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"view Unread" Button In Inbox


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I dont know about other people, but i quite often mark a message as unread so that i can get back to it later and then....forget completely about it, it then gets lost in all my other mail.

So i make the suggestion of a "View Unread Messages" button in the inbox so that a person can clearly see which messages they havent dealt with yet?

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good idea. it's possible already if you give all unread messages a certain priority (3* for example), but i think it should be a basic feature.

on the same note:
"save unread"-check so unread messages stay in your inbox. new incoming messages should push all read messages out before a PM marked as unread gets lost (it's currently strictly following the order of first received -> first out, iirc)

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The mailing system could be improved, even with my sorting cloud my mail box is still "uncomfortable" to use. I also seem to lose a some mails from time to time as i forget where i put them in my sorting cloud. So maybe we can add a "search" feature to the mail box? Perhaps the "search" feature can find mails from specific players we type into the search box.


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