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Creating Quests And There Rules


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OK i may have put this in the wrong section but i don't know

But i am a bit annoyed at the moment so please forgive me on this

Now i dont care what rules the kingship use to reward WP's or how the WP's
must be awarded I dont make any such rules myself but we all have our was
of doing things.

So yeah i was a bit annoyed when i have people coming to me to resolve the issue
as those rules were not mentioned in the quest. SO i am making this topic to point out
that if you are given the WP codes from a kingship person and have agreed to the terms
the stick to them. If you don't like it don't accept the WP codes.

This issue can also be resolve by making sure you mention this in your quest and prize
lists. I don't want to have to be forced into giving out WP codes for some miss understanding
or because someone suddenly decided they didnt like the arangment between them and a kingship

This is the only time i will do it for the sake of keeping the peace and WILL NOT do it again.
Just make sure to include what ever special rules you have agreed to in your quest details.
I am at this point still angered at the whole situation and will stop here or i will end up on a
really big rant.

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