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I Need A Hint


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So I've been playing around with rituals lately and decided to take on the Loreroot guardian and of course i failed miserably again and again, so can anyone give me a few hints on how to defeat them?, I tried from strong to weak crits, from brute force rit to merely healing with barren, was i doing sth wrong? plzz help me >< here my crits:
2 aramor sin
2 barren soul
1 grasan II
1 elemental II
1 dark archer
Are these enough to defeat them? or...
Plz i've been trying the whole day ><

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I'll try hinting as much as possible without going to the spoiler area..

The guards' strength are their weakness.

Now, comparing to your current creatures, they should have 3 very obvious strengths compared to you. Two of it is also their weakness. When you look at your fight log, what do you think is their strength, the part that makes you think "wow, it's xxxx is so big", or "wow, it can do that?".

Hope this is not too spoiler-ish while still useful >.>

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