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I was just wondering how it can be that I cannot trade with someone who used the same computer as me now when there has been a reset on alts log...
The person hasnt logged in after the reset at all... So it just seems weird there is a:
Trading Advisor voted 3 against this trade on the trade...

Not really because its that important... but does seem weird...

Anybody can explain it?? :D

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Its my younger brother... But dont worry he wants something in return... :( (Or rather the one of the 2 I wanted was, at least the one I wanted the most, But also far to expensive, so now I have an excuse not to buy it... :-P )
(And yeah I wanted one of the colorless jokers from my alt before I stopped playing with it... But that is okey that I dont get it... Its against the rules... :D )
But, okey... Just wondered if I would have the same problem with others from those that I shared ip with at school a long time ago...

But I quess I just have to wait to see, if I ever need to trade with them...

Edit: Do know that this is not a ask for a new reset for my account, That I have no reason to... If I really wanted to get any from my alt I could still get It, just more complicated (I think at least... :P never actually tested it... )

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my question is what is considered an alt and what is considered a main?

Is a main the character with the most active days? Or the character originally started? Some people started characters, didn't like them, and created others (such a myself) and play those as mains.

Im just curious as to the distinction between alt and main

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