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[Golemus Golemicarum] The Aramor Abra And His Knator

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Last week, some of you may have noticed an event at the Gazebo of Equilibrium.

I need a violin string, for a purpose I can't divulge, and it was suggested to me that an Aramor on Golemus would know likely have a Knator I could use to attain the gut. It might seem like a stretch, but it is important that the Knator be as present as possible; it couldn't be my Knator.

So I summoned |Abra, the empty aramor, to the GoE, and began to speak with him. He was incredibly confused, but we reached an agreement. He would give me his Knator and I would return in a week to teleport him out again, should he want to leave. Grido then teleported him back to the island.

I promised that I would return in a week, and today is precisely that week. In the time since our conversation I have raised the Knator fully and he is now ready to be sacrificed. So the plan is that I will go to Golemus, sacrifice the Knator, and then speak with Abra.

You are all welcome to join me, I will go at 8:00 server time. For MasterB - 8:00 AM, so 7 and a half hours from this edit. Do not worry about getting back from Golemus either; I will be mass-teleporting everybody off the island that I see at the end. If I fail to catch you, there are also the torches which will allow you to leave.

The Log:
[03/03/10 01:09] | Abra:I'm lost.
[03/03/10 01:09] Muratus del Mur:bahahhahhaha
[03/03/10 01:09] Yoshi:Heh, Splinters owner/teacher was Yoshi... I win :P
[03/03/10 01:09] Pipstickz:Oo
[03/03/10 01:09] | Abra:What rat are you talking about..and first, what is a rat?
[03/03/10 01:09] *Awiiya*:Hello Abra
[03/03/10 01:10] Muratus del Mur:jeez, that was unexpceted, speaking to an empty aramor :D
[03/03/10 01:10] *Awiiya*:I summoned you.
[03/03/10 01:10] | Abra:Hello..Awiiya? Why do I know your name.
[03/03/10 01:10] | Abra:You summoned me?
[03/03/10 01:10] | Abra:How? I was somewhere else before...
[03/03/10 01:10] apophys:nice team, Abra.
[03/03/10 01:10] Muratus del Mur:i gtg, very busy, cya (dont flood chat with goodbyes pls)
[03/03/10 01:11] | Abra: *sighs and slumps down* I'm confused.
[03/03/10 01:11] Pipstickz:Everyone, flood chat with good lucks instead!
[03/03/10 01:11] *Awiiya*:Yes, you were. But now you're free.
[03/03/10 01:11] Pipstickz:>>
[03/03/10 01:11] *Awiiya*:In return for your freedom, though, I need an item.
[03/03/10 01:11] Yoshi:oooh Oo
[03/03/10 01:11] | Abra:Freedom? What is that.
[03/03/10 01:12] *Awiiya*:Freedom is where you are no longer lost, no longer stuck on an island.
[03/03/10 01:12] | Abra:Hm..island?
[03/03/10 01:12] *Awiiya*:Yes, that is where you were before.
[03/03/10 01:12] | Abra:You mean that rocky place with so many empty shells?
[03/03/10 01:12] Muratus del Mur: (aramor on the loose, i forsee strange things going to happen :) ) )
[03/03/10 01:12] Yoshi:Land mass surrounded by water.
[03/03/10 01:12] | Abra:Hm..
[03/03/10 01:12] *Awiiya*:But to the point, I need something to use for the strings to a violin. I think you are the only one that can give that to me.
[03/03/10 01:12] | Abra:Weird.
[03/03/10 01:13] apophys: (I find this extremely interesting)
[03/03/10 01:13] *Awiiya*:Yes, that is the island, Abra. Now you are among other shells, except we are full. Like you will be.
[03/03/10 01:13] | Abra:Why do I keep seeing something shining, flowing if I hear water.
[03/03/10 01:13] | Abra: *shrugs* Anyways, Awiiya, what do you want from me?
[03/03/10 01:13] | Abra:Look, I am out of metal...don't tell me you want that!!!
[03/03/10 01:13] *Awiiya*: *shakes head* No, no metla.
[03/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*:Excuse me, metal.
[03/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*:You have a knator, correct?
[03/03/10 01:14] | Abra:*Er..
[03/03/10 01:14] apophys:violin strings are catgut.
[03/03/10 01:14] | Abra:If you refer to that huge thing wearing a big weapon
[03/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*: *nods* Yes, I need catgut.
[03/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*: *nods* Yes, the huge thing wearing the big weapon. I need his insides, his strings.
[03/03/10 01:14] Pipstickz:Where's vernus and why hasn't he done what he was instructed to do yet?
[03/03/10 01:15] | Abra:...
[03/03/10 01:15] | Abra:Do I understand correctly?
[03/03/10 01:15] apophys:Yes, Abra has in fact two knators.
[03/03/10 01:15] | Abra:You want me to take something OUT of a creature that followed me ever since I was awake?
[03/03/10 01:15] *Awiiya*:There is no freedom without sacrifice. Without giving you cannot get.
[03/03/10 01:16] *Awiiya*:You understand me.
[03/03/10 01:16] *Awiiya*:Do you wish to return?
[03/03/10 01:16] BFH LIGHTHING:pm to manda
[03/03/10 01:16] | Abra:Well..you see...I still think this is a dream.
[03/03/10 01:16] | Abra:Yes, this has to be.
[03/03/10 01:16] | Abra:See, I was here once.
[03/03/10 01:16] | Abra:When I woke up, I was on that island again.
[03/03/10 01:18] Muratus del Mur: (someone pls save this log and pm it to me, thanks)
[03/03/10 01:18] | Abra:It's..a bit scary here....so many...weird...things looking at me.
[03/03/10 01:18] Muratus del Mur: (i am curious how it will go but i have to focus on something else now)
[03/03/10 01:19] *Awiiya*:You will get used to it, and grow.
[03/03/10 01:19] *Awiiya*:This is not a dream abra.
[03/03/10 01:20] *Awiiya*: *reaches out and gently pushes Abra* You're alive.
[03/03/10 01:20] :| Abra falls over, surprised
[03/03/10 01:20] :| Abra gets up again
[03/03/10 01:20] *Awiiya*:Abra, you can have this. This life, but I need something in return.
[03/03/10 01:20] | Abra:I am what?
[03/03/10 01:20] *Awiiya*:You are alive. You are flowing with golden energy.
[03/03/10 01:20] *Awiiya*:You are not an empty shell, you are full of things.
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra:Er..
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra:This confuses me.
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra: *mutters to himself* I will have to think out this later...
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra:So wait.
[03/03/10 01:21] Metal Bunny:sweet
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra:You say you summoned me.
[03/03/10 01:21] | Abra:Can you do it again?
[03/03/10 01:21] *Awiiya*:Yes, I can.
[03/03/10 01:22] Metal Bunny:never seen one outside of GG
[03/03/10 01:22] | Abra:So..assuming I give..you......my............knator.
[03/03/10 01:22] apophys:The spell was cast at Sage's Path.
[03/03/10 01:22] Amoran K Kol:Nor have I.
[03/03/10 01:22] | Abra:Will you do that summoning again when I want it?
[03/03/10 01:22] Mya Celestia:An Aramor???
[03/03/10 01:22] Grido:They wander around, it is to be expected i guess
[03/03/10 01:22] *Awiiya*:Yes, I promise I will summon you again.
[03/03/10 01:22] Amoran K Kol:Aye, Mya.. so it seems.
[03/03/10 01:22] | Abra:Gargh...
[03/03/10 01:22] :| Abra jumps into the bushes and hides
[03/03/10 01:22] | Abra:So many...
[03/03/10 01:22] apophys:Shhhhh, people, just watch...
[03/03/10 01:23] | Abra:weird..things..
[03/03/10 01:23] *Awiiya*: *walks slowly over the bushes* It's okay Abra.
[03/03/10 01:23] Amoran K Kol: *grows quiet, speaking softly..* I'm sorry to have frightened you, little Aramor.
[03/03/10 01:23] :| Abra shivers a bit, resulting in metal clinging
[03/03/10 01:23] :Mya Celestia smiles gently at the Aramor
[03/03/10 01:24] *Awiiya*:Think of all the beautiful things, think of the empty carcasses you could go back to. I will summon you again.
[03/03/10 01:24] *Awiiya*:All you need to do is give me your knator. It is for the good of all.
[03/03/10 01:24] | Abra:Good..I give you that knator.....but make sure to keep your promise! Else I will....ask my friends, yes I will ask them for help!
[03/03/10 01:25] | Abra:How do I contact you though?
[03/03/10 01:25] *Awiiya*:I will come to Golemus every week on this day, and I will find you. If you wish to go, I will take you then.
[03/03/10 01:25] apophys:Abra, do you have a buddy list?
[03/03/10 01:25] | Abra:What is a week?
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:Anyways, i will be there..looking whether you do come or not.
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:And if not..I will be told.
[03/03/10 01:26] *Awiiya*: *scratches his head* Seven sun motions.
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:Sun?
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:Tell me later.
[03/03/10 01:26] *Awiiya*:Look up, the glowing ball.
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:I don't like this place..
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:I want to go back...
[03/03/10 01:26] *Awiiya*:We will speak again, Abra.
[03/03/10 01:26] | Abra:So, what do I do now?
[03/03/10 01:27] *Awiiya*:You know the way back. It is getting here that is hard.
[03/03/10 01:27] | Abra:You get that knator?
[03/03/10 01:27] | Abra:and then you will visit me?
[03/03/10 01:27] *Awiiya*:Yes, when I get the knator I will visit you.
[03/03/10 01:27] | Abra:Er..
[03/03/10 01:27] | Abra:And how?
[03/03/10 01:27] | Abra:I tell him to follow you or what?
[03/03/10 01:27] *Awiiya*:You can give the knator to my by telling it my name.
[03/03/10 01:28] *Awiiya*:Whisper it in its ear, it will follow your command.
[03/03/10 01:28] *Awiiya*:My name is Awiiya.
[03/03/10 01:28] | Abra:erm..
[03/03/10 01:28] *Awiiya*:Or you can give it to me right now.
[03/03/10 01:28] *Awiiya*:Write its name on a piece of paper and I will take it.
[03/03/10 01:28] | Abra:I will do that, but..treasure him, okay?
[03/03/10 01:28] | Abra:He was a loyal compagnion..on that lonely island..
[03/03/10 01:29] *Awiiya*:He will be treated like a god.
[03/03/10 01:30] :| Abra hands a tiny sheet of paper to awiiya and then curls up into a ball
[03/03/10 01:30] *Awiiya*:You want to go back?
[03/03/10 01:30] apophys:Such an innocent creature you are, Abra.
[03/03/10 01:30] apophys::3
[03/03/10 01:30] | Abra:*I don't see, I don't hear....
[03/03/10 01:30] | Abra:I don't see, I don't..hear.
[03/03/10 01:30] Grido:He is empty, like a child, what do you expect?
[03/03/10 01:30] *Awiiya*:Will someone lead him back to the Island?
[03/03/10 01:30] Mya Celestia: *looks at Abra sadly* Poor thing
[03/03/10 01:30] Grido:i will *nods*
[03/03/10 01:30] *Awiiya*:Thank you Grido.
[03/03/10 01:31] Grido:Do you think express or walking would be better?
[03/03/10 01:31] *Awiiya*:Express, I think.
[03/03/10 01:31] Metal Bunny:it already left
[03/03/10 01:31] :Grido nods
[03/03/10 01:31] *Awiiya*:It did, but do we trust it to walk?
[03/03/10 01:31] Metal Bunny:¬_¬
[03/03/10 01:31] *Awiiya*:But now I have work to do with this knator. *pats it on the back*
[03/03/10 01:32] apophys:I will follow, until the Labyrinth's end.
[03/03/10 01:32] *Awiiya*:Goodbye, all.
[03/03/10 01:32] Metal Bunny:bye
[03/03/10 01:32] Amoran K Kol:Be well, Awiiya.
[03/03/10 01:32] apophys:He didn't go toward the Labyrinth.
[03/03/10 01:32] Grido:if it worked that is *cough* i'll catch up
[03/03/10 01:32] :[Spell] Haud Vox Est Umquam Silens

Day 69

Yesterday I went to the GG to visit Abra and sacrifice the Knator.

We all gathered in the Fenth's cave and I prepared to sacrifice the Knator. However just as the moment came, I paused, and could not follow through. Instead I cut my arm and made a blood pledge to the Knator that I would never harm it.

There was discussion of strings, and then Akasha came and teleported many people off the island.

I went searching for Abra but he appeared to be sleeping.

Today I went to the Tempest Fort and spoke with Abra, with Pamplemousse coincidentally there. Abra did not want to leave at that moment, so I left him a watch to tell the time with, and promised him again I would return in a week. Our discussions ranged from emotions to genders.

That is the basic summary of events for the previous days.

Log of Fenth's:

[10/03/10 08:06] :*Awiiya* nods
[10/03/10 08:06] *Awiiya*:Well.
[10/03/10 08:07] *Awiiya*:Something is bubbling. I don't know.
[10/03/10 08:07] Handy Pockets:So you have to sacrifice the Knator?
[10/03/10 08:07] :*Awiiya* looks at the Knator by his side
[10/03/10 08:07] *Awiiya*:Yes.
[10/03/10 08:07] *Awiiya*:The Knator has yet to say a word. He fights for me, and obeys.
[10/03/10 08:08] *Awiiya*:We will wait for the others.
[10/03/10 08:08] Handy Pockets:A true Knator
[10/03/10 08:08] *Awiiya*:I need the guts for the violin string.
[10/03/10 08:08] *Awiiya*: *nods* A true warrior.
[10/03/10 08:09] Handy Pockets:Hello Jester
[10/03/10 08:09] *Awiiya*:Hello Jester.
[10/03/10 08:09] Jester:Hello.
[10/03/10 08:09] Grido:Greetings Kets, Jester, and again to you Awii
[10/03/10 08:09] :*Awiiya* nods again
[10/03/10 08:09] Mya Celestia: *smiles* Hi all
[10/03/10 08:10] Handy Pockets:Helo Grido
[10/03/10 08:10] *Awiiya*:So I have to sacrifice this knator *motions to the Knator* to gain a catgut.
[10/03/10 08:11] *Awiiya*:The only place I know proper for this is here, the Fenth's Cave. The sacrifical alter of the Golemus Island, his homeland.
[10/03/10 08:11] *Awiiya*:The Knator comes from Abra, the empty aramor who can speak.
[10/03/10 08:12] :*Awiiya* sighs
[10/03/10 08:12] *Awiiya*:I will use my bone saw.
[10/03/10 08:12] *Awiiya*:It seems fitting that I kill him with a weapon made from my very spikes.
[10/03/10 08:15] :[Spell] Enjoy The Sea Breeze - Amoran K Kol, yoshi, Lady Dawn, Kyphis, Innocence
[10/03/10 08:15] *Awiiya*:Hmm. Shall we wait for them?
[10/03/10 08:16] Grido:might be nice *smiles*
[10/03/10 08:16] Handy Pockets:yes
[10/03/10 08:16] :*Awiiya* nods to Grido
[10/03/10 08:17] Grido:nice little mix of alliances we have here anyway
[10/03/10 08:17] :Mya Celestia admires the ocean
[10/03/10 08:17] Mya Celestia:One from Tribunal would be all we're missing.
[10/03/10 08:18] :Jester falls over laughing
[10/03/10 08:18] :Jester coughs and regains composure
[10/03/10 08:18] :Kyphis finaly arrives
[10/03/10 08:18] Kyphis:Thankyou Grido :P
[10/03/10 08:19] Redd:Ahh.. I made it..
[10/03/10 08:19] Kyphis:I would have been a half hour at least >.>
[10/03/10 08:19] :Grido nods
[10/03/10 08:19] Handy Pockets: *waves* Hi Kyphis
[10/03/10 08:19] :Handy Pockets looks around for Awiiya
[10/03/10 08:19] Handy Pockets:Hello Amoran
[10/03/10 08:20] *Awiiya*:Right here.
[10/03/10 08:20] *Awiiya*:Lady Dawn is coming too, I believe.
[10/03/10 08:20] Grido:Spell failed
[10/03/10 08:20] Amoran K Kol:Greetings.
[10/03/10 08:20] :Kyphis bows to the Assembly and Sqwiggles his eyebrows at Awiiya
[10/03/10 08:20] :Grido needs to remember he needs to activate heat for spells
[10/03/10 08:20] :*Awiiya* waggles his ears at Kyphis
[10/03/10 08:20] Amoran K Kol:I have left a message for Lucius, but he rests currently.
[10/03/10 08:20] :[Spell] Enjoy The Sea Breeze - *Indyra Sirenias*
[10/03/10 08:20] Lady Dawn:and i am here *smiles and bows to all*
[10/03/10 08:21] :Jester looks at | caotic and starts laughing again
[10/03/10 08:21] :Handy Pockets waves and smiles
[10/03/10 08:21] Mya Celestia: *smiles* Hi
[10/03/10 08:21] Amoran K Kol: *raises her brow at Jester.* Are you well?
[10/03/10 08:22] Jester:Very.
[10/03/10 08:22] :Amoran K Kol glances around, searching for what Jester might be laughing at.
[10/03/10 08:22] Amoran K Kol:I see nothing.
[10/03/10 08:22] :Amoran K Kol frowns.
[10/03/10 08:22] *Awiiya*:That aramor belongs to a different land now.
[10/03/10 08:22] *Awiiya*:I think Jester owns it.
[10/03/10 08:22] :Amoran K Kol decides that Jester is laughing at Yoshi and cackles.
[10/03/10 08:22] Handy Pockets:Oh yes, very nice
[10/03/10 08:23] :*Indyra Sirenias* looks around stuned
[10/03/10 08:23] :Kyphis laughs
[10/03/10 08:23] :Lady Dawn laughs just because laughing feels good
[10/03/10 08:23] *Awiiya*:Now we have just about every alliance represented.
[10/03/10 08:23] :Yoshi raises an eyebrow
[10/03/10 08:23] Jester:Welcome to Necrovion, | caotic.
[10/03/10 08:23] Grido:ok, are all who were meant to be here, here now?
[10/03/10 08:23] Kyphis:I wonder if yrthilian will garb the Carnifex?
[10/03/10 08:23] *Awiiya*: *nods* I think.
[10/03/10 08:23] *Indyra Sirenias*:Necrovian ?
[10/03/10 08:23] Grido:Jester, Indy
[10/03/10 08:24] :*Indyra Sirenias* looks puzzled
[10/03/10 08:24] Kyphis:We lack Tribunal and No Mans Land, but other than that...
[10/03/10 08:24] Grido:Jester is from Necro...
[10/03/10 08:24] :Amoran K Kol curls up in the sand, tucking her legs beneath herself.
[10/03/10 08:24] *Awiiya*:The king, in fact.
[10/03/10 08:25] Grido:indeed
[10/03/10 08:25] Innocence:Um... hi?
[10/03/10 08:25] *Awiiya*:Hello Innocence.
[10/03/10 08:25] *Indyra Sirenias*:i know ... *as some problems concentrating*
[10/03/10 08:25] Innocence:Or... something? Maybe?
[10/03/10 08:25] :Lady Dawn sits beside Amoran
[10/03/10 08:25] Grido:Greetings Inno
[10/03/10 08:25] Innocence:How did I get here?
[10/03/10 08:25] *Awiiya*:Welcome.
[10/03/10 08:25] :Amoran K Kol raises her brow.
[10/03/10 08:25] *Awiiya*:Okay, are we ready for the explanation again?
[10/03/10 08:25] *Awiiya*:Grido called you.
[10/03/10 08:25] Amoran K Kol:You are visiting the wee Aramor?
[10/03/10 08:25] Innocence:Ah.
[10/03/10 08:25] *Awiiya*:Not quite yet
[10/03/10 08:25] Handy Pockets: *waves* Hi Inno
[10/03/10 08:26] Kyphis: (Don't worry Inno, we will be teleported out at the end)
[10/03/10 08:26] *Awiiya*:So the reason I started talking to Abra in the first place was that I needed a catgut.
[10/03/10 08:26] :Innocence smiles awkwardly and waves a little.
[10/03/10 08:26] *Awiiya*:A catgut is a string to a violin. The reason I need to create a violin... cannot be admitted at this point.
[10/03/10 08:26] Grido:I decided to kidnap some people
[10/03/10 08:26] *Awiiya*:But rest assured, it is very important.
[10/03/10 08:27] *Awiiya*:And it is no random desire of my heart. It is a desire bigger than myself.
[10/03/10 08:27] Amoran K Kol: (You know the kidnap thing could be kinky, except I knew why I was bein' kidnapped. Meanie.)
[10/03/10 08:27] :Lady Dawn chuckles slightly
[10/03/10 08:27] *Awiiya*:So, where to get a catgut?
[10/03/10 08:27] *Awiiya*:I knew that it would have to come from a creature.
[10/03/10 08:28] *Awiiya*:But due to various theories, I suspected that my creatures would not quite be enough.
[10/03/10 08:28] *Awiiya*:And it might even be painful.
[10/03/10 08:28] *Awiiya*:Once again, that's a story for another time.
[10/03/10 08:28] *Awiiya*:A creature that belonged to the land, to something that was not human and was not living, would be significantly more powerful.
[10/03/10 08:28] *Awiiya*:It was once said by Khalazdad that we walk the land like ghosts.
[10/03/10 08:29] *Awiiya*:Each time we become stronger becoming more real. However Aramors are real.
[10/03/10 08:29] :*Awiiya* walks over to an aramor and taps its shell
[10/03/10 08:29] :*Awiiya* it doesn't seem to notice
[10/03/10 08:29] *Awiiya*:These are real.
[10/03/10 08:29] *Awiiya*:So I contacted Abra. I summoned him.
[10/03/10 08:29] *Awiiya*:He was confused, but agreed that in return for his freedom he would provide to me a Knator.
[10/03/10 08:30] *Awiiya*:This knator. *motions to the Knator, named simply "The Knator of Abra"*
[10/03/10 08:30] *Awiiya*:I told him I would return in a week to offer his freedom.
[10/03/10 08:30] *Awiiya*:It has been a week.
[10/03/10 08:30] *Awiiya*:And in that week I have raised this Knator to his full capacity, and readied him for his journey and his destiny.
[10/03/10 08:31] *Awiiya*:So the two events coincide. I will sacrifice the Knator, attain the catgut, and then return to speak with Abra.
[10/03/10 08:31] Kyphis: (Anyone recording this?)
[10/03/10 08:31] *Awiiya*:I will offer Abra the choice to leave again, or not. It is his to choose, but I will follow through with my promise.
[10/03/10 08:31] Grido: (i have spellage)
[10/03/10 08:31] Amoran K Kol: (I'm not, I wasn't sure if anyone else was.)
[10/03/10 08:31] Amoran K Kol: (oh, good.)
[10/03/10 08:32] *Awiiya*:To Sacrifice the Knator, I will use my Bone Saw, made from the very spines on my back.
[10/03/10 08:32] Kyphis: (I am, but I might miss the end)
[10/03/10 08:32] *Awiiya*:Kets can attest to the fact that they were broken from my spine.
[10/03/10 08:32] :*Awiiya* looks at Kets
[10/03/10 08:32] Innocence: *claps.* Yay!! Spike!!
[10/03/10 08:32] :Grido chuckles
[10/03/10 08:32] *Awiiya*:Thank you Inno, for the support.
[10/03/10 08:32] :*Indyra Sirenias* raises an eyebrow
[10/03/10 08:33] *Indyra Sirenias*:that must of hurt
[10/03/10 08:33] :Amoran K Kol stares at Awiiya.
[10/03/10 08:33] Innocence:Of course.
[10/03/10 08:33] Amoran K Kol:How interesting.
[10/03/10 08:33] :Lady Dawn frowns slightly wondering how the spine was removed
[10/03/10 08:33] Handy Pockets:I was careful.
[10/03/10 08:33] :Mya Celestia silently listens
[10/03/10 08:33] *Awiiya*:It was painful but bearable. Like fingernails, I believe.
[10/03/10 08:33] *Awiiya*:And I assume they will grow back, though I have seen no signs yet.
[10/03/10 08:34] Innocence:...we could tie some on... like with pretty bows!!
[10/03/10 08:34] Innocence:Yay!! *claps again.*
[10/03/10 08:34] :Amoran K Kol chuckles
[10/03/10 08:34] *Awiiya*:Thank you again, Inno, but I'm not quite sure ribbons can replace my bones.
[10/03/10 08:35] *Awiiya*:But that is the story, and that is why we are here.
[10/03/10 08:35] *Awiiya*:Do you have any questions?
[10/03/10 08:35] Innocence:Bows and bones, silly. Both. Together.
[10/03/10 08:35] Amoran K Kol:Mn, there are plenty of lovely shaped sticks in the land of Lore to use until they return, Awiiya.
[10/03/10 08:35] *Indyra Sirenias*:you could try some bone replacements...like metals
[10/03/10 08:35] *Awiiya*:They wouldn't be my bones though. *sighs*
[10/03/10 08:35] Innocence:So, like, when will you tell us about the cutgut need? Like... why you needed it?
[10/03/10 08:36] *Awiiya*: *shrugs* It is vague for me too.
[10/03/10 08:36] *Indyra Sirenias*:or how can we help you get it ?
[10/03/10 08:36] *Awiiya*:It is for a violin, the violin.. for... who knows?
[10/03/10 08:36] Innocence:You do!
[10/03/10 08:37] :Lady Dawn tilts head looking at Awiiya
[10/03/10 08:37] :Amoran K Kol draws her hair over one shoulder and combs her fingers through it, listening quietly.
[10/03/10 08:37] *Awiiya*: *laughs* Unfortunate, I don't.
[10/03/10 08:37] *Indyra Sirenias*:mayeb he doesn't...yet
[10/03/10 08:37] Innocence:But that's not what I'm asking. I want to know when you'll tell us. You know, so I know, you know?
[10/03/10 08:37] *Awiiya*:Excuse me, unfortunately.
[10/03/10 08:37] Amoran K Kol:What possessed you to wish for such a violin?
[10/03/10 08:37] :Grido quietly goes and sits in the boat
[10/03/10 08:37] *Awiiya*:So many questions.
[10/03/10 08:37] Amoran K Kol:A dream? The words of a forlorn god, perhaps?
[10/03/10 08:37] *Awiiya*:No, the words of a mortal.
[10/03/10 08:38] *Awiiya*:And that is good enough for me.
[10/03/10 08:38] Jester:It does not matter.
[10/03/10 08:38] Jester:Watch or listen, you waste words.
[10/03/10 08:38] Grido:Is there a need of a reason?
[10/03/10 08:38] *Awiiya*:What does matter is that I have to kill this Knator.
[10/03/10 08:38] :*Awiiya* looks at the Knator
[10/03/10 08:38] :Amoran K Kol braids her hair over one shoulder, leaving the thick braid loose.
[10/03/10 08:38] Amoran K Kol:Ah, I see.
[10/03/10 08:38] :Lady Dawn fells sorry for Knator
[10/03/10 08:39] *Awiiya*: *looks at Lady Dawn* Some things die.
[10/03/10 08:39] Amoran K Kol: *glances at the Knator.* Take care not to splatter us all with it's blood. The poor thing should have a clean death.
[10/03/10 08:39] *Awiiya*:Some things are killed.
[10/03/10 08:39] Innocence:Aww... but it'll make an interesting sound!!
[10/03/10 08:39] *Awiiya*:I will do my best. *looks at the saw made of spin teeth*
[10/03/10 08:39] Lady Dawn:They do... *whispers*
[10/03/10 08:40] :Mya Celestia sits in the sand and watches
[10/03/10 08:40] *Awiiya*:Okay. Are we ready to enter the Cave?
[10/03/10 08:40] Amoran K Kol: *looks to Lady Dawn..* Ritual sacrifice is a thing you must get used to, my friend.
[10/03/10 08:40] Amoran K Kol:Tis not always a beautiful act.
[10/03/10 08:40] Grido:There is life and death to everything, the cycle must exist
[10/03/10 08:40] Innocence:To the cave!!
[10/03/10 08:41] Innocence:Yay!! *claps harder.*
[10/03/10 08:41] *Awiiya*:As Innocence says, to the cave.
[10/03/10 08:41] Amoran K Kol:Death is a common thing here, I find.
[10/03/10 08:41] :*Indyra Sirenias* move to the cave dragging her tail
[10/03/10 08:41] Kyphis: (missing the beggining, 12 lines before I asked if anyone was recording, but I have the rest)
[10/03/10 08:41] Lady Dawn: *smiles to Amoran* It has to be done, yes, but used to... then it wouldnt be significant anymore.
[10/03/10 08:41] Amoran K Kol:Tis why I am content to leave my shell when I rest.
[10/03/10 08:41] :Mya Celestia stands then brushes the sand off
[10/03/10 08:41] :Amoran K Kol stands and follows Awiiya into the cave, muttering something to herself.
[10/03/10 08:41] :Kyphis waits by the cave entrance, to enter last
[10/03/10 08:42] :Lady Dawn gets slowly up and follows
[10/03/10 08:42] :Grido enters the cave
[10/03/10 08:43] :Kyphis looks at Yoshi and Awiiya, then heads inside
[10/03/10 08:44] Innocence:C'mon, Superstar!! We're waiting for you!!
[10/03/10 08:41] Innocence:Oh... where's Spike?
[10/03/10 08:42] Innocence:...and everyone else...
[10/03/10 08:42] *Awiiya*:Right here.
[10/03/10 08:42] :Amoran K Kol waves to Innocence.
[10/03/10 08:42] Innocence:Ah... yes, of course... right behind in front of me.
[10/03/10 08:42] Innocence:...silly monoforms.
[10/03/10 08:43] :*Indyra Sirenias* curls in a dark corner to see what happens
[10/03/10 08:43] *Awiiya*:We miss Yoshi and Kyphis.
[10/03/10 08:44] :Kyphis enters
[10/03/10 08:44] :Lady Dawn fights to not shut eyes close and prevails
[10/03/10 08:44] *Awiiya*:Now only Yoshi.
[10/03/10 08:45] :Mya Celestia stands back against the wall
[10/03/10 08:45] *Awiiya*:I willl give him two minutes.
[10/03/10 08:45] :Amoran K Kol places a hand on Lady Dawn's shoulder.
[10/03/10 08:45] Innocence:...I think he fell asleep...
[10/03/10 08:45] *Awiiya*:It is possible.
[10/03/10 08:45] *Awiiya*:These things happen.
[10/03/10 08:45] Amoran K Kol:We could go poke him with drift wood until he wakes.
[10/03/10 08:45] Grido:indeed
[10/03/10 08:45] :Lady Dawn smiles to Amoran
[10/03/10 08:45] *Awiiya*:He is a heavy sleeper. *laughs* If I know anything from watering with him, it is that.
[10/03/10 08:45] Innocence:...or... we could use a bone saw!!
[10/03/10 08:46] :*Awiiya* remembers what he is going to do and stops laughing
[10/03/10 08:46] :Amoran K Kol laughs at Innocence.
[10/03/10 08:46] *Indyra Sirenias*:we're suppose to sacrifice the Knator not Yoshi
[10/03/10 08:46] Redd: (Yoshi said he don't want to see this..)
[10/03/10 08:46] Innocence:...we wouldn't take all of him. Just, like... a finger...
[10/03/10 08:46] :Lady Dawn nods vehemently at Indyras notion
[10/03/10 08:46] Amoran K Kol:Tis true.. it does make a funny sound, or so Pample tells me.
[10/03/10 08:47] *Awiiya*:Okay.
[10/03/10 08:47] *Awiiya*:It has been two minutes.
[10/03/10 08:47] *Awiiya*:I will prepare.
[10/03/10 08:47] :*Awiiya* pushes the Knator into the end of the cave next to the wall
[10/03/10 08:47] :*Awiiya* turns him around so his face is to the wall
[10/03/10 08:47] :*Awiiya* turns back and takes out his bone saw
[10/03/10 08:48] :*Awiiya* touches the spikes a few times
[10/03/10 08:48] :*Awiiya* touches the bone saw to the ground
[10/03/10 08:48] *Awiiya*:This is for the good. A neccesity is a necesity to be filled.
[10/03/10 08:48] Kyphis: (I will be departing VERY soon, Please keep and send me a log if it isn't put on Forum)
[10/03/10 08:48] *Awiiya*:Lives are lost. This one is given.
[10/03/10 08:49] :*Awiiya* walks forward to the Knator at the end of the cave
[10/03/10 08:49] :*Awiiya* places the saw on the back of its thick neck
[10/03/10 08:49] :*Awiiya* pauses
[10/03/10 08:49] :*Awiiya* mutters a few words to himself
[10/03/10 08:49] :Amoran K Kol frowns.
[10/03/10 08:50] *Awiiya*:This isn't right.
[10/03/10 08:50] :*Awiiya* drops the saw and turns around looking at those in the cave
[10/03/10 08:50] Amoran K Kol:Ah, "cold feet" as they say.
[10/03/10 08:50] Innocence:...why not?
[10/03/10 08:50] *Awiiya*:This isn't right, is it? *looks at Kets, Indrya, Lady Dawn, Amoran, Mya, and the others*
[10/03/10 08:50] *Awiiya*:No, it isn't right.
[10/03/10 08:50] Jester:Nope.
[10/03/10 08:50] :Lady Dawn looks pale
[10/03/10 08:50] *Awiiya*:He was given to me from Abra.
[10/03/10 08:50] Amoran K Kol:Awiiya, do you have a purpose to sacrificing this creature?
[10/03/10 08:51] *Awiiya*:The last thing Abra said to me was, "Treasure him."
[10/03/10 08:51] Grido:I recall
[10/03/10 08:51] Amoran K Kol:Will the result serve you well?
[10/03/10 08:51] *Awiiya*:A catgut are the strings for a violin.
[10/03/10 08:51] Amoran K Kol:Then it is wrong.
[10/03/10 08:51] Mya Celestia:A treasure shouldn't be easily thrown away.
[10/03/10 08:51] Grido:There are many definitions of treasuring something though
[10/03/10 08:51] *Awiiya*:The result will serve.
[10/03/10 08:51] *Awiiya*:It will make for strings, but this is not the right way.
[10/03/10 08:51] Kyphis:If this is to happen, I feel |Abra needs be here to see it.
[10/03/10 08:51] *Awiiya*:His life is worth more to me than violins, strings, or many other things.
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:This Knator is innocent.
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:No, Kyphis, this will never happen.
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:I will not allow this Knator to leave my care.
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:Abra is innocent as a white sheet, and this Knator by extension is as well.
[10/03/10 08:52] :*Awiiya* picks up the bone saw from the ground
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:There is meant to be blood tonight, and well, I will not cheat this alter.
[10/03/10 08:52] *Awiiya*:But it will be a different sacrifice, and no lives will be lost.
[10/03/10 08:53] *Awiiya*: *gently cuts his arm* Here. I pledge to you, Knator of Abra, that I will treasure you in the way Abra meant.
[10/03/10 08:53] :Lady Dawn silences the thin scream inside before leaving her lips
[10/03/10 08:53] Grido:hmm *raises an eyebrow slightly*
[10/03/10 08:53] :*Awiiya* gently drips one drop on the Knator
[10/03/10 08:53] *Awiiya*:You are mine, and no creature of mine meets their end like this.
[10/03/10 08:54] *Awiiya*:...
[10/03/10 08:54] *Awiiya*:Does someone have some cloth? I am bleeding.
[10/03/10 08:54] :Mya Celestia looks toward Dawn for a moment taking a deep breath
[10/03/10 08:54] Amoran K Kol:I would offer, but my robes are floating in the lake of the path keeper.
[10/03/10 08:54] :Handy Pockets reaches into her pocket and talkes out some strips of cloth
[10/03/10 08:55] *Awiiya*:That is fine, Amoran.
[10/03/10 08:55] :*Awiiya* holds out his arm for Kets
[10/03/10 08:55] Innocence:...I usually carry a pillow in my satchel... do you want its covering?
[10/03/10 08:55] Innocence:Or, you know, Haypo has it..
[10/03/10 08:55] *Awiiya*:Ah, no. It is just a small cut.
[10/03/10 08:55] :Handy Pockets hands Awiiya the strips of cloth
[10/03/10 08:55] Kyphis:Does anyone have any alchohol to help keep the wound clean?
[10/03/10 08:55] Kyphis:Even a small cut can get infected
[10/03/10 08:55] :Handy Pockets taking one and starts to wrap his arm
[10/03/10 08:56] Grido:alas no alcohol on me
[10/03/10 08:56] Lady Dawn: *whispers* small cut, big deed...
[10/03/10 08:56] Amoran K Kol:I had plenty of wine yesterday evening.
[10/03/10 08:56] *Awiiya*:Unusual, considering the quantities of alchohol I see people consume here.
[10/03/10 08:56] Handy Pockets:Alcohol will hurt his skin, no alcohol
[10/03/10 08:56] :Amoran K Kol strokes the length of her braid.
[10/03/10 08:56] Innocence:...how will it hurt it?
[10/03/10 08:56] Amoran K Kol:Tis the problem, Awiiya. Twas consumed.
[10/03/10 08:57] :*Awiiya* laughs softly
[10/03/10 08:57] Handy Pockets:it will destroy the skin and keep it from healing
[10/03/10 08:57] Lady Dawn:maybe a clear water to clean the wound would do? *gets a small bottle and offers it to Kets*
[10/03/10 08:57] Amoran K Kol:Mmn.. it will?
[10/03/10 08:57] Amoran K Kol:I see.
[10/03/10 08:58] :Handy Pockets takes the water from Lady Dawn
[10/03/10 08:58] *Awiiya*: *sighs* There is still the problem.
[10/03/10 08:58] *Awiiya*:How will I make the strings for the violin?
[10/03/10 08:58] *Awiiya*:It is clear to me that it cannot come from a creature. It is not important enough.
[10/03/10 08:59] Innocence:...the creature or the string?
[10/03/10 08:59] *Awiiya*:The string is not important enough. Not to give a life, no less this most innocent life.
[10/03/10 08:59] Amoran K Kol:I believe he speaks of the string.
[10/03/10 08:59] Mya Celestia:Some plants have properties that would suit the purpose of a violin string.
[10/03/10 08:59] Lady Dawn:maybe... *looks at Amoran beuatiful hair* hir could be used as a string?
[10/03/10 09:00] *Awiiya*:Do you know of them, Mya?
[10/03/10 09:00] :Lady Dawn frowns at her own words
[10/03/10 09:00] :Amoran K Kol raises her brow and lifts her thick braid.
[10/03/10 09:00] *Awiiya*:Hair is used for the bow of the violin. I don't know if it will do for the strings.
[10/03/10 09:00] Grido:yes, some sort of synthetic string, from plants would work well i believe
[10/03/10 09:00] Amoran K Kol:Tis not every day a friend offers a piece of me. *chuckles*
[10/03/10 09:01] Innocence:Who around here would know enough about what plants can give what?
[10/03/10 09:01] Mya Celestia:Maybe flax or something along those lines.
[10/03/10 09:01] Amoran K Kol:Mn.. perhaps a certain...Pride would know.
[10/03/10 09:01] *Awiiya*:I know about growing. My knowledge of specific plants is limited.
[10/03/10 09:01] Innocence:And why is it okay to take from a plant--which is just as living as a creature--than from a creature?
[10/03/10 09:01] *Awiiya*:Would he, Amoran?
[10/03/10 09:01] Lady Dawn: *smiles at Amoran* forgive the thought of the thoughtless, didnt meant yours, they just caught attention
[10/03/10 09:01] Jester:Do Knators have hair?
[10/03/10 09:01] Handy Pockets:I was thinking the same person
[10/03/10 09:02] *Awiiya*:Plants you can take from and they will continue to grow.
[10/03/10 09:02] *Awiiya*:You can pick a leave, the tree will not die.
[10/03/10 09:02] Mya Celestia:Sharazhad may know, too.
[10/03/10 09:02] Amoran K Kol: *giggles and smiles to Lady Dawn* All is well.
[10/03/10 09:02] *Awiiya*:If I kill this Knator... there will be no rebirth.
[10/03/10 09:02] Kyphis:Udgard might know
[10/03/10 09:02] Innocence:I can pluck your finger and you won't die...
[10/03/10 09:02] Amoran K Kol:And yes, Awiiya, I believe Virtuous Pride may know.
[10/03/10 09:02] Jester:...Santa's beard.
[10/03/10 09:02] *Awiiya*:True, but it will also not regrow.
[10/03/10 09:03] Innocence:Neither will that same leaf.
[10/03/10 09:03] *Awiiya*:So, it is obvious that I need your help.
[10/03/10 09:03] Jester:I will give you a Santa, and you shave him.
[10/03/10 09:03] :Amoran K Kol laughs
[10/03/10 09:03] :*Indyra Sirenias* giggles
[10/03/10 09:03] :Lady Dawn giggles
[10/03/10 09:03] *Awiiya*:The two things are uncomparable, Innocence.
[10/03/10 09:03] *Awiiya*:It is also said that for nature, plants, the soul is a collective.
[10/03/10 09:04] Innocence:Try telling that to a plant.
[10/03/10 09:04] *Awiiya*:For humans it is an individual.
[10/03/10 09:04] *Awiiya*:Well, you may have your opinions.
[10/03/10 09:04] Amoran K Kol:Indeed, Innocence.
[10/03/10 09:04] Innocence:I think you're making generalizations what that which you don't know.
[10/03/10 09:04] *Awiiya*:But morally, I do not see a problem with picking a branch or taking a leaf.
[10/03/10 09:04] Jester:Inno, as soon as a plant tells me it does not want its leaves cut off, I won't.
[10/03/10 09:04] Leixer:hello what do we have here?
[10/03/10 09:04] Leixer:hi everyone :D
[10/03/10 09:04] *Indyra Sirenias*: *looks at the knator* so what do we do with this one
[10/03/10 09:04] *Awiiya*:Hello Leixer.
[10/03/10 09:04] Amoran K Kol:You do not hear the trees, Jester?
[10/03/10 09:05] Innocence:Do you ever ask the tree? Do you give it an option to tell you?
[10/03/10 09:05] :Lady Dawn thinks of her flowers for a bit
[10/03/10 09:05] *Awiiya*:This one I keep, Indrya. Forever.
[10/03/10 09:05] Innocence:And could you hear it if it did communicate??
[10/03/10 09:05] Amoran K Kol:Interesting.. *strokes the length of her braid, a thoughtful expression set in her features.*
[10/03/10 09:05] Jester:I will make certain to.
[10/03/10 09:05] Innocence:Monoforms are all trapped in their own little worlds and minds... you don't know what mysteries this and other places hold.
[10/03/10 09:05] :*Indyra Sirenias* nods
[10/03/10 09:05] Leixer:there's so many people in gg?is there something new?
[10/03/10 09:06] Innocence:Not everything that has a soul can scream and not everything that can feel can speak.
[10/03/10 09:06] *Awiiya*:The only person I would return it to is Abra.
[10/03/10 09:06] Amoran K Kol: *smiles at Innocence.* I do.
[10/03/10 09:06] Lady Dawn:...but you can still feel what it feels and thus hear it in a way... *says more or less to herself*
[10/03/10 09:07] :Mya Celestia rubs her arms somewhat uncomfortably
[10/03/10 09:07] *Awiiya*:I listen carefully, Innocence. I listen everday. Kets can attest to my ear.
[10/03/10 09:07] :Handy Pockets smiles
[10/03/10 09:07] Jester:Imagining the trees were screaming while I picked off leaves would certainly make it more amusing, I will be sure to do so.
[10/03/10 09:07] *Awiiya*:And I hear no screams when I pick a leaf. It is like giving a trinket, a thing to remember it by.
[10/03/10 09:07] :Lady Dawn glances at Mya
[10/03/10 09:07] Jester:Not Awiiya's trees, of course.
[10/03/10 09:08] *Awiiya*:If I am deaf, then so be it. But I suspect I am not.
[10/03/10 09:08] *Awiiya*:Thank you Jester.
[10/03/10 09:08] Innocence:I don't have a problem if you ask the plant for permission and it gives it. I have the problem when you go in and take just because you think it's your right to do so.
[10/03/10 09:08] Amoran K Kol:You are most certainly deaf.
[10/03/10 09:08] Amoran K Kol:But many are, you are not the only one.
[10/03/10 09:08] *Awiiya*: *nods* Very well Amoran.
[10/03/10 09:09] :Lady Dawn nods in agreement with Amoran
[10/03/10 09:09] Jester:Lorerootians...
[10/03/10 09:09] Amoran K Kol: *grins at Jester.* Indeed.
[10/03/10 09:09] *Awiiya*:But the fact remains. Amoran, could you, in your infinite wisdom of nature, find a suitable way to attain a violin string?
[10/03/10 09:09] *Awiiya*:And I ask this seriously, and humbly.
[10/03/10 09:10] *Awiiya*:If you think your way is right, then I will bow to it.
[10/03/10 09:10] Amoran K Kol:As Innocence stated.. nature gives, but only if you ask it to.
[10/03/10 09:10] *Awiiya*:Then will you, on my behalf, ask?
[10/03/10 09:10] *Awiiya*:If I am deaf, I must also be mute.
[10/03/10 09:10] :Amoran K Kol raises her brow
[10/03/10 09:10] :Lady Dawn looks at Jester for a brief moment before turning attention back to Awiiya
[10/03/10 09:11] Amoran K Kol:I can ask.
[10/03/10 09:11] *Awiiya*:Okay.
[10/03/10 09:11] Kyphis: (Time for me to go >.>)
[10/03/10 09:11] Amoran K Kol:But they are not my violin strings. This is your quest, Awiiya.
[10/03/10 09:11] Innocence:...Amoran... there's no reason to make this difficult.
[10/03/10 09:12] :Amoran K Kol combs her braid apart, nodding.
[10/03/10 09:12] Amoran K Kol:Very well.
[10/03/10 09:12] Amoran K Kol:I shall ask.
[10/03/10 09:12] *Awiiya*:Thank you, Amoran.
[10/03/10 09:12] *Awiiya*:Can I be there when you do ask? Or do you require privacy?
[10/03/10 09:13] Amoran K Kol:You may attend if you wish, most certainly.
[10/03/10 09:13] *Awiiya*: *nods* Thank you.
[10/03/10 09:13] *Awiiya*:How does tomorrow sound?
[10/03/10 09:13] Innocence: *smiles.* Well, if it as you say, all plants share a soul, no matter where you are, they'll all know.
[10/03/10 09:13] Amoran K Kol:But I believe we must identify specifically what plant will work for what you require.
[10/03/10 09:13] Jester:Ask the plants advice.
[10/03/10 09:14] *Awiiya*:Which I can't really be a help with.
[10/03/10 09:14] *Awiiya*: *looks around* Any ideas?
[10/03/10 09:14] Jester:What knows plants better than the plant?
[10/03/10 09:15] *Awiiya*: *shrugs* That is a question I don't know the answer to.
[10/03/10 09:15] Amoran K Kol:Ask the Growth that, it may spit bones at you.
[10/03/10 09:15] Handy Pockets:Mya mentioned Flax earlier, I think that is a plant to consider.
[10/03/10 09:15] Jester:Not if I tell it not to.
[10/03/10 09:15] Amoran K Kol: *chuckles* Indeed.
[10/03/10 09:15] *Awiiya*:Flax? Mya, do you think that would work?
[10/03/10 09:16] Mya Celestia:If Tzaroth could be found, you may be able to get some horse hair, too.
[10/03/10 09:16] Amoran K Kol:I recall one who works with plants in the realm, as mentioned previously..
[10/03/10 09:16] *Awiiya*: *looks down at the ground* Tzaroth said goodbye to me. Last week.
[10/03/10 09:16] *Awiiya*:But no matter.
[10/03/10 09:16] *Awiiya*:Virtuous Pride.
[10/03/10 09:16] *Awiiya*:It has been many many months since I've seen him.
[10/03/10 09:17] *Awiiya*:Does anybdy have an idea how to find him?
[10/03/10 09:17] Handy Pockets:I agree Amoran, but Mya is here
[10/03/10 09:17] Jester:He is active nearly every day.
[10/03/10 09:17] Mya Celestia:I spoke with Virtuous last night.
[10/03/10 09:17] Jester:I have not seen him though.
[10/03/10 09:17] Amoran K Kol:I speak to him upon occasion.
[10/03/10 09:17] *Awiiya*:And I agree with Kets. Mya is here right now.
[10/03/10 09:17] Amoran K Kol:Aah.. would you perhaps accompany me, then Mya?
[10/03/10 09:18] *Awiiya*:Hmm? Where are you going?
[10/03/10 09:18] Amoran K Kol:With hope to find Virtuous Pride, but I am patient.
[10/03/10 09:19] *Awiiya*:Ah, okay.
[10/03/10 09:19] Mya Celestia:I could message him to see if he is in the realm.
[10/03/10 09:19] Amoran K Kol:Ah, a much better idea.
[10/03/10 09:19] Mya Celestia:I'm afraid being in the cave this long is beginning to affect me.
[10/03/10 09:19] *Awiiya*:Hm, could someone send him a message?
[10/03/10 09:20] *Awiiya*:I agree, let's go out into the sunlight.
[10/03/10 09:20] *Awiiya*:It smells of death here.
[10/03/10 09:20] Mya Celestia:I'll message him from outside. Please excuse me.
[10/03/10 09:20] *Awiiya*:Mya, please do send a message.
[10/03/10 09:20] :*Awiiya* nods
[10/03/10 09:20] :Mya Celestia steps outside
[10/03/10 09:20] *Awiiya*:To the beach. I need sun.
[10/03/10 09:20] :*Awiiya* follows Mya
[10/03/10 09:20] Innocence:Yay!! Beach!! *claps.*
[10/03/10 09:21] :Amoran K Kol nods and follows Mya as well.
[10/03/10 09:21] :Handy Pockets graps her papers and runs outside
[10/03/10 09:21] :Lady Dawn follows out but stops for a second looking around before exiting
[10/03/10 09:24] :*Indyra Sirenias* gets up and fallows tem
[10/03/10 09:21] :Mya Celestia takes a deep breath of the ocean air
[10/03/10 09:21] Innocence:We're back, Superstar!
[10/03/10 09:21] :*Awiiya* breathes in after Mya's example
[10/03/10 09:22] :*Awiiya* pats the Knator on the back, as he follows him around
[10/03/10 09:22] :Amoran K Kol stretches out in the sand near Mya and looks up at her, smiling.
[10/03/10 09:22] :Mya Celestia forms a bird from the sunlight
[10/03/10 09:22] :Lady Dawn looks in the sky as face brightens
[10/03/10 09:22] :Innocence wades into the water.
[10/03/10 09:22] :Mya Celestia sends it off with a message
[10/03/10 09:23] Mya Celestia:Awiiya, I could heal your wound or offer a phoenix tear if you wish.
[10/03/10 09:23] *Awiiya*: *shakes head* No, but thank you.
[10/03/10 09:24] *Awiiya*:A bond needs to heal naturally, through powers of my own.
[10/03/10 09:24] Mya Celestia: *nods* Ok.
[10/03/10 09:24] :Amoran K Kol listens to the wind as it whisps off of the water, carried onward ashore.
[10/03/10 09:24] :Lady Dawn sits in the sand and draws some shapes randomly in it
[10/03/10 09:24] :*Indyra Sirenias* steps into the sun
[10/03/10 09:25] :Mya Celestia walks down to the water's edge
[10/03/10 09:25] :Innocence dashes into the waves and splashes loudly.
[10/03/10 09:25] Innocence: (You're all sticks in the mud!!)
[10/03/10 09:25] :Mya Celestia smiles as the light bird returns
[10/03/10 09:25] Amoran K Kol: (lol)
[10/03/10 09:26] Mya Celestia:Virtuous is in realm. He is at Wind's.
[10/03/10 09:26] :Lady Dawn giggles as she whipes the water droplets from her face
[10/03/10 09:26] :*Awiiya* looks at Mya
[10/03/10 09:26] :Innocence splashes loudly, laughing and enjoying the beach.
[10/03/10 09:26] :Amoran K Kol watches Innocence, smiling.
[10/03/10 09:27] *Awiiya*:Is he coming?
[10/03/10 09:27] :Mya Celestia sends the light bird off again
[10/03/10 09:27] *Awiiya*:And how fortuous.
[10/03/10 09:27] :Amoran K Kol stands.
[10/03/10 09:27] Amoran K Kol:I shall go to meet him, if you wish.
[10/03/10 09:27] Mya Celestia:He is studying, but I have sent the question.
[10/03/10 09:28] Lady Dawn:Luck is with you Awiiya *laughs lightly*
[10/03/10 09:28] :Mya Celestia unties her hair
[10/03/10 09:29] :Mya Celestia lets the sea breeze toss her hair playfully about
[10/03/10 09:29] :Innocence dives under the water.
[10/03/10 09:29] *Awiiya*: *smiles* It seems so.
[10/03/10 09:30] *Awiiya*:Hello Akasha.
[10/03/10 09:31] Handy Pockets:Hello Akasha
[10/03/10 09:31] Innocence: *burbles to the surface.* Hi, Akasha!
[10/03/10 09:31] Lady Dawn: *looks at Yoshi and puts a daisy in his pocket* This one truly fall asleep under the sun...
[10/03/10 09:32] Akasha:Wow, so crowded
[10/03/10 09:32] Akasha:let's make some space
[10/03/10 09:32] Lady Dawn:Greetings Akasha *curiously looks at her*
[10/03/10 09:32] Mya Celestia:Hi Akasha
[10/03/10 09:33] Innocence:I'd suggest some shade for Superstar... but, you know... it's not like the sun isn't always out as it is!
[10/03/10 09:33] :Innocence splashes and "swims."
[10/03/10 09:42] *Awiiya*: *takes a seat on the sand* I am tired.
[10/03/10 10:11] Handy Pockets:Awiiya, could you send me back home please.
[10/03/10 10:11] *Awiiya*:Yes, of course.
[10/03/10 10:11] *Awiiya*:I will send Kyphis too.
[10/03/10 10:12] *Awiiya*:Spell failed
[10/03/10 10:12] Handy Pockets:thank you.
[10/03/10 10:12] :*Awiiya* mutters
[10/03/10 10:12] Jester:I would prefer to stay, if that is alright.
[10/03/10 10:12] :[Spell] Center - Handy Pockets, Kyphis

Log of Tempest Fort (Abra Conversation)
10/03/10 21:27] :*Awiiya* walks up to Abra
[10/03/10 21:28] :| Abra tilts his head
[10/03/10 21:28] | Abra:You are...Spikyman?
[10/03/10 21:28] *Awiiya*:Hello Abra.
[10/03/10 21:28] *Awiiya*:Yes, I am. The one you spoke with in that dream.
[10/03/10 21:28] | Abra:I remember you, where's my knatty.
[10/03/10 21:29] | Abra:I mean..it is you, or not?
[10/03/10 21:29] *Awiiya*:Right here. *the Knator is behind Awiiya*
[10/03/10 21:29] *Awiiya*:It is me.
[10/03/10 21:29] :| Abra looks at it..pats it a bit, and then Abra seems to smile, although no face is existent
[10/03/10 21:29] :| Abra sits down with a clank
[10/03/10 21:29] | Abra:Oh, so it is you.
[10/03/10 21:30] | Abra:Welcome to my home.
[10/03/10 21:30] *Awiiya*: *smiles* Thank you.
[10/03/10 21:30] *Awiiya*:There are a lot of empty shells around you.
[10/03/10 21:30] *Awiiya*:Do they ever talk?
[10/03/10 21:30] | Abra:I'm sorry..i find it hard to remember anyone who is not..a shell as you call it.
[10/03/10 21:30] *Awiiya*:Am I a shell?
[10/03/10 21:31] | Abra:Those here are different though..
[10/03/10 21:31] | Abra:You remind me more of these tiny men here.
[10/03/10 21:31] | Abra:And no you are not..if you were one, i would remember you!
[10/03/10 21:31] *Awiiya*:True enough.
[10/03/10 21:32] *Awiiya*:There's another one who is not a shell. *points to Pamplemousse*
[10/03/10 21:32] | Abra:Everyone of us looks unique, you know. The dents, scratches...our looks can vary a lot.
[10/03/10 21:32] | Abra:Eh?
[10/03/10 21:32] | Abra: *glances at Pamplemousse* Hm..
[10/03/10 21:32] Pamplemousse:I was just passing by, forgive the intrusion.
[10/03/10 21:32] | Abra:Who is that, a walking piece of dark cloth?
[10/03/10 21:33] | Abra:Or is that actually the skin?
[10/03/10 21:33] *Awiiya*:It is skin.
[10/03/10 21:33] *Awiiya*:Here, would you like to feel?
[10/03/10 21:33] | Abra:Eh.
[10/03/10 21:33] :*Awiiya* holds out his uninjured arm
[10/03/10 21:33] | Abra:Wait..not you.
[10/03/10 21:34] | Abra:The it you just pointed at.
[10/03/10 21:34] :Pamplemousse looks nervous
[10/03/10 21:34] | Abra:I find it hard to differ between cloth or skin..
[10/03/10 21:34] Pamplemousse:Me?
[10/03/10 21:34] | Abra:Yes, you.
[10/03/10 21:34] | Abra:Hello by the way. Since spiky here seems not to mind you, I guess you aren't dangerous.
[10/03/10 21:35] Pamplemousse:I'm wearing a dark cloth, but...underneath is skin. And hello to you, as well.
[10/03/10 21:35] *Awiiya*:No, this is Pamplemousse. She is a nice woman.
[10/03/10 21:35] | Abra:Woman...
[10/03/10 21:35] | Abra:I often heard about he or she..so pamplemousse is a she?
[10/03/10 21:36] *Awiiya*:Yes, and I am a he.
[10/03/10 21:36] | Abra:Hm..and what makes that me?
[10/03/10 21:36] *Awiiya*:You can tell the difference usually by stature. Mine is stronger and blockier, hers is more curvey.
[10/03/10 21:36] *Awiiya*:I don't know if you are a he or a she.
[10/03/10 21:36] Pamplemousse:Aramors are genderless?
[10/03/10 21:36] | Abra:Hm..weird.
[10/03/10 21:37] | Abra:Well..I don't know for sure why you think we should have one..
[10/03/10 21:37] Pamplemousse:Do you have some other defining characteristics? Y
[10/03/10 21:37] | Abra:I mean...we are aramor shells, or not?
[10/03/10 21:37] | Abra:Well, scratches, dents..
[10/03/10 21:37] | Abra:Our armor has a lot of ways to identify us!
[10/03/10 21:38] | Abra:Unlike you..you all look the same to me..
[10/03/10 21:38] Pamplemousse:Identify yes, but classify? Do you have ways of doing that?
[10/03/10 21:38] | Abra:Classify? What is that?
[10/03/10 21:38] *Awiiya*:Do you have two groups?
[10/03/10 21:38] | Abra:..why should we have groups?
[10/03/10 21:39] | Abra:I don't get it.
[10/03/10 21:39] :| Abra tilts his head, and scratches his helm
[10/03/10 21:40] *Awiiya*:If you don't, that is fine. Then you are all one gender.
[10/03/10 21:40] *Awiiya*:I am just curious if you do.
[10/03/10 21:40] Pamplemousse:Well, no one says you should, but humans do, for ease of understanding, I suppose.
[10/03/10 21:40] | Abra:Well, I heard of that concept somehow..but I don't think us aramors have anything like that..
[10/03/10 21:40] | Abra:And why do you need that so called classification so much?
[10/03/10 21:41] *Awiiya*: *nods* Then maybe we need a new pronoun.
[10/03/10 21:41] | Abra:I mean..you are you.
[10/03/10 21:41] Pamplemousse:Reproduction.
[10/03/10 21:41] | Abra:Er..
[10/03/10 21:41] *Awiiya*:It is beacuse humans, me and Pample, need boxes to make sense of the world.
[10/03/10 21:41] | Abra:You mean you can double yourself?
[10/03/10 21:41] | Abra: *scratches his helm once more* But if you make a box, don't you only take a little part of all into it?
[10/03/10 21:41] Pamplemousse:Well, some humans reproduce offspring, like plants do.
[10/03/10 21:42] *Awiiya*:In a way.
[10/03/10 21:42] *Awiiya*: *laughs* Pample, this is more difficult than I thought. I am not very goodat at it.
[10/03/10 21:42] *Awiiya*:Two children produce a new human. Does that make sense?
[10/03/10 21:42] | Abra: *shrugs* Weird.
[10/03/10 21:43] | Abra:So you die after creating a child?
[10/03/10 21:43] Pamplemousse: *smiles* Nor am I, it seems. It doesn't make much sense for us to classify things in other ways. But I suppose we have cultural constructs that mean little to others besides us.
[10/03/10 21:44] Pamplemousse:Not directly afterwards, no. Our vitality isn't drained.
[10/03/10 21:44] *Awiiya*:No, we live on a time longer. Two people can create multiple children.
[10/03/10 21:44] | Abra:Hm..
[10/03/10 21:44] | Abra:So essentially you just become more over time?
[10/03/10 21:45] Pamplemousse:More, but they are different from us.
[10/03/10 21:46] *Awiiya*:Yes, they are the combination of the two people with a bit of random thrown in. So every one is different.
[10/03/10 21:47] | Abra:I don't remember anything like that for us..
[10/03/10 21:47] | Abra:so I guess no genders!
[10/03/10 21:47] Pamplemousse:How did you come into being, then?
[10/03/10 21:47] | Abra:I just woke up, and I saw everyone else with me!
[10/03/10 21:48] *Awiiya*:Interesting.
[10/03/10 21:48] *Awiiya*:Do they ever talk to you?
[10/03/10 21:48] Pamplemousse:You seem to be the only sentient one.
[10/03/10 21:48] | Abra:I don't know for sure, but I tend to believe they seem to be friendly towards me....
[10/03/10 21:49] | Abra:Oh yes, this..speech as you call it..they don't useit.
[10/03/10 21:49] *Awiiya*:Do they use other forms of communicaiton? Movements?
[10/03/10 21:49] | Abra:I am not sure myself either. How to say it in your "words".
[10/03/10 21:50] | Abra:It was like a dream.
[10/03/10 21:50] Pamplemousse:More like one mind?
[10/03/10 21:50] | Abra:Or no, that is not it.
[10/03/10 21:50] | Abra:One mind? No. Each of us is different.
[10/03/10 21:50] | Abra:Well, you realise there is a mouse nagging on you, but it feels so distant.
[10/03/10 21:50] | Abra:You don't feel it in the end.
[10/03/10 21:51] Pamplemousse:...a mouse?
[10/03/10 21:51] | Abra:At least it is that way before I woke up.
[10/03/10 21:51] *Awiiya*:Hmm, I see. So... *points to bscarp* Do you have any idea what it is feeling right now?
[10/03/10 21:52] | Abra:Don't ask me. That one is harder than me to read that you. I have it easier to understand you than them.
[10/03/10 21:52] | Abra:See, that thing has no armor.
[10/03/10 21:53] | Abra:So I don't know what it tells me.
[10/03/10 21:53] *Awiiya*:He doesn't, you're right.
[10/03/10 21:53] *Awiiya*:They are all tiny men here.
[10/03/10 21:54] | Abra:As to feel...
[10/03/10 21:54] *Awiiya*:What have you been thinking about this past week back home?
[10/03/10 21:55] | Abra:At times the armor tells me what they think.
[10/03/10 21:55] | Abra:Most don't like being hit down by passerbys and just hide afterwards.
[10/03/10 21:55] | Abra:I though about what you told me, about the sun!
[10/03/10 21:55] | Abra:I don't get why you would need a concept like time.
[10/03/10 21:56] | Abra:I think I am influenced by it now. But my friends surely aren't.
[10/03/10 21:56] *Awiiya*:It helps us tell each other where to be.
[10/03/10 21:56] | Abra:It seems funny.
[10/03/10 21:56] *Awiiya*:It helps with remembering what has already happened.
[10/03/10 21:56] *Awiiya*:It is, you're right.
[10/03/10 21:56] *Awiiya*:If you had no idea about time, though, how could we be sure to meet up in the future?
[10/03/10 21:57] | Abra:I don't know.
[10/03/10 21:58] | Abra:Even though you said in a week, I am pretty sure it was only two times I saw that floating thing.
[10/03/10 21:58] Pamplemousse:What floating thing?
[10/03/10 21:58] *Awiiya*:That is possible. I don't pay much attention to the sun.
[10/03/10 21:58] | Abra:That sun thingie.
[10/03/10 21:58] *Awiiya*:I have this. *shows him a little watch* It keeps time for me.
[10/03/10 21:59] | Abra:It keeps it? So you collect time with it!!!
[10/03/10 21:59] | Abra:But how does that thing work?
[10/03/10 22:00] *Awiiya*:There are little wheels inside, and they constantly turn.
[10/03/10 22:00] *Awiiya*:See the three hands?
[10/03/10 22:00] *Awiiya*:This hand *points to the longest one* Moves every second. One - two - three - four....
[10/03/10 22:00] *Awiiya*:And once it gets to 60 seconds it starts over at 1.
[10/03/10 22:01] | Abra:And how do you release the collected time?
[10/03/10 22:01] | Abra:I mean, you imprison time with it?
[10/03/10 22:01] *Awiiya*:It releases itself.
[10/03/10 22:01] *Awiiya*:No, we measure time. There is a difference.
[10/03/10 22:01] Pamplemousse: *smiles* It just keeps track of it. One cannot imprison time.
[10/03/10 22:01] *Awiiya*:It's like counting the steps it takes to get from here to the beach.
[10/03/10 22:02] | Abra:That is weird though.
[10/03/10 22:02] | Abra:You see, I don't think I always need the same amount of steps
[10/03/10 22:02] | Abra:Like, that place you called me to, Awiiya.
[10/03/10 22:03] | Abra:I was there once, and the next thing I know was I was here again. Not exactly here, but a few steps away.
[10/03/10 22:03] *Awiiya*:That is true, and it doesn't always take the same amount of time either.
[10/03/10 22:03] *Awiiya*:It also took very little time to go there and come back.
[10/03/10 22:03] | Abra:But no matter how many steps I use, I cannot go there again.
[10/03/10 22:03] *Awiiya*:But that is why I am here, right? Because I will take you back again. If you want.
[10/03/10 22:04] | Abra:I *starts shivering a bit, resulting in metal clinging, calming down soon* don't want to yet.
[10/03/10 22:04] | Abra:There were so many things like you there!
[10/03/10 22:04] *Awiiya*: *nods* Yes, there is no rush.
[10/03/10 22:05] | Abra:That's why I gave you my knator, so I know it is you.
[10/03/10 22:05] *Awiiya*:And he will stay with me forever.
[10/03/10 22:05] *Awiiya*:I made a promise to him, in the cave by the beach.
[10/03/10 22:05] Pamplemousse:Like us, you say. You came from a place where there were lots of humans?
[10/03/10 22:05] *Awiiya*:I told him that I will never let him be hurt.
[10/03/10 22:05] *Awiiya*:Pample, when I GoE telepoted him last week.
[10/03/10 22:06] Pamplemousse: *nods* I see. Forgive me.
[10/03/10 22:06] | Abra:I don't know how many, but I only saw things moving, and they looked like you!
[10/03/10 22:07] *Awiiya*:Yes. There were many of us.
[10/03/10 22:07] *Awiiya*:They were all very curious about you.
[10/03/10 22:08] | Abra:Don't tell me they want more knators. *seems to emit sadness*
[10/03/10 22:08] | Abra:I only have 2 more, you know.
[10/03/10 22:09] *Awiiya*:No, they do not want Knators.
[10/03/10 22:09] | Abra:No? Whew.
[10/03/10 22:09] *Awiiya*:I am the only one. The rest only want to hear your words.
[10/03/10 22:09] | Abra:I wonder though, I seem to have aramors, and one even is golden!
[10/03/10 22:09] | Abra:Perhaps my armor will also turn like that one day. That would be great!
[10/03/10 22:10] Pamplemousse: *smiles* You and the sun would be good friends, then.
[10/03/10 22:10] | Abra:I don't know, I haven't talked to that sun yet. Did you?
[10/03/10 22:10] *Awiiya*:I don't know Abra, but it is possible.
[10/03/10 22:10] *Awiiya*:The Sun does not talk to us with words, very like all of these tiny men.
[10/03/10 22:11] *Awiiya*:Except the Sun is far away.
[10/03/10 22:11] | Abra:And, what is so special about my words?
[10/03/10 22:12] | Abra:I am me!
[10/03/10 22:12] *Awiiya*:Because we are used to seeing aramors and tiny people that do not use them.
[10/03/10 22:12] Pamplemousse:You are unique.
[10/03/10 22:12] *Awiiya*:We are bad with telling the feelings from the movements of armor.
[10/03/10 22:12] Pamplemousse:And we are curious about you.
[10/03/10 22:12] | Abra:And that is why I should not be able to use them?
[10/03/10 22:12] | Abra:I remember words, and speak some, because I remember beings like you using them.
[10/03/10 22:13] *Awiiya*:It is not that you shouldn't use them, it is that we don't expect you to.
[10/03/10 22:13] | Abra:Eh. But doesn't that mean the same?
[10/03/10 22:13] | Abra:You think I shouldn't use words? Perhaps I should just stay silent from now on.
[10/03/10 22:14] *Awiiya*:No, I think you should use them.
[10/03/10 22:14] *Awiiya*:You should use the words, because you can. And if you didn't, you would miss out on all the world that uses them.
[10/03/10 22:15] | Abra:I am happy here though!
[10/03/10 22:15] | Abra:I admit at times I wonder what is outside of here, but it is pretty fun here.
[10/03/10 22:15] Pamplemousse: *smiles* So you can feel emotions, too?
[10/03/10 22:16] | Abra:I think so. Not sure why.
[10/03/10 22:16] *Awiiya*:You can always return here, Abra. I am sure the aramors are not going anywhere. They will be here for you each time you return.
[10/03/10 22:16] | Abra:The others *points into the distance* don't seem to have that.
[10/03/10 22:16] *Awiiya*: *shakes head* No, they don't.
[10/03/10 22:17] *Awiiya*:My promise to you is that I come back every week.
[10/03/10 22:17] *Awiiya*:But that is hard for you to know when that is.
[10/03/10 22:17] *Awiiya*:So, I will give you my watch.
[10/03/10 22:18] *Awiiya*:And here *points to the smallest hand* When this points up 14 times it has been a week.
[10/03/10 22:18] *Awiiya*:Will you take it?
[10/03/10 22:19] | Abra:What is it made of, metal?
[10/03/10 22:19] *Awiiya*:Yes, metal.
[10/03/10 22:19] | Abra:It looks like me a bit, but different.
[10/03/10 22:19] *Awiiya*:You are right. It has also never spoken to me.
[10/03/10 22:20] | Abra:I don't like the idea of having one on me, even though it seems nice that you think of me.
[10/03/10 22:20] | Abra:Perhaps you could pin it onto the wand here or so!
[10/03/10 22:20] | Abra:Then I can come by and look.
[10/03/10 22:20] *Awiiya*:Yes, I will do that.
[10/03/10 22:21] :*Awiiya* walks over to the fort, and pushes one of the straps into a crack in the wall
[10/03/10 22:21] *Awiiya*:There.
[10/03/10 22:21] | Abra:Hm.
[10/03/10 22:21] | Abra:I remember one guy coming through saying that all the time.
[10/03/10 22:21] | Abra:What does this "hm" exactly mean?
[10/03/10 22:22] *Awiiya*:Saying what?
[10/03/10 22:22] Pamplemousse:I suppose it is a sign that someone is thinking about something deeply.
[10/03/10 22:22] *Awiiya*:Oh, hm. It is a grunt. Usually it means they are thinking, or a thought has just occured.
[10/03/10 22:22] Pamplemousse:Or that they wish to say something without really saying anything.
[10/03/10 22:22] | Abra:So something like, oh!
[10/03/10 22:23] *Awiiya*:Oh! Is more of a realization, hm is more of a silent thought.
[10/03/10 22:23] | Abra:Language is interesting.
[10/03/10 22:23] *Awiiya*:But similar.
[10/03/10 22:23] *Awiiya*: *nods* It is interesting.
[10/03/10 22:23] :| Abra silently seems to sink in a bit, and suddenly looks different
[10/03/10 22:24] | Abra:Can you do this as well?
[10/03/10 22:24] Pamplemousse: *looks at Abra curiously* What did you just do?!
[10/03/10 22:24] *Awiiya*:No... no I can't.
[10/03/10 22:24] *Awiiya*:I cannot change.
[10/03/10 22:24] | Abra:It looks like you humans.
[10/03/10 22:25] | Abra:At least that was what my friends' suggested.
[10/03/10 22:25] Pamplemousse: *smiles* Males, yes.
[10/03/10 22:25] *Awiiya*:Yes, it does look like us.
[10/03/10 22:25] *Awiiya*:It is a nice trick.
[10/03/10 22:25] | Abra:Not sure. It happened first when I thought of the things I saw at the GoE.
[10/03/10 22:26] | Abra:At time I cannot get rid of it easily though ! *seems a bit sad*
[10/03/10 22:26] *Awiiya*:Hm. Can you imitate other shapes?
[10/03/10 22:26] :| Abra does all this without the mouth moving, or the expression changing
[10/03/10 22:27] | Abra:I am not sure. As I said, you look the same to me.
[10/03/10 22:27] | Abra:Perhaps there is another.
[10/03/10 22:27] *Awiiya*:Perhaps in time you will start to see the subtle differences in us, just as you see them in the aramors.
[10/03/10 22:28] *Awiiya*:Abra, Pample, I just got a bout of sleepiness.
[10/03/10 22:29] *Awiiya*:I need to rest for a few minutes. I have been awake a long time waiting for you, Abra.
[10/03/10 22:29] Pamplemousse:Does he do that often?
[10/03/10 22:29] *Awiiya*:No, it is the first time I've seen it.
[10/03/10 22:29] Pamplemousse:Farewell, Awi.
[10/03/10 22:29] *Awiiya*:Not farewell. I am back in a few minutes.
[10/03/10 22:30] Pamplemousse:Until then.
[10/03/10 22:31] :| Abra comes back down from the road
[10/03/10 22:31] :| Abra shudders, as if shaking something off, then sitting down again
[10/03/10 22:31] | Abra:Finally got rid of that weird shape, but I was somewhere else afterwards.
[10/03/10 22:32] Pamplemousse:And you can now change again? You have many abilities that we do not have.
[10/03/10 22:33] | Abra:I don't know if I can change again.
[10/03/10 22:33] :| Abra seems to try hard but fails
[10/03/10 22:33] | Abra:I remember doing it though.
[10/03/10 22:34] :| Abra picks up a small stone and tosses it away, seemingly lost in thought
[10/03/10 22:34] Pamplemousse:What were you thinking about when it happened?
[10/03/10 22:34] | Abra:Ha!
[10/03/10 22:34] | Abra:That was it!
[10/03/10 22:34] | Abra:Feeling like myself, but yet feeling different.
[10/03/10 22:35] | Abra:Am I looking different now?
[10/03/10 22:35] Pamplemousse:Yes, you are dripping now.
[10/03/10 22:35] | Abra:Dripping?
[10/03/10 22:35] :| Abra raises an arm, seemingly staring at it
[10/03/10 22:35] | Abra:I only see my polished armor.
[10/03/10 22:36] | Abra:My friends said they saw me, but yet there was a layer over it.
[10/03/10 22:36] | Abra:As if someone had drawn on me or so.
[10/03/10 22:36] Pamplemousse:Hmm, you appear as an illusion to me, then. But you remain the same to yourself.
[10/03/10 22:36] | Abra:Oooh!
[10/03/10 22:36] | Abra:So you know what I did? What is an illusion, please tell!
[10/03/10 22:37] Pamplemousse:I'm not sure...but I believe that if you can concentrate, your appearance can change at will.
[10/03/10 22:38] Pamplemousse:Perhaps you focused on feeling a bit darker this time.
[10/03/10 22:38] | Abra:So I can look like you if I want to?
[10/03/10 22:38] Pamplemousse:Well, you'd have to determine how I look in comparison to others first.
[10/03/10 22:41] | Abra:I don't think I can do that yet.
[10/03/10 22:42] Pamplemousse: *smiles* Maybe when you see more of us individually, not as a swarm, you will get the hang of it.
[10/03/10 22:42] | Abra:The one I think I might be able to recognize is Awiiya. But that is mainly due to the Knator.
[10/03/10 22:42] | Abra:Oh, so you are a swarm?
[10/03/10 22:43] Pamplemousse:We were swarm-like when you met us all at the Gazebo.
[10/03/10 22:47] Pamplemousse: *smiles* Well, Abra, it was lovely to meet you. I must go. Will you be alright until Awiiya comes back?
[10/03/10 22:47] | Abra:I think so I am fine alone here as well, after all.
[10/03/10 22:48] | Abra:I will remember your name, and who knows, I might be able to distinguish one day.
[10/03/10 22:48] Pamplemousse: *smiles* Until that day, then. I will remember you. Take care.
[10/03/10 22:53] *Awiiya*:Hello again Abra.
[10/03/10 22:54] | Abra:Hello again.
[10/03/10 22:54] | Abra:Pamplemousse left.
[10/03/10 22:54] *Awiiya*: *looks around* Yes, I noticed.
[10/03/10 22:54] | Abra:Said something about me dripping even!
[10/03/10 22:54] | Abra:I still look the same to me though.
[10/03/10 22:55] *Awiiya*:Oh, you look a little different.
[10/03/10 22:55] *Awiiya*:A different human.
[10/03/10 23:01] *Awiiya*:Abra?
[10/03/10 23:01] :| Abra shrugs it off
[10/03/10 23:02] *Awiiya*:That's better.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:Last time I was suddenly elsewhere.
[10/03/10 23:02] *Awiiya*:I like it when you are yourself.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:This time, I didn't.
[10/03/10 23:02] *Awiiya*:Yes.
[10/03/10 23:02] *Awiiya*:That is because I came to visit you, rather than having you visit me.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:I am still myself, so I don't know why you think I changed.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:I never was different.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:Oh no, not that.
[10/03/10 23:02] | Abra:When I removed what you saw first, I was suddenly at the Cannon.
[10/03/10 23:03] *Awiiya*:Because you look different.
[10/03/10 23:03] *Awiiya*:Ah, I see.
[10/03/10 23:03] *Awiiya*:This time yous tayed here?
[10/03/10 23:03] | Abra:But I am myself. And I don't look different to myself.
[10/03/10 23:03] | Abra:And yes, I stayed here this time.
[10/03/10 23:04] *Awiiya*:Abra, do you have anything else to speak to me about before I return to all the other people like me?
[10/03/10 23:06] | Abra:Don't lose my knator!
[10/03/10 23:06] | Abra:That is probably all.
[10/03/10 23:06] *Awiiya*: *laughs* Never. He will be with me always.
[10/03/10 23:06] *Awiiya*:Okay. Goodbye for now, Abra. I will return in a week.
[10/03/10 23:07] | Abra:Goodbye then.

Day 75

As promised to Abra, I returned again today. I did not find him on GG, and instead ran into him at the Old Man's Road. He had escaped with a torch, but could not walk farther.

He seemed very bothered by the Aramory and the Aramors he saw there. He could not tell what they were feeling, and you could tell he was stressed because of it.

I offered again to take him to the GoE to explore more, but he refused. He returned to the island at the end of our conversation.

Log of Day 75 Old Man's Road

[16/03/10 22:09] | Abra:And again, this road is my end.
[16/03/10 22:09] | Abra:Am I an old man or why?
[16/03/10 22:09] | Abra:My own road!
[16/03/10 22:09] | Abra:That might be funny
[16/03/10 22:50] yrthilian:oh abra how did you get off the island?
[16/03/10 23:03] | Abra:Eh? I don't know.........
[16/03/10 23:03] | Abra:Perhaps it is this torch thing!
[17/03/10 00:41] :*Awiiya* blinks
[17/03/10 00:41] *Awiiya*:Oh, hello Abra.
[17/03/10 00:41] *Awiiya*:I was going to visit you today, but.. here you are.
[17/03/10 00:43] | Abra:I cannot move further..
[17/03/10 00:43] | Abra:And going back and forth really exhausts me now.
[17/03/10 00:43] *Awiiya*: *looks at the torch in his hand* It is the torch. It sucks all the energy away.
[17/03/10 00:44] | Abra:Eh, this thing?
[17/03/10 00:44] *Awiiya*:You msut be careful as well, somebody could come and take your torch by force, and then you would be temporarily unconscious.
[17/03/10 00:44] *Awiiya*: *nods* Yes, the torch thing.
[17/03/10 00:44] :| Abra tries to toss it away but fails
[17/03/10 00:44] | Abra:This light allowed me to leave that island I think though.
[17/03/10 00:44] *Awiiya*:It feeds on the energy of other torches as well.
[17/03/10 00:45] *Awiiya*:Yes, the light illuminated the path.
[17/03/10 00:45] *Awiiya*:The light from the torch that is.
[17/03/10 00:47] :| Abra sighes
[17/03/10 00:48] :| Abra sits down with a clank
[17/03/10 00:48] | Abra:Well, it's..not handy.
[17/03/10 00:50] *Awiiya*:It will go away if you attack and take the torch from someone else, and then go to a Capitol.
[17/03/10 00:50] *Awiiya*:Abra, do you have a map?
[17/03/10 00:50] | Abra:I have one..don't ask me from where.
[17/03/10 00:50] | Abra:Perhaps someone forgot it on me.
[17/03/10 00:51] *Awiiya*: *nods* Yes, or slipped it in your armor when you were asleep.
[17/03/10 00:51] *Awiiya*:I will show you where we are and where the Capitols are if you open it.
[17/03/10 00:51] | Abra:But how would I get there?
[17/03/10 00:52] | Abra:I cannot move further, the road is visible, but no arrow.
[17/03/10 00:52] *Awiiya*:Ah, that is a problem.
[17/03/10 00:52] *Awiiya*:I can move you again to the place where you will be able to move again.
[17/03/10 00:53] *Awiiya*:So here is my weekly asking, "Do you want to be moved to where you can explore more?"
[17/03/10 00:53] | Abra:Today? I had my share of exploring today.
[17/03/10 00:54] | Abra:I mean, I even passed by a place...where I saw aramors.
[17/03/10 00:54] *Awiiya*:Okay, I will talk to you again next week.
[17/03/10 00:54] | Abra:Are that my relatives? They seem different though.....
[17/03/10 00:54] *Awiiya*:You saw them? I've never seen one there, but I do so see strange other things.
[17/03/10 00:54] *Awiiya*:They are similar to you, but not as... real? Not as touchable. Does that make sense?
[17/03/10 00:55] | Abra:Well, I saw someone go in without, and come out with one
[17/03/10 00:55] | Abra:When I looked closer I thought I saw a few ones waiting in the shade
[17/03/10 00:56] | Abra:They didn't talk with me though! :((
[17/03/10 00:56] *Awiiya*:None of the aramors seem to talk to you.
[17/03/10 00:56] | Abra:I was really confused, even more after noticing they all look the same...
[17/03/10 00:57] *Awiiya*:They've never talked to me either.
[17/03/10 00:57] | Abra:But..but...I felt NOTHING of them!
[17/03/10 00:57] *Awiiya*:Yes, they seem to be replicas.
[17/03/10 00:57] | Abra:As if they weren't even there!!!!
[17/03/10 00:57] :| Abra starts shivering a bit, metal clinging
[17/03/10 00:57] *Awiiya*:Maybe they weren't? I mean, they are like illusions. You can look like a man, maybe thin air can look like an aramor.
[17/03/10 00:58] | Abra:But where did that other guy take off with the replica then?
[17/03/10 00:58] | Abra:And how can that air become real enough to materialize....
[17/03/10 00:59] *Awiiya*:You are pretty unreal too. I'm not sure I can explain it better than that.
[17/03/10 00:59] | Abra:I..am unreal?
[17/03/10 01:00] | Abra: *bashes his hands together* CLANGGG
[17/03/10 01:00] | Abra:If I am unreal, then what are you?
[17/03/10 01:00] *Awiiya*:The air can make noises too. *picks up a small stick and waves it in the air making a wooshing sound*
[17/03/10 01:00] *Awiiya*:I am unreal too.
[17/03/10 01:00] | Abra:I mean, if I am not existing here...
[17/03/10 01:01] | Abra:then how could I feel anything?
[17/03/10 01:01] *Awiiya*:I think you do exist. But I also think the air exists.
[17/03/10 01:01] | Abra:I mean, to feel something, i have to exist in the first place or not?
[17/03/10 01:01] *Awiiya*:I don't know Abra, that is a hard question which I don't know the answer to.
[17/03/10 01:01] | Abra:But, what reason would the air have to be like an aramor, instead of staying air?
[17/03/10 01:02] | Abra:You're confusing me... :(
[17/03/10 01:02] *Awiiya*:I'm confusing myself, it isn't good.
[17/03/10 01:02] *Awiiya*:Abra, I think that the aramors that come out of the Aramory, the building you saw, are not like you. They are a part of the men that they follow.
[17/03/10 01:03] | Abra:So I am a shell that was abandoned? :((
[17/03/10 01:04] *Awiiya*:No, I think you were created to be independent.
[17/03/10 01:05] *Awiiya*:You were never abandoned because you were never owned.
[17/03/10 01:05] | Abra:But why would the creator make some to be owned, and some not :((
[17/03/10 01:05] | Abra:I mean, why didn't he set us all free..
[17/03/10 01:05] *Awiiya*:It is another question to which I don't have an answer. What do you think?
[17/03/10 01:05] :| Abra seems about to cry, as weird as that sounds for an empty shell
[17/03/10 01:06] :Mya Celestia lands some distance away so as not to disturb them
[17/03/10 01:08] | Abra:I...I...I think I don't..don't know
[17/03/10 01:08] | Abra:It just makes no sense
[17/03/10 01:08] | Abra:That they are slaved, while I am one who isn't
[17/03/10 01:09] *Awiiya*: *reaches out to pat Abra* If you think too hard, nothing will work itself out. Give the thoughts some time to think.
[17/03/10 01:09] *Awiiya*:They are slaved in the same way your feet are slave to the rest of your body.
[17/03/10 01:10] | Abra:Buy why would they do that when I don't, nor my friends on the island.....
[17/03/10 01:10] | Abra:And I cannot even FEEL what they might think..:((
[17/03/10 01:11] *Awiiya*:They aren't aramors in the same way you are an aramor. They are images that represent something else.
[17/03/10 01:12] *Awiiya*:Don't look at them like brothers, because they are not.
[17/03/10 01:13] :Mya Celestia listens with a troubled expression
[17/03/10 01:14] :*Awiiya* for the first time realizes Mya's presence
[17/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*:Mya, do you have an aramor?
[17/03/10 01:14] Mya Celestia: *shakes her head* I'm sorry I don't.
[17/03/10 01:14] *Awiiya*:Okay. That's fine.
[17/03/10 01:14] :| Abra doesnt seem to care another stranger is there
[17/03/10 01:15] :| Abra kicks a small pebble on the ground a bit further
[17/03/10 01:15] | Abra:Just why is this world so confusing....
[17/03/10 01:15] *Awiiya*:The Aramors you saw, Abra, are part of its owner. They were created the moment the owner thought that he had an aramor.
[17/03/10 01:15] *Awiiya*: *nods in agreement* I know. It is confusing.
[17/03/10 01:16] Mya Celestia: *smiles gently* We wonder that our whole lives.
[17/03/10 01:18] :Grido sits quietly by the wall
[17/03/10 01:19] :| Abra takes a small stone and kicks it again..unintentionally it hits grido's leg
[17/03/10 01:19] | Abra:This...this..just makes no sense!
[17/03/10 01:20] *Awiiya*:Hello Grido.
[17/03/10 01:20] | Abra:And why is this road restricting me!
[17/03/10 01:20] Grido:ow... *rubs his leg*
[17/03/10 01:20] Grido:Greetings Awii *smiles*
[17/03/10 01:20] | Abra:Look, I always try to walk down the road..I see it, know there is an exit
[17/03/10 01:20] | Abra:But I always am unable to move on!!!
[17/03/10 01:21] | Abra:I'm not an old man, I am an old aramor perhaps :((
[17/03/10 01:21] | Abra:This shouldn't be my road!
[17/03/10 01:24] Czez:There are worse places to be stuck...
[17/03/10 01:24] | Abra:But why would I be limited in walking, when you all seem to be not!
[17/03/10 01:25] | Abra:I mean, you aren't coming from the direction I came from, but instead..
[17/03/10 01:25] :| Abra blinks..suddenly silently counts
[17/03/10 01:25] *Awiiya*:Abra, I don't know. We are not the same, that might be why you are stuck here and we are not.
[17/03/10 01:26] *Awiiya*:I move freely along this road because I know where my feet are going. Perhaps you do not?
[17/03/10 01:27] | Abra:..then how did I get out anyways?
[17/03/10 01:27] | Abra:I mean, I ddin't know all these places...
[17/03/10 01:28] :| Abra decides to ignore tha onlookers for now
[17/03/10 01:29] Mya Celestia:Curiosity maybe?
[17/03/10 01:29] :| Abra kicks another pebble past the road
[17/03/10 01:29] | Abra:I am still curious what is behind those *as he says it, he kicks a pebble into the next scene* roads.
[17/03/10 01:31] | Abra:See, the stone passes, I dont!
[17/03/10 01:31] *Awiiya*:The stone doesn't have feelings or thoughts either.
[17/03/10 01:31] *Awiiya*:Abra, maybe it is time to go back to the island. Slowly, because you are carrying a heavy torch.
[17/03/10 01:33] :| Abra kicks another stone away and seems to vanish
[17/03/10 01:33] | Abra:I.. don't.. care!
[17/03/10 01:34] :*Awiiya* looks around
[17/03/10 01:34] *Awiiya*: *sighs* Well, until next week.
[17/03/10 01:35] :Mya Celestia looks toward Golemus thoughtfully
[17/03/10 01:35] *Awiiya*:I think he went back by himself.
[17/03/10 01:36] :Grido nods


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Indeed, I have to completly agree with Amoran on this, alas, I would like to use this oportunity to say thanks to Awiiya for making Dawns [i](and consecutively thus also mine)[/i] morning interesting (same thanks goes for all that gathered). :P

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Today, whilst resting at Tempest Fort Abra came hopping by...and i mean hopping literally, he seemed to be a frog...

Myself, Mya, and Jester (and Burns later) happened to be awake enough to follow him, but he seemed content as he was, even hopping away from Mya when she was trying to kiss him int he hope to turn him into a prince.

He seemed truly like a frog, riibiting and all, hopping away as we tried to follow him, stopping for a while at Fenth Beach as well as at Siege Crest, he stopped at Tempest Fort where it appears he rests.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Day 95 Year 5

Today I visited Abra (I visited last week but he was deep in his thoughts)

Abra seems to be plagued by the question of origin. Where is he from? Where does he belong? Is he an abnormality? All these questions of purpose and self very much plague him.

The biggest conflict is that he feels alone. No other Aramor or human is like him, if nothing else because he feels and expresses things differently. There was not much I could do, but I offered him that should he never need someone to talk to, even if different, I visited every week.

A possible question to pose to the community is: can anything be done or Abra, or should he work through his problems?

Towards the middle of the log Abra tells his origin story, of his feelings of sentience. It's an interesting if anybody feels so inclined.


Awiiya: Hello Abra.
| Abra: Huh?
| Abra: Oh hello.
| Abra: It's tuesday again?
Awiiya: *nods* Yes, it is Tuesday.
Awiiya: How are you?
| Abra: I'm pondering, still.
| Abra: I can't seem to find an answer.
| Abra: Remember when we last met?
Awiiya: What is it that seems to be the source of the conflict?
| Abra: I'm still thinking about the same thing.
Awiiya: *nods* Yes, you were very quiet.
Awiiya: Staring off into space.
Awiiya: What was it that you were thinking of? You never told me.
| Abra: Well, I'm not as absent-minded anymore, but it's still teh same thing.
| Abra: See, what or who is my creator?
Awiiya: That is a tough question.
| Abra: And, even more, who created that what I was?
| Abra: None of my friends know.
: Awiiya remains silent
| Abra: There's nothing like" Made by " on us.
Awiiya: Abra all I can say about that is this: you cannot control where you have come from.
Awiiya: It might even be impossible to know for what purpose you were created and who even created you.
| Abra: Yes..but can I not question what I came from?
| Abra: Me existing would mean I am either an abnormality, or just the next step for all of us here..
Awiiya: But I do know that what matters more than looking back is looking forward. What will you be? You certainly have the opportunity to be something, no matter what purpose you were created for.
Awiiya: Or perhaps you are just you, and your purpose is what you make it.
| Abra: I am content to wander this place for now.
Awiiya: But I do not think you are an abnormality. You seem normal enough to me
| Abra: And yes, that may be true, but I have time...an odd thing, to have time.
| Abra: And so I try to use that time.
Awiiya: *nods* Time might be a gift, it might be a curse.
Awiiya: How do you use that time?
| Abra: None of these humans walking around here have piqued my interest so far, my friends are happy in being itself, so I am all alone.
| Abra: So my time is usually spent in thinking...
| Abra: It's odd, thinking, it feels as if I have to learn it from scratch.
Awiiya: Well, athough I probably bore you like the others, if you want to share your thoughts I am here.
| Abra: Did you know how my first time here was?
| Abra: I assume not, so do you wish to hear it?
Awiiya: Yes, I wish to hear it.
| Abra: See, i think I told you about how my friends here.. *pats another aramor gently* experience things.
Awiiya: Yes, you did.
| Abra: We..feel it, but in a..different way than how I do now.
| Abra: So when I first started to feel..this other way, I was confused.
| Abra: SO many senses.
: Awiiya nods
Awiiya: Abra? (a long pause)
| Abra: Eh, my recollection.
| Abra: I'm sorry.
| Abra: was confused back then.
| Abra: Odd sensation of feeling my limbs
Awiiya: That's okay. You were distracted by those thoughts again?
| Abra: Yes..it was very unique.
| Abra: I stumbled and almost fell.
| Abra: I was walking around.
| Abra: Exploring the way..my limbs..MOVED.
| Abra: It's hard to describe.
Awiiya: I think at some point I had a similar experience, but I do not remember it.
| Abra: Well, it was not slowly..it was as if sudden a switch had been turned on.
Awiiya: *nods* And then?
Abra: Well, I was so surprised, that I almost fell.
| Abra: I..can't describe it.
Awiiya: Did you walk around confused, or did you realize what had happened... or...?
| Abra: I didn't it realise it until later..
| Abra: much later.
Awiiya: I see.
Awiiya: What else happened that day?
| Abra: Not much..soon enough I returned to my old state.
Awiiya: Your old state...?
| Abra: No time..
| Abra: t's an interesting state.
| Abra: My old state before I gained, conciousness, as you call it.
Awiiya: Ah, I got it. But now you have time... so you switch back and forth?
| Abra: Yes.
| Abra: By now it's more frequent though.
Awiiya: When you talk to me, you have time, correct?
| Abra: Yes..
Awiiya: Could you switch to not having time, right now?
| Abra: I'm not sure, but I think so.
| Abra: It may as well that you happen to come during good times to meet me, or that i placed them this way somehow.
: Awiiya nods
Awiiya: Oh I almost forgot. Do you want to adventure today, or not?
| Abra: Oh no, thanks.
Awiiya: Okay.
| Abra: Before I get to a conclusion of my question, or at least a somewhat sufficient one, I don#t think I want to.
Awiiya: What do you think would happen if you suddenly switched back to that other state?
Abra: That is..a good thought, but it still doesn't explain many things.
| Abra: For example, who created us..here?
Awiiya: I think each of us lends a hand to others and pulls them into this world.
Awiiya: Have you heard of Mur?
| Abra: Who is that?
Awiiya: He is a man, who first came here.
Awiiya: He pulled himself into this world, and started to pull other people in too.
Awiiya: It's possible that you were pulled into being by us.
Awiiya: Just like how I pulled you to that confusing place with many people.
| Abra: That..may be.
| Abra: Perhaps it was that, perhaps there was no reason.
| Abra: Perhaps coincidence. It's hard to tell.
Awiiya: There might still be a reason.
Awiiya: If you remember, I summned you that time because I needed something, and you came.
Awiiya: Maybe we needed something, and you are here to help us, just as you drag me mentally to this island every week to help you.
| Abra: I'm not sure I can drag you here.
| Abra: Though, you asked for my help. So shouldn't I be allowed to ask you for yours?
Awiiya: *nods* Yes. You should be able to.
Awiiya: Abra, I need to go.
| Abra: Ah, very well then.
Awiiya: I will be back next Tuesday. Perhaps being outside of time for a while will help you to order things.
| Abra: I think I will remain here and ponder...
Awiiya: *nods* Goodbye for now.
| Abra: Good bye.

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Last Tuesday

I visited Abra again, and spoke of mostly inconsequential things.

: | Abra sits and wonders about the entrance
Awiiya: Hello Abra.
Awiiya: How are you today?
| Abra: Today?
Awiiya: *nods* This day.
| Abra: It's like any other day.
Awiiya: Are you sure?
| Abra: Isn't it?
| Abra: Well, you're here, so it's tuesday I guess.
Awiiya: *nods* Today is tuesday.
| Abra: Let me correct myself, it's like any other tuesday.
Awiiya: Oh, by the way, in the next week, you will see a lot of people coming here and fighting each other.
| Abra: Er..what?
| Abra: Like that big gathering a bit ago?
| Abra: I remember seeing many in the fort..
Awiiya: Similar, but for a different purpose.
Awiiya: In that meeting people were only talking. In the next gathering people will be competing. Fighting with creatures
| Abra: Is there any sense in that?
Awiiya: There is, yes. The winner recieves a prize.
| Abra: Will they attack me?
| Abra: Or any other aramor?
Awiiya: I don't know. It's possible, but I doubt it.
| Abra: Why exactly in here though?
Awiiya: Because it is a private place where the competition can take place without others interfering.
Awiiya: Abra, is today a day for exploration, or are you going to stay on the Island for now?
| Abra: I will stay I guess.
| Abra: It's nice to be in a silent place....though it may get crowded soon.
Awiiya: Okay. Abra, do you think you will hide for the competition, or you will you watch it?
| Abra: I think I will watch it for a bit, and if it gets dangerous hide.
: Awiiya nods
Awiiya: I am not sure I will be able to come next Tuesday.
Awiiya: Because I am not a member of the competition, if I enter the island I will be sent to jail.
: Awiiya nods
Awiiya: I am not sure I will be able to come next Tuesday.
Awiiya: Because I am not a member of the competition, if I enter the island I will be sent to jail.


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