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[Loreroot]Few Stories


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[b]To be continued and edit in time, with new quests added[/b]

[i]Creation of the Artifacts, part 1[/i]

Tankfans was walking through Loreroot, and when night fell, he decided to take some sleep... After falling a sleeping, he dreamed of many things... White Spirit, within form of a wild cat, appeared in his dream, trying to tell him something. He saw a symbol, and it reminded him of a crafter, Udgard, for no apparent reason.
When he woke up, under an influence of a dream, Tankfans went to look for Udgard. After explained of him what he dreamed, and showed him the symbol from his dream that he draw upon waking, Udgard, altough looking unsure, he also looked like he already knows all that... He instructed Tankfans for a search to find certain materials, plank of a tree, to form a staff, and a shiny gem make it into a dust and empower it within the staff.
Tankfans had a good feeling about it, and went on a quest. Eventually he found desired materials, and handed to Udgard, then leave him alone to finish what he wanted...

He wasn't sure was he suppposed to do anything now, after all, Udgard wasn't very talkative, but Tankfans didn't mind... Few days passed, and he met Udgard in Loreroot. Apparently he was searching for him.
He made a staff. It had beautiful Savelite designs, its top looked like an entangling root, with strange glowing markings of it, glowing white light, and it was 70 inches long. Udgard nodded politely and left.

Tankfans, again, without knowing little or nothing about why is all this happening, left to continue in his roaming through the forest.

Walking towards the exit of the forest, Tankfans saw that white wild cat from the dream, moving among the trees. He rushed to follow it. The Creature lead him around the forest for hours…
Just about when he felt giving up, the wild cat stopped by a gate, between two trees.
The gate opened by itself, and the cat rushed into it, with Tankfans following it, amazed by the architecture, realizing he had never been here before. As he entered the gates, they closed, but he, somehow, wasn't worrying about it. The place he entered is a small round building. It was empty, except it had a small circle in the middle of the building, that produced weak white light vertically, same type of light, if you may call it, that he saw in a dream.

The wild cat was turned at Tankfans, standing on the opposite side of the round building, with that circle in the middle between them. Letting himself to his instincts, Tankfas putted the staff of Red Spruce on the circle. As he let it go, the staff started floating in the beam of light, and the light became stronger. He watched as white wild cat slowly shapeshifted into a cloaked human figure, by grabbing the staff. The beam of light disappeared, but the marks on the staff started glowing with a stronger light then before.

The cloaked figure spoke and told Tankfans many things, among those, it made an impression that there will be more artifacts in the future, with a purpose. The figure spoke but not with words, but by thoughts.
Before Tankfans got control of himself, wanted to say anything, the figure turned into a white eagle, and flew away. Later on, Tankfans said it was a forest spirit, among the things he wanted to speak about the meeting, he mentioned that there's a good possiblity that the Great Ghost is one of those as well.

Tankfans woke up at the Oak Fort, with the staff next to him... He was sure that meeting wasn't a dream. He wanted to know more about this, so he found his leader, Princ Rhaegar, and gave him the staff to research about it, for he knows many things about the forest.

Princ Rhaegar after that went to Lore Manor, digging up old scrolls, starting his research, seeking something he ran up to so long ago...

[i]The Stone Tablets[/i]

Sparrhawk was worried about his friend, Rhaegar. Rhaegar was busy in Lore Manor for days, after he finally left it, he went roaming the realm for days as well, only after it to return to Lore Manor again.
Rhaegar was not talkative to him, so Sparrhawk decided to see what's going on. He found that Rhaegar was careless, losing some of his journal pages on his journey... He instructed number of seekers to find them, and help his friend...
Days passed and they collected few of the journal pages. It wasn't much, but it gave Sparrhawk an idea of what was happening. Apparently, Rhaegar was searching for this Stone Tablets, rumored to be empowered by Forest Spirits, and there were 4 of those tablets... The interesting thing the journals were spread all over the realm, from Golemus to MDA lands...

Days passed and Rhaegar went to normal, Sparrhawk was glad his friend is back to his old state, but Rhaegar still didn't want to answer questions about the journey... Sparrhawk decide to forget about it, after all he didn't saw any tablets in Rhaegar's possession, maybe he got rid of them...

[b]~[/b] Marvolo, son of storms, wanted an enchanted item to help him in his weather invokes... Rhaegar offered him the Red Spruce staff, explaining that it has interesting powers, that would come in handy for him. Marvolo accepted it gratefully, and continued his works, in time, finding out that Staff makes him a lot more powerful in his rituals...

[attachment=1441:Marvolo picture 2 - vec preradjeno.jpg]
[art by Marvolo. Round building, where Tankfans met the forest spirit]

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[i]Forest Maze[/i]

Clock Master was walking down the forests, with nothing else to do, exploring the depths of woods... little did he know about his own homeland's size.
He went deep in the woods of Ravenhold... ventured in and in till he saw a figure taking things from a chest. He couldn't recognize it, it was very dark. The figure left, and Clock Master couldn't help himself to take a look in the chest.

"Curses, the damned thing is locked."

The lock wasn't for a key, it was a puzzle. Person needed to make a right combination.
Clock Master started solving it and eventually manage to open it.
He found a brown cloak with red edges in the chest, along with few blankets that were used to cover something small, round-like object, most likely stone, tablet, who knows...

"What is this Savelite cloak doing here...? hmmm... oh what the hell, I'll take it!"

Clock Master ventured even deeper in the forest, now clearly lost. All of a sudden, wolf jumped infront of him.
The wolf slowly shapeshifted into human form. It was Marvolo, the Theurgist of the Church.

"Oh hello brother!" Clock Master smiled.
"you should know better then robbing chests..." Marvolo noticed a cloak Clock Master was holding "and stealing robes, brother!", Marvolo summoned the winds and pushed away Clock for some distance... He couldn't see what was happening, he was blinded by dust.

"that went well..." he thought. Indifferent as always, Clock Master continued walking trying to find a way out.
Clock Master noticed a wolf following him few times... Maybe this was some sort of a game for him. The forest was very dark, and the night wasn't very helpful, Clock Master continued to walk randomly tho, hoping to find a decent place to sleep on, for the trees were very big for him to climb on.

Suddenly, he saw a small glow of white infront... He just ran up on Princ Rhaegar. He also recognized him as that cloaked figure who was taking things from the chest.
He asked him for help, and explained how he got lost. Rhaegar answered him that he shouldnt take the forest as his playground... Rhaegar will show Clock Master the path to escape this part of the woods, but he'll need to prove himself.

"Brother, what's with all the games! Come on, poof me out of here."

"A path of woods that might hide some goods" Rhaegar said...

"I see that you're serious... oh well, I'll play along! Hmmm, I heard that upon trying to enter Loreroot so long ago, you speak of Maple Road, right?"

Rhaegar nods, and gives Clock Master one more test. He gives him a scroll and a candle to read it, and decode the picture on the scroll.

Clock was decoding this for some time, maybe even hours, while Rhaegar was standing still all the time. Clock almost lost his sight till he finally found the answer.
"Wolf of the Forests of Lore!" he spoke, "feeling good about yourself Marvolo, don't you?" Clock chuckled.

Rhaegar took Clock to a shelter for him to take rest. Clock fell asleep almost instantly, forgetting all the "fear".
When he woke up, he noticed that Rhaegar took him to a lighter part of the woods. "Splendid."
It was morning, but there was no sign of Rhaegar. "I better go find that lunatic brother of mine."
Clock Master found Rhaegar somewhere in the forest, near to the shelter, who was standing pointed at Marvolo.

They were both holding two weird stones each, in their hands, aimed at the sky. They were talking words he couldn't understand, louder and louder, as he saw the large stones starting to lose some of their parts. They have now turned into totally round objects, spheres, one at Rhaegar's hands, and one at Marvolo's. The both spheres blinked with small amount of white light for a second. Rhaegar's one started producing some kind of fire effects within it, while Marvolo's was producing water-like ones.
Rhaegar turns at Clock, noticing that he was watching, he spoke few words quietly, again on the language Clock didnt understand... Suddenly, dark fell into Clock's eyes and he fell unconscious. He woke up at the top of Ravenhold.

Was that a dream? Clock felt something in his hand... It was one of that stone's parts that fell out.
"... Whatever."

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