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Woodman's Quest

Metal Bunny

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So.. Woodman's quest had been going on for about.. 2 months?
People collected the full picture and the full riddle, but, couldn't solve the last part.
This quest will end at the end of 2009, so maybe, just maybe, people can solve it in the few days left.
But I sincerely doubt this.
That is why, if absolutely no one has solved this by the end of 2009, I will start a new quest in 2010. Simply put, this quest will be an easier version of the current quest.

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Bunny, I have the pieces, I have everything. But I lack the inspiration! I look at the map, I look at the poems (which are pretty complicated btw) and I see...nothing :D. Next year I will nominate you for the most sadistic quest creator!
Maybe you should implement a hint system. Even a payed one would be good. Cutler did it, MasterB did it and it worked. So, be a good bunny (yeah, I know...it's an oxymoron :P) and give us SOMETHING we can start with :P

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Alrighty then, I made the quest considerably easier.
I honestly believe that if you can't solve it now, that you truly don't deserve a wp from me, for this quest. This is as low as I go.

Celebrate, peasants! The Bunny Emperor has.. sadly enough, budged and sorta given into the popular demand!

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Sorry for making a new reply, but editing it defies its purpose.

After simplifying the quest... twice... it turned out to be a success, sort of anyway, and I ended the quest.
The answer to the quest is in the spoiler.
[spoiler][attachment=1452:WMQ-R picture H-Res with answers.jpg][/spoiler]
List of winners:
1: Mighty Pirate wp
2: JacoAnd wp
3: Yoshi wp
4: dst wp
5: degetzica wp

6: Jester wants nothing
7: Miq TS given
8: MRV wants nothing
9: Skie Anderson angien given
10: Cutler TS given
11: *Indyra Sirenias* pimped grasan given
12: Emerald Arcanix pimped grasan given
13: Manda TS given

No nr. 14 and 15, so their rewards, along with Jester and MRV, will be held and used as a reward for later quests.

btw, people had the most problem with R. Some confused W with E, but a big surprise was that everyone had O correct. I thought I made that a bit harder :(

Anyway, I liked this quest, may do some more.

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