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Imposter Spotted!


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Reports of an imposter have spread like wildfire within the capital, though it is clear they are unconfirmed.


With the secret items of Mur on the loose, unknown items of unknown power and imposter kings bearing royal seals, the people in the land of MD grow uneasy, you should be wary of strange occurences, lest you yourself get caught up within them..
keep an eye out, and trust no one, not even no one.

It is surely a sign of our times, a sign of things to come.

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ahh have been wondering when this would come up for the first time.
to avoid any misinterpretations i invited that account into SoE and even gave it the ring.
see it as a vessel i use when i myself cant be present. i put it into winds sanct so that everybody who needs to message me about something and doesnt have me on their friends list can do so. this is no seperate character or anything. i will act the same on that account and on my main. like i said a vessel for communications purposes.

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