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[quote][color="#cccccc"][2010-02-27 03:38:32 - Alpha 9][/color]
Forum bandwidth and storage space is limited. Filling it up with random gallery images is something i want to avoid. I will start to remove images that i consider pointless. Sorry if i will destroy your personal fun pic collection or your beloved screenshots from other games, i am sure they have perfect meaning for you but they are simply to much. The forum gallery was supposed to have pictured, like in real pictures done by you, about you, with you and your friends, or related to MD in the md section. Other images, such as screenshots, funny pics, random nonsense uploads and others of similar nature will be removed to avoid a forum space upgrade that is realy not required but forum is pushed in that direction because of these. Please save your pictures if the forum is the only place were you hold them. Thanks for understanding.[/quote]

Please save your pictures and do not add more pictures that enter that cathegory.
There are some opened albums on personal galery that have been there for ages and no pics inside, use them or delete them.

Pictures are to be uploaded in the right album, or else will be deleted, no more warnings nor announcements.
If your pics are screens from the game or have something from the game use game related people! Also, if not sure where you should put your pic, take a look in the albums and see what kind of pics are in there.

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Artworks yes, but , fun things like what you can find in the fun gallery no..the internet is full of them, spammers always send them and i guess there is no room fr it here, i was just reminding the ones that have them to save what they don't keep on pc because will be deleted..

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Fun gallery removed with all the pics inside.
Also some of your pics got removed from other albums if they were not related to the game or fantasy or taken from the internet .

Do not upload anymore prints not related to or from the game, nor random pics from the internet/fantasy please, it will be removed.
Forum gallery is a feature for personal photos, not a collection of internet pics.

Thank you.

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