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Yes... Again...

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So well, here we go again...
RL is totally annoying thing (Wouldn't be nice if we could just...um...ban RL sometimes?)
[img]http://catgasm.com/wp-content/gallery/catgasm-lolcats/Funny Cat Photo039.gif[/img]
Sadly nothing can be done atm, well, at least sad for me. So, I will again be away for some days, probably a week (defidefinitelying it woulwouldn'tmore than that or that it would be way less). Those of you who might worry, please dontdon'tthing on grand scale going on I will just be computerless and few other minor thingies skulking around. So, you wont see me around ( Some of you might be happy of that, but guess what! I will be back, bwahahaha, lol!) but well, as I already said, I will be back as soon as possible.
So basibasicallywill be gone for some time after Thursday 25th or Friday 26th, not precisely know yet but after one of those days for sure.

Anyhow, I will miss you all. Have fun!


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