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Can somebody tell me if this item from the shop is permanant or just 1 time ritual.
[size="2"][i][powerup] Regeneration Ritual Available:8
A powerfull regeneration ritual. When you activate this ritual, 8 of your creatures will recover full health. Creatures are selected automaticaly. Effect is imediate. Beeing in a sanctuary while activating this ritual is recomanded.
Requirements Days:7 , Honor:100 , XP:20000 [/i][/size]

If it is permanent what is the time to recharge?
If I don'k know any magic / spell it will still work ?

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[quote name='Burns' date='18 February 2010 - 09:59 AM' timestamp='1266479945' post='54664']
how would that be permanent?

It's a magical thingie that recharges 8 of your creatures, which you can't choose, immidiately, then it's gone until you reset the whole shop

what means "until you reset the whole shop" ?
So if i buy this item i can recharge my creature only 1 time after that I need to buy again this item, it is right ?


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at the bottom of the shop-screen, there's a 'shop rest'-window with infos and a button to reset it, then all items (except for some extra features) appear again

if you buy that regen-ritual-thingie, it _instantly_ recharges 8 _random_ creatures of yours
There's 8 of those available, once you used them up, they are gone until you do a shop reset

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Just so you are clear, zorrowashere, this isn't the only way to heal your creatures.

If you go to your creature page, below each creature is a button you can press. The lower the creatures % of health, the more orange the bar appears.
If you click that button, it gives the creature a % of your personal VE as well as takes an AP.
You can increase the % that it takes from your life if you get more adepts, but it is by far simpler to just raise your personal VE so the % goes further.

There are several other ways to heal your creatures, but half the fun of this game is discovering how things work :)

If you get stuck with something like this, in the right interface panel (where your VE, AP, and VP and everything else are) there is a button marked [Live Help]. General, it is faster to use that than creating a forum topic like this ;)

~Kyphis the Bard

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