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[quote][color="#cccccc"][2010-03-25 02:16:49 - Alpha 9][/color]
The reviews page is realy ancient. (http://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=reviews) I would like to update it with new reviews. If you wish to share your opinion about MD in a nice intelligible comment, please post it on the forum in a dedicated topic and i will collect them from there and display some on the site. Thank you.[/quote]

I have played quite a few games, but none has kept me so deeply enthralled as Magicduel. It tests your intelligence and everything you think you know about what's going on. The Live Help system is a really useful feature as it means that you're rarely stuck for very long if you use it, a feature i havent seen in any other game i've played [i](shameless self-plug)[/i]. The game is constantly updating, with announcements about new things or changes in the game most days. The artwork and locations are inspiring to me, and i set out to explore new regions as soon as i can, players have the opportunity to get unique avatars from the shop which adds a visual aspect to the character they have created with their words. Whilst there is a large section of players set on fighting, i rarely do, and it is perfectly possible to go about and not fight much. There are a fair number of mmo's out there which make it impractical to play without paying for all sorts of things, but i know a number of players who have reached the heights without having to pay a single dollar. There are no classes in Magicduel which leaves a lot more freedom in what you can become...anything you so desire. Magicduel has a lot of freedom in it, to do most things that you might want to do, such as the clickables throughout the realm allowing players to make their own interactive quests for players, the players help expand the game and make it better in a way that perhaps no game creator ever could. The game is a little empty at times, but that is no indictment of it, the game has more of a familiar feel to it because of it, you feel you know the rest of the players like in no way you could with a game that has 10's of thousands of players.

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[i]Well, I figure this is the topic for this then... ok, here we go:[/i]

I can't count anymore how many games I played in last 10 years, but it was a lot and none could compare to this one as it challenges your mind, imagination, perception, creativity and so forth.
MagicDuel is a little world in its own, full of mystery and puzzles to crack and dabble your mind into, some implemented in the game and others run by players itself. Yes, you can set up your own quest and let others to solve it or try to solve one that was put up by others.
It seems white&black at first start but sooner than later, when moving around and looking at the wonderful artworks, you will fill in the colors with your own perception.
A community of helpful, interesting, witty and fun people spark everything up, might it be with casual conversation or a role-play; a community with diverse age-span as much as diverse in character. You soon find yourself walking in friendly neighborhood where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
A character creation like no where else allowing you to be what you want to be, might it be a talking cat, a walking plant or anything else. It is upon you to forge your character with working on personal pages and playing it over the world, you might even get your very special role in the world, a challenge worth taking.
Different alliances for different characters or people, from those who cherish simple life amiss the trees to neutral ones across to those who dabble into dark. You can become one of them or you can walk as independent one, it is your choice.
A unique fighting system where won fights mean as much as lost ones, with fighting rituals for you to figure out and test, creatures to collect, train and level.
You can choose to role-play or fight or even both, there is no limitation.
Updates upon updates are done as MagicDuel is still evolving and you can even hear from the one who is working on it. The first game that I have seen that happen.
All in all, this is a good game where you can actually learn things instead of mindless click&slash, a game where you actually can find role-playing and furthermore, it really is free to play which is much different than most of so-called-free-to-play-games out on the market.

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In many aspects, MD is just like any other MORPG-BG. Creatures to collect, check. Stats to raise, check. Chatrooms and Forum, check. PvP-Combat, check. Constant Updates, check.

BUT, and here's the trick, there is no highscore. No highscore? Right, there is no highscore. Whatever you do, you are never absolutely better or worse than anybody else. Sure, we can compare our stats, our collections, how many messages we write a day, but there is no general 'I am better than you'. And since all of us are equal, literally all of us have the opportunity to change the game in some way. You can go and make a proposal for a new idea on the forums, and it will actually be considered. You can also go and just try to do something, and when you are good at it, it might work out, even when there is nothing but your own will to back you up. That's why MD is great, and that's why people like me have been playing for more than 2 years and still enjoy finding new things to change and improve.

So, pack your foul language away (swearwords are amongst the very few things you can do to get banned), fetch your pencils and paper and start getting involved!

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The place were you can make your dreams come true...based on a unique system MD reveals another world as you play it. The world you make ..the world you dream. Highly addictive, MD dares you to learn it;s secrets : quests ,fighting strategies, wars , politics. In MD everything is possible: moving mountains, changing destinies around you, letting your self be changed. The story grows with each one of us.

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