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Wth Is The Center?


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[quote name='empirelove' date='14 February 2010 - 06:47 AM' timestamp='1266130075' post='54456']
I didn't know it was quest related, and I solved them because they were the easiest ^^ well thank you now i know what they're for ^^

I am happy that people are still solving the puzzle quest puzzles on a daily basis. There have now been 690 people start the puzzle arcade quest and 23 people have completed it with the latest being Dughfo. The center of MD is the gazebo of equilibrium which is also where the check in center for the quest resides at the talking rock.

Recently I have been making some more puzzles and I will be releasing one of them later this week as a "lock" challenge to open a new area. Keep an eye out in Marin Bell later this week and you may find something new.



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