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The Market Co-Opmunity

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[b]The Market Co-opmmunity[/b]

I think we all agree that the MD market needs a strong community willpower to work as it should (by this I mean: an inclusive, accessible market)
Hoarding and overcharging for items is very common these days and I’m not completely sure if what I’m going to suggest is the solution, but I believe is worth the try.
As simple as it might sound [b]The Market Co-opmunity will be a circle of market-friendly people who will not hoard or overcharge for an item.
This circle of people will trade among them self with a different approach[/b] (leaving greed to RL) and will be constantly evaluating newcomers so the MCo-op grows day by day.
[b]The MCo-op will have simple rules[/b]:
[b]No hoarding[/b]
- Only 2 will be the limited number of items for a character to hold (without counting the one made for is/her character)
- Limited time to use the item might be useful to the purpose too* (2 months)
[b]No Overcharging[/b]
- This applies to raw and commonly used items (2-3 silver coins)
[b]To give items a use[/b]*
- Items should be on people’s inventory for a reason (Character’s reason, quest’s reason, etc) and the MCo-op should be informed of this in all times.[b]
To have public stance against hoarding and overcharging for items on personal papers[/b]
- It can be just a small sentence so newbes might understand what this is all about.
[b]To support members with a pro-market initiatives (non selfish ones)[/b]
- In this case to support the shop Firs is running is a good start
[b]To help MCo-Op members find, -and purchasing if needed- raw items they require for his/her character [/b]
Finally, this rule will be applied only when the community has at least 15 members:
[b]To trade raw and common items exclusively inside the MCo-opmunnity[/b]
[b]New addition[/b]: Colecting Items for trading is alloud, as long if it doesn't contradict prevews rules.
Rembember this is not just a membership, it is also a responsability.

Many people has PM with doubts about the rules, its pretty simple:
[b]Items related to your character, or special items arent counted.
Items used dayly on RP are somehow already justified.
Only raw and common items will need to be justified and limited.
The MCo-Op will operate only based on these two type of items.[/b]


PS: To be part of the MCo-op will have its advantages and I’m sure collectors will start to understand that it can be quite more interesting to trade then to hoard.
To become a member please PM Firsanthalas or myself so we can confirm your membership in your PL

[b]List of members so far:

Phantom Orchid
Mya Celestia
Sephirah Caelum
Skie Anderson
Princ Rhaegar
...and Kriskah Arcanu[/b]

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