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Using Alt Creatures For Quests...


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I just have one question, I dont wanna get in trouble for doing it, but due to all the rules about the Alt´s I really dont wanna play my alts (I think they are gonna be something thats not allowed anyway after some time)... But giving away my creatures seems wrong to...
Am I allowed to make a quest on my main, and the use my alt creatures as prizes??? (Letting my alts sponsor my main...)
Or is that also breaking the rules...??? :D

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  • Root Admin

This is a slightly more obsurce question. But i believe no is still that answer.

Here is an example. You age/do all the free credits and get good crits, then give them away as prises your main should have given away. It isnt affecting your main account, but also is at the same time as your main would have had to give them out.

For this question, im not going to say fully yes or no, But that you probably shouldnt.

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