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The Principle Story


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The boy sat on his window sill. He looked around his room and sighed, all the things he had collected, all the things people had bought for him, did they really make him happy?
He opened his box of collected things, things of nothing and everything.

A dried delicate maple leaf
A pen
A knife
Some scrappy letters from a pen pal in France
a slightly uneven but almost circuler smooth jet black stone
a spiraled shell
the silver wrapping from a chocolate that he managed to remove and flatten smooth

All provided him with memories, but why did he keep them, why were they important, and more importantly what did they represent?

(take one item and describe in words why they might be important for him, or write a story about it, give examples of principles shown in that item, or explain what it might represent for him.
the story will continue soon with something else to think about, rewards for this quest will be given for interesting answers,)
(this section of the story is open-ended, please feel free to describe an item that you would like to be in the box also, and why you think it should be there x, hard for me to explain, and for you to understand what exactly you need to do, but be creative and inventive, mentioning at least one principle in every answer you give. Repitition is not a problem in discussing the different items, they could all be the same, just an idea to get people thinking about principles)

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He picked out the black stone and looked it over again as the memories came flooding back. He was reminded of the time he was with her on the beach, sitting in the warm sand, laughing, and smiling. He remembered her smile, her hair, her legs. He remembered walking along the beach, hand in hand with her, watching the sunlight reflect off the water, listening to the sound of the waves. She stopped every so often to admire a rock, a shell, or some sea glass. He laughed as he remembered trying to skip a rock, and failing. She laughed too, then picked up a rock and skipped it. It went across the water perfectly as he counted how many times it bounced along. Each ripple getting larger yet fainter. She turned to him and smiled one of her perfect smiles. He almost melted. She picked up another rock, just for him. He was going to try to skip it, but he stopped. He turned to her, and without saying anything, to her surprise and delight, he kissed her lips. That was the first time he had kissed anyone, same with her. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, yet they didn't seem to mind. They were in love. He pocketed the stone, forever to be a memory of his first kiss, with his first and only love. They noticed the sun was just beginning to set, and so they stood there hand in hand, holding each other tightly watching the sunset.

Principle of Cyclicity: New love cycle has begun.
Principle of Balance: He can't skip stones, she can.
Element Principle: Water. Fire in their hearts.
Principle of Enthropy: Ripples dissipated.
Principle of Imagination: Love. Kissing for Eternity. The whole thing is a memory.
Darkness Principle: Sunset.
Principle of Light: The sun gleaming off the water.
Principle of Syntropy: Their love will continue to grow exponentially.
Time Principle: Time stood still when they kissed.
Transposition Principle: Sea glass. Smooth stones through erosion.

(Not 100% sure if this is what you wanted but enjoy it either way :P )

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He picked up the shell and held it to his ear. From within came the music of the spheres, the sound of a fractal universe spiralling into infinity, forever bound in its golden ratio. He held it in his palm and knew his place, how he was at once a singularity within the sacred pattern of all that is, a single thought, and yet still he was the mind of all things, dreaming worlds into being. A small god within a god, a tiny prism of [b]imagination[/b], constructing realities.

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wow what great responces!! i love the story yoshi, its really magical and such a good reason for the stone to be in the box..
with regards to the principles you mentioned and how they affected the stone, i was looking for something a bit more like this i guess. (not the principles involved in the moment but in the actual object.)

Principle of Enthropy: the stone flicking accross the water altered its structure. the stone on the beach shaped by the rolling of the sands around it.(linked like you said with transposition x)
Principle of Imagination: the stone "holds" the moment when the girl gave it to him, a vessel which encapulates the love felt in that moment (you mentioned something similer in your story which was just great)
Time Principle: like you said time stood still when they kissed. When he holds the stone.. time would stand still for him maybe "transporting" him to that time in his mind. Who knows how time is altered for him when he holds the stone?
Transposition Principle: as an object, it "holds" this memory so strong. the object is imbued with the love and the memorys so strong for him. How this may affect him and also her, is unknown but it is an extremely powerful force.

but you made a great effort, thanks for spending so much time on this.

And Particlezen i LOVE your responce regarding the shell, i think you understand its place in nature, and what it can show us much more than me!

From within came the music of the spheres, the sound of a fractal universe spiralling into infinity, forever bound in its golden ratio - is beautiful as well as imformative.

sacred pattern of all that is, a single thought, and yet still he was the mind of all things, dreaming worlds into being. this is great. how knowing and understanding something so "simple" as the creation of a shell affects all things in the universe. i think you understand very well how the principles "work" all together to create the universe. I like the fact that you wrote anything is possible in understanding these things, indeed it is, thats what this game is about. Anything is possible as long as you can work out how. (sorry about the lack of clarity here, its hard for me to talk about as well, you did a MUCH better job in your responce.)

i suppose i should wait a week to see if anyone else has anything to say about any of the other objects before we can continue to explore different things x (thanks so much you guys!! youve made it worth doing something like this already with your responces x)

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He picked up the Knife and smiled. “We have been through so much together, my friend...and so many” he mused. “Remember the first one?”

“Oui, biensur!” answered the Knife. It was a gift from his pen pal in France, so it didn’t seem too strange that it spoke in French, though it was somewhat surprising that its French vocabulary was quite similar to his. At least it spoke English in an exaggerated French accent, just like in the movies, which was reassuring.

“Je suis still envious of that one you used the stone on, though”

“Well, mon ami, you always said we must balance things out. It did have a pretty good balance to it” said the boy and chuckled.

“Ne mock pas la balance!”

“Besides”, continued the boy unphased, it was quite symbolic using the stone, if I do say so myself. Not the cleanest way, sure, but very symbolic nonetheless. Poetic even. Bloody metaphoric one could say. If I cannot skip stones on water, no one should!”

“Ah, les Anglais, you will never understand true poetry…”

“Wot?! I dare you say that to Shakespeare’s face, Binky!” The boy found it equally poetic calling the Knife Binky, after Death’s horse in a story he read once, though it kept insisting its name was Jean-Luc, after the famous captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, the most famous Frenchman on TV. He didn’t have the heart to explain to the closet Trekkie the ancestry of the Frenchman.

“Le jeune homme doth protest too much, moithinks. La balance must be enforced! Let’s go hunting tonight!”

“Best idea you had in a while, Binky. Tonight the Batman dies!”

“Wait, quoi?!”

“Oh, nothing. Get ready, we’re going out! The balance must be enforced!”

The boy put on his grayish coat, placed the Knife in a pocket close to his heart, and went out to do what needed to be done.

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The boy looked outside the window and saw the dancing leafs, lead in the cold embrace from the north wind. Holding his box, he started to remember old times, that one special day in specific. Where he met her. Well, he just stood there in a trench coat and waited for this pen pal to arrive. So many letters where exchanged and so many communication done, sometimes only with pen drawing. The boy really looked up to meet this special person, he yet does no know his or her name. They only hat nicknames to keep the spirit up and leaf the mystical background.
The SHE appeared - oh boy she was so cute! And she walked right to him, his recognition sign: the maple leaf
She said: "Hello, are you the pen pal?"
I said: "Yes, I am. You have to be 'black stone', right?" I was so excited!
Then she suddenly looked down, and her face got that sad look. She looked up again and spoke silently:
"Then, this is for you." Her hand opened and showed a smooth jet black stone and a pen. "Take it, my brother was 'black stone', and he...he...died a day ago because of a tragic accident..." then she started crying.
I was so shocked! I did not know what to say.
"I..." and i started crying myself.
Everything became so sad, so empty, in that rude way. All is over? just like that? That is not fair, not for him, not for anybody - what is this life playing games with us? I was so angry.
But I saw her, took the pen and black stone, and promised her to keep these things always in a lovely memory for her brother and my best friend on this world - my former pen pal.
I don´t remember much what happened afterwards, how I made my way back home, it was long ago. But I will never forget him - every time i see the leafs dancing in the wind.

Principle of Cyclicity: The stone changed his owner and became another part of a life
Element Principle: Wind - everywhere the same
Principle of Enthropy: pen pals became friendship and even more
Principle of Imagination: who might be black stone, why a black stone?
Darkness Principle: Life!
Principle of Syntropy: Black stone will never be forgotten
Time Principle: Time has passed and will be endless in mind

Sad, but I hope you like it.

I´d like to have a piece of bark from a tree within the box - it combines a place where the tree stands and the maple leaf, maybe even the knife might have cut the bark. The bark as well might have a natural scent which inspires the pen user to write a story.

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