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My "Exploring points" have been capped at 16/10 for a very long time now... at least four or five 24 hour meditation sessions.

Why did they stop at 16 ? Can someone who knows this maybe explain ?

Also my "Vital Energy" is displayed like this... 1475/1380. But I guess that will be fixed soon.

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I dunno about the exploring points. It's the same way for me. As for the vital energy, refreshing the page (logging out and back in) fixes that little problem. I don't think vital points/value points max updates are shown until your next log in.

Its fixed now after the relog... thanks =D

As far as I know it's ok if your points go higher then the max e.g. 16/10 same goes for Vital Energy

Well, the point is... why does it stop at 16 =P ? It has been at 16 for ages now =P

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