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Legend Speakers Recruitment

Kyphis the Bard

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[b][Links to FoF3 events at the bottom][/b]

Towards the start of this year I was admitted into the Legend speakers Alliance, and shortly after I was offered and accepted the leadership. At current, there are only 4 legend speakers, of which Fyrd Argentus and I are the only active ones.

I have a strong desire to see this alliance find its purpose and cement its place within the realm, however to do this I need a group of highly dedicated people able to get online for at least 2 days a week.

To this end, during Ailith's "Festival of Fun III" I will be watching certain events to find candidates for the Alliance. Ailith has requested I stress that this is in no way related to her organization of the event, and that the Legend Speakers are not directly affiliated with this event at all.

I will NOT be making invitations immediately, this will just get my attention and I will then do more research into whether you would be a good candidate.
Anyone who has an interest in becoming a Speaker should seriously consider participating in day 80, 82, and 85's events, as well as MD-oke on day 81.

I will be focusing on characters already past a hundred days, however I will be considering players of all ages and MP levels.
The Legend Speakers are performers, teachers, and also hunters of tales and information. We are like the Archivists in that we track down any information we can and share most of it freely, however we are unlike them in that while they focus on facts we focus on things like Folklore and stories. If an Archivist and a Legend speaker found a previously undiscovered village, the Archivist would be interested in things like the records of the village, population, and construction methods, while the speakers would want to know about the stories they tell their children on stormy nights to get them to sleep.
The Stories of the Legend speakers [i]do not[/i] have to be true, however they must have at least one point. They must both entertain and teach; even if the audience does not see the lesson it must be there.
Those are the main points that I will be looking for in a characters behavior.

I wish anyone interested in becoming a Speaker the best of luck with their preparations, and above all to remember to have fun.

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6541-festival-of-fun-3/"]Ailith's Festival of Fun III[/url]
[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6543-wp-quest-details-for-festival-of-fun-3/"]Additional Information for WP Events[/url]

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As I've told you before, Pashweetie:

Kyphis chooses his Alliance members. He is very picky.
This post is also very old, and in some cases irrelevant because he is not recruiting at FoF.

We have new Alliance members already that are active enough and no longer need this thread open.

I would rather it closed simply because it is old. Thank you.

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