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Leaders Of Alliances And Wps


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For Loreroot, Necrovion, GG, and Marinds Bell WPs are not much of an issue, the kings/queens pass them out to who they see fit for using for quests. The issue is how about the other lands? MDA, Tribunal and the Underground have no way of being able to gain more WPS that I know of. I have had to drag out the 3 wps I have been given because as of now, I have no idea how to come upon more for quests. What about giving WPs to distribute amongst alliances. Alliance leaders could be given a much smaller number of WPs to distribute out for quests in the lands where there are no Kings/Queens. I'm just not sure how those who come up with great quests, that aren't part of the Kings/Queens lands, are going to have a way to progress quests properly.

I mean no offense to anyone, but there are some people who make up horrible quests and hand out WPs all willy nilly, when there are extremly talented quest makers who have no way of aquiring more WPs (besides hoping Mur hands out more).

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Phantasm, I had the same issue. And I asked Mur. And the solution is to make an agreement with one of the kings/queens (or all of them if you can) so in exchange for certain services you will be given some WP codes.

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