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Paying Vs Free - Fairness In Md Shop

Muratus del Mur

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Anyone observed that there is no "paid" browser game out there? Or i don't know any yet. They are all "free to play", but when you actualy try to play them they require lots of money just to be able to play them.

I tried one these days to see whats new in that niche and i was shocked to see nothing changed. On top of that, it was total suicide to play without paying. I did pay, then it only moved me in a stage of the game where if i didnt paid more i had the same choice like before, to quit or watch my account get eradicated by paying members. You all know this frustration i believe, its nothing new.

The STUPID thing is that the game was not playable without payment after a certain point. You end up in a situation where you should train, but you cant train because there is no one to train upon, all being super high level (the npc i mean) BUT...but... you do have a "XP card" in the shop that you can buy to receive more xp. On top of that, you find treasures that make you think you are so lucky you found them, yet when you want to open them ..of course...you need to PAY.

Doesn't matter what game it is now, the issue is here about MD. I want md to be a "free to play" game and not a pretended free to play. That means that you should never reach a point where only a paid feature could save you from a situation where no other free option can.

I am not talking about using free credits to get a rusty, even if that is possible is way to difficult, but not having a rusty wont prevent you from building a strong ritual for example. There are ways around it so to say.

If by mistake or ignorance, i added things in the shop that prevent non-paying members to do something they should be able to do, something that affects gameplay, then please shout about it here. If it makes sense, i will probably move those items to the wish shop, since WP are not for sale but can be achieved.

Please do remember that the md shop is the only income that keeps MD free so it has to be attractive to the buyers , but not stupid or to hinder gameplay as some other games do.

Thank you for your feedback.

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