunted.
Learn from the crone's loss and the maid's joy. Be fierce, noble, and proud, for without you this world is lifeless and empty out of season.

And remember even lifeless worlds may once again burst into Spring. A circle neither ends nor begins.
Take your place on the holy cycle, and if you must look away from this moment, see the one ahead as clearly as you see the one behind."

[b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b]
"Hail, Huntress Moon, stalker of the night sky!
As it was, is, and shall be,
That you live, we die.
That we live, so dies our quarry.
In the spilling of blood, we honor life to us given.
Draw us to our prey, Huntress Moon,
And guide us to give him a noble death
And teach us to honor him."

[b]Spoken by those present/Lucius Tarquinus:[/b]
"Hail, Huntress Moon"

[b]Spoken by Priestess Amoran:[/b]
"Children of the Eclipse and people of the Realm: the Goddess has heard your prayers.

Go now in ferocity and cunning, in stealth and in silence, and find victory."

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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