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Selling All Creatures


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Yes, you all have a shot at getting my critters. here's a list (PM offers - FORUM PM, not game PM. do not make ridiculous offers or i won't post them)

[s]1. Chaos Archer, age 509, blood drop 2, claw 1, dark shield --> [u]1 silver by MasterB[/u][/s]

[s]2. Elemental, age 505, emerald glare, star dust, claw 1 -> [u]1 silver by MasterB[/u][/s]

3. Birdie, age 473, emerald glare, stardust -> [u]3 silver by Grim Angel[/u]

[s]4. Water Daimon, age 456, claw 2, emerald glare, star dust --> [u]6 silver by grim angel[/u][/s]

[s]5. Knator, age 456, claw 2, star dust, onyx fangs, claw 2 -> [u]1 silver by MasterB[/u][/s]

[s]6. Tree, age 456, blood drop 1, claw 1, enlightning, emerald glare -> [u]3 silver by Amoran[/u][/s]
7. Chaos Archer, age 351, claw 2, blood drop 3, antifreeze -> [u]1 silver by MasterB[/u][/s]

[s]8. Elemental, age 401, kelletha fire, emerald glare, black tear --> [u]5 silver by grim angel[/u][/s]

[s]9. Joker, age 340, blood drop 1, blood drop 2, claw 2, antifreeze, black tear -> [u]2 silver by Sir Kamil[/u][/s]
10. Unholy pope, age 292, blood drop 1, claw 1, emerald glare, fire drop -> [u]2 silver by nadrolski[/u][/s]
11. Imperial Aramor, age 284, black diamonds, kelletha Fire, star dust --> [u]7 silver by Phantom Orchid[/u][/s]

[s]12. Water Daimon, age 267, claw 1, star dust[/s]

[s]13. Tree, age 267, claw 1 , claw 2 , star dust -> [u]2 silver by Amoran[/u][/s]

[s]14. Angien (not tainted), age 243, star dust --> [u]1 gold (15 silver) by Yoshi[/u]
[s]15. Angien (not tainted), age 157 --> [u]5 silver by MasterB
16. Tree, age 69 [/s]

[s]17. Tree, age 69[/s]
18. Tree, age 69, dark sky [/s]
19. Tree, age 69[/s]
20. Tormented soul, age 55 -->[u] 3 silver by stavaroiu[/u][/s]
21. LR Archer, age 36, black tear[/s]

[s]22. Pimped grassy, age 36 --> [u]3 silver by Phantom Orchid[/u][/s]

23. Blood Pact archer, age 36 age 36 --> [u]6 silver by Kyuu[/u][/s]

[s]24. Shade, age 36 --> [u]7 gold (105 silver)by pipstickz[/u][/s]

Oh, forgot to mention, it's more of an auction! bidding ends in 1 WEEK! of course, if special offers are made, the potential buyer will get his/her creature immediately

1 gold = 15 silvers
and DO offer items, please?

shiny sparkly energy / mana-related / shard gem, etc item = 15 silvers
shiny item metal spheres, knives, swords, etc = 10 silvers
accessories clothing, jewelry, (simple, not sparkly xD) = 5 silvers
planks or other types of [spoiler]crap[/spoiler] = 1 silver

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